Better cinder designs


Wow that looks amazing!


Also if what @FallofSeraphs76 said is true I would seriously pay (alright like $1 but still) just to get that option to remove the damn “Groot-face” mask for the whole fight not just in instinct. I don’t know how they’d add it aside from a special button press at character select or an additional accessory page in customization just for that so I could still use the Obsidian and Alpha set for him. On that note can we also get a slight recolor for the first obsidian set it is too light gray and should be a nice shiny black like real obsidian. Please @rukizzel pass it on, lol. Other than the mask and that I like the new Cinder and love his personality. 2nd fav main right after Spinal.


from what I hear it was cause IG wanted to actually make him talk with proper lips, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t really be talking as much. At least that’s what I recall. granted it doesn’t really matter since he does talk without it. Could also be the “cap” that keeps all that fire and radiation from going full blast to.But eh.

I don’t mind the mask honestly but if anything it just makes his maskless metly face even more cool.


I dont remember what I said? Is it that Adam stated that the mask will be interchangeable or able to remove it? Yeah… that never happened unfortunately. Not sure why either. He says a lot of things that never come true…most recently he said Omen and Shago were getting new accessories…everyone got super hyped and thread were popping up left and right. Then 2 or 3 months it was stated that it wouldn’t happen and that it wasnt said.
maybe it will still go down one day…lets hope so.


Hey he looks ccol with the advanced suit accessory set. Still he need an ultimate costume that mixes his new design with the old like removing the mask, pad shoulders, knee pads and giving him a new flame aura like what happens when Kilgore are overheating.



…huh surprisingly little fire. This looks like a cool starting design for a djinn. The smoke and markings have the beginnings of a cool spirit of dust,smoke and wind. Kind of like the dark form of the prince in the prince of Persia.


I am not try to rude you guys. But this thread need to die because we already have Cinder in new KI for while…


What is the other side suppose to be?


I see it too, interesting.


I think it fits better for his mimic.


Just saw this thread, some were complaining it should end.

My first thought is isn’t this good for the devs to see? If not for artistic ideas then at least to become aware of widespread criticism of his current design?

The devs do notice this right?


Meh. Cinder is fine for what it’s worth. The only possible change I would do is remove the mask but that’s nitpicking. This thread should stay open as a way simply to provide cool pics of what cinder could have been. Maybe the devs could see a concept and make it a costume like thunder. Or give him new accessories.

They won’t change cinder in any way and honestly I hope they don’t because I rather like this iteration.


I can’t help but see Cinder against Glacius like I see Sub-Zero against Scorpion.

Glacius looks cooler than Cinder. Subjective, sure. But kinda… no, Glacius is objectively cooler than Cinder. That needa be rectified.


My only major complain about cinder to this day is his default armor. I don’t like how it looks like burnt wood. I think a recolor of his premium accessory set should have been his default armor, while his current default set should have been the premium and call it “experimental earth armor” or something. Oh and also the fact that his mask is not part of any accessory set, that’s a big no no.