Better cinder designs


Just mute the voice effects and you’ll see how his entrance is 1000000x better. Yeah, he shoudn’t say anything just like like Jago.


@CrimsonScorch88 You think he shouldn’t have had a voice? I don’t think cinder could be without voice. My problem with cinder’s voice is that sometimes it sounds like it doesn’t fit him. His voice from classic KI is so much better.


I feel like the voice is actually the closest thing to the original that he has. He always was a smart-■■■, now we’re just realizing it


CInder sound like some teen surfer dude.


Let’s compare:

After listening to these 2 closely, there’s only a slight difference to be honest.


My only problem is his intro line, it should have been something else. And his outro should have been “I’m just too hot” said without exaggeration like when he says “That was too much fun!”.


“I would not want to be you today” is perfect for his character though… What should it have been?


Maybe a variation of what he says in the teaser “No, try me”.


Actually… That would be kinda cool… “You want the best? Right here” or something… Good idea


Yeah, but with him saying it with a cool, confident tone and not exaggeration like how he does with his current intro dialogue. Probably “Let’s go” in a similar tone as when he says “I’m just too hot” in clasic KI.


Admittedly we didn’t hear much of his voice except when he got punched or kicked and made those classic screams.
But one thing I felt was consistant was he always did sound like he was a smart-■■■ dude and in the game it’s fully realized. Just doesn’t hit the tone you hopped for I supposed. : p

Wow youw ere right about that!

I’m with you on that, and despite the camera angle his win pose is similar to his classic int he way he throws his fists into the air.


Have it timed so that the “You want the best?” is before he enters the screen then “Right Here” after he crashes to the ground.


no. I’ve said no voice just for his intro. If that’s the case, here’s what i think that would sums him up:



Both of those are corny as ■■■■ and don’t fit the character. He’s a cocky asshat, not a guy with bad one-liners


It’s better than what IG used. I liked some of the newcomers intros like Maya’s “watch out, you might get cut!” Or Kan-ra’s “you’ll make a fine specimen”! Those were cool and fitting to the character. Just something that has fire imagery was all that was needed for Cinder, not some stupid cliche quote that’s been used 1000000 times.


all three lines have been said dozens of times anyway : p

Though I think a number of frustrations some folks migth have with the character runs back t the idea that since KI hasn’t happend in 20 years till KI2013 everyone had their own idea of what Cinder should be. Some wanted him to be another tragic crook with a depressing backstory, but other than that I hadn’t seen much else from anyone.

As it stands though NO one here really would of had any idea how much any of the returning cast would change. And while it’s great to always suggest stuff in the case of character designs IG and MS usually decide on that. and while yes people will respond to this with the usual “well they did a horrible job” the response sounds more like " he didn’t come out I visioned" While I myself am not 100 percent satisfied with some of the character designs I’ll be honest, I didn’t come here to expect nor-demand all of it to look 100 percent like how I had envisioned. If you were to look at some of my brother’s drawings of Riptor, you’ll notice that in a way he had his own idea of how she looked but he didn’t expect IG to follow everything he put down.

And thankfully IG didn’t do everything other people suggested. Honestly some characters can come off as much worse in my opinion. But all things considered, if you didn’t include the mouth cinder’s face looks very cloe to what he looked like before, just not on fire like the rest of his body. He also does not look like a glowing silhouette in his modern look which is fine because this is what we got with his classic-retro. I think thes deisgn elements are to hep make certain parts stand out since he’s literally this bright as all hell thing so you won’t always be able to pick out little bits. Plus they wanted to make him look more tech orientated I suppose. All things considered he’s an Ultratech weapon and thus MS and IG wanted him to look like it.

While we may not know alot of reasons why he’d have the shoulder-pads and the like you’ll have to ask them about it some other time. But to be honest I think it really makes him stick out now. There’s a number of different things that could of been done sure, but he doesn’t typically look like a human torch clone now.

His personality seems annoying to some folks? well that may be expected since the cinder in KI1 came off as an arrogant scum-bag. Whether it’s because some of were children and didn’t think too much about who he was like, or we got our own ideas formed from the comics when he was a more tragic-character (which was never really canon) All we could really get from Cinder’s personality in KI1 was “I’m just to HOT!” and when he said “YEAAHH!” when he throws his fist up in the air. Technically speaking from the games, we had hardley ANYTHING to go off of from him and what he may of actually been like. So IG and MS decided to fill in the blanks to try and get his supposed personality down. For some people here it seems like they didn’t hit the mark but sometimes you can’t go on by much when the original source has little info.

Did you guys really expect them to wait on you hand and foot? I’m not really saying they’re the perfect crim-of-the-crop here, but you aren’t the only people playing or paying. Of course IG and MS will ■■■■■ up, and sure they’ll do things that tick people off. We get that, you’re all super pissed. But out of every other game-company that has a forum at least they bother to come check up and find feedback, 343 Community hardly gets that luxury (but considering how they act, I’m not surprised)

To be honest I’m glad we even have a KI. Most folks who have MKX and SF have hardley a damn thing to worry about, and while it’s unfortunate that not all the characters came out how you visualized, try to enjoy what you can, because when you take things for granted they may be gone forever. I’m not saying you have to accept everything, but to start THREE topics about the same thing is really over-blowing it.

Now if any of you guys main Cinder (which may not be a possibility) how about you guys come share some Cinder-Tech so we can get our local hot-head some heat on the battle field, it’s kind of empty there.


Good points bro.


Was it really never canon? According to his story in the original KI, he is a failed experiment who was promised freedom.


There was some degree of tragedy. However, he was looking for freedom in the canon, were as in the comics he wanted to die. At least in the canon he did have his arrogance.

Now while the Cinder retro isn’t 100 percent like the original it was one of the retros that was close enough to his classic design the only change is the fingers but that’s due to the bone rigging system.


Well obviously he had some degree of tragedy but in the comics he was so depressed he wanted to DIE. But in the games it seemed he was pretty snarky with his win-quotes and everything. Just seemed like he didn’t mind having the kind of power had had.

The point I’m tryin to make is everyone here pretty much had their own idea of what Cinder is supposed to be like and for those dissapointed it simply didn’t meet the cinder they visualized. That’s the thing about a character who hasn’t appeared 20 years prior. People develop their own idea of how a character should look and art upset when it isn’t 100 percent like they expect it to be.