Best controller for KI?

After playing for about four and a half months, the controller that came with my xbone is pretty worn. The left stick has loosened considerably compared to those on my friends controllers (they tend to play slower paced games) and the right bumper popped out.

Is the elite more durable or just more precise? I want something that will last a while, but not looking to pay a bunch if it’s going to fall apart just as quickly.

Figured you all would have the best advice since you know the precise nature of the game I will be playing and what that demands.

I use an elite and after a while, the grips start to fall out. My analog stick works fine though. I heard it doesn’t last too well from others though so I am not too sure.

My “Elite” controller didn’t last 2 months… :frowning:

I see, this is what I feared. Thank you both for your prompt response this morning! I suppose I can always use a normal controller and just… tone it down haha

I believe an elite last longer but that’s all. The best pad (IMO) would be one with 6 buttons and a classic D pad. The arcade stick (custom) was the best for me, and they are supposed to last more =)

I have the same two controllers I have had sense I bought the thing.

Personally I like the elite better. I don’t even use the L thumbstick I just use the d pad.

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I still use the controller that came with my X1, although it messes up every now and then so I’ll be getting a new one soon.

Question. Do you use the straight D-pad or that circle thing that goes over top?

I’ve gone through two controllers since I got my X1. On the first one, the left side of the d-pad stopped working and on the other one, the right bumper stopped working.

I got two new ones for Christmas and they seem to be working okay, although, oddly enough, one of the new ones I got arrived broken. The down part of the d-pad wouldn’t work at all on any game after multiple re-sync attempts so I had to trade it in for a new one that’s working pretty well, though both the texture of the controller as well as the feeling of the button presses all feel different then the other controllers I’ve had.


I use the circular d pad covering.

The Elite controller is a godsend. That d-pad is what should have been on the normal controller in the 1st place.

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I recommend the Dawn Shadow controller or one of those newer controllers. All round it’s a much more robust build. The sticks are smooth like the Elite but The Dawn Shadow I have is a stronger build then the Elite. With the Dawn Shadow everything seems of better build quality from the buttons and sticks. The only niggle is the creaky sides underneath.

Yeah my buttons popped out too. It’s amazing to me that Xbox 360 controllers are still more durable than the Xbox One controllers after all of this time, money, innovation, and engineering.

Got my Xbox One in 2013 > buttons fall out by end of 2016 (3 year lifespan).
Got my Xbox 360 in 2006 > controllers still work great (11 years+ lifespan).

Razer atrox


That looks so good. But no way can I afford $200. Just noticed it’s corded, not wireless. Now that’s a deal breaker. I’m way too learry to get a nice $200 fight stick that’s not wireless. Last thing I need is my 3 year old climbing all over me to get at the fancy joy stick he won’t be allowed to play with. Then I gotta deal with the ear piercing shreek of a pissed of 3 year old when he doesn’t get his way. I’ll just have to stick to my elite controller.

My pick for “best controller” would be “one that works”. This probably only makes sense to me unless you’re also kwazy.


That was exactly what I was going to say.

Best controller is one that works. :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, what ever controller you feel the most comfortable with.

Wherever/ whatever you buy just recommend getting insurance so that you may have a chance to replace it

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BEST OF THE BEST JUST DON’T use the xbox one controller

but instead use the XBOX 360 CONTROLLER ( much better and solide )

believe me i broke 15 controllers from xbox one in 1 year, since i use the xbox 360 controller and never had any probleme till now thats now like 5 or 6 months and so happy with it

you should use it with a adaptor work fine

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