Better cinder designs


I think that my only problem with cinder is that I was expecting his gameplay to be different than what we got. I was expecting him to be a straightforward character but instead he’s very complex, almost like an mkx character with his juggling combos.


Or how about:

Intro - “Try me…”

Outro - “I’m just too damn hot!”


I cant post the video here but you can search on youtube Hisako Trailer And Cinder Reaction. Skip to 2:30 and you’ll know what i think. These were the Cinder tease quotes i know.


yeah and what about interrogative quotes?

intro - "U mad bro?"
outro - “Really ■■■■■?”





LOL. Just kidding dude/ or lady


You’re not doing this again are you? Did you not learn from the 1st time?


think twice before insulting someone at some video game forum. I can’t believe you fell into this with these crappy quotes i made right there. LOL !


But I didn’t even insult anyone. Whatever. I’m just gonna stop here.


Don’t feed the trolls.


I ca understand that, he is a tricky character to play as. I still like toe question why shadow-trailblazer is beatout by oer attacks but as someone who plays him alot I have a few strategies to implement to win with him. He wasn’t entirely what I expected either,but just like Fulgore in season1, I’ve adapted and adjusted to his gameplay.

Though all things considered there’s quite a few other characters already that are pretty much pure-rushdown. In the caseof gameplay though I think that’s more reasonable and understandable then just looks alone.


Or how about this:

Intro: Oh yeah. Let’s start fight!

Outro: (Creepy laugh) I’m too hot for you!



How about:
Intro: This is going to be too much fun!
Outro: I do not want to be you today!


I like that outro.


That one’s good.
Outro: I’m just too hot for you.


Thank you… : D


As a subjective topic from the beginning, its obvious we’re gonna get differing opinions. I loved Cinder’s new look, though the teaser made it seem like he’d be way more… evil-y? Anyway, he’s not someone looking for his freedom anymore, he’s a key associate of Aria and is cocky about his skills. That fits everything about him IMO, from having a more complex moveset (c’mon, wouldn’t you be cocky as hell if you could juggle your opponent with bombs all day?) I like his intro and outro, but there are always better sounding options (“You want the best? Right here” is my favorite amongst the suggestions, but that feels a little too close to TJ’s).
Again, subjective topic, interesting discussion, but not much can be done except deal with it.


I thought this was better Cinder designs not quotes. Cinder design is good. Don’t like it? Haters gonna hate. No but honestly his combos are hard like mkx hard.



Nah. Cinder’s design should really look like THIS!

I mean why not they make new Cinder like this?