Beloved Title will get Second Game in 2020?

if it’s KI I really hope it doesn’t launch exclusive to Xbox. Please put it on all the platforms Microsoft, just let people play the game this time :disappointed_relieved:


Please be Ki . PLEASE for the love of god don’t let KI disappear again :confused:

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KI is five years old though. Granted it just turned five last month.

If I’ve done my research correctly it’s one of the following:

Project Spark
Sunset Overdrive
Killer Instinct

He says “bold second title in next-gen” implying a sequel and not a game that has several incarnations in it’s franchise.

My money would be on KI.


It appears a Sunset Overdrive sequel has been spotted on some online retailers, so I guess that’s it?

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Insomniac own the sunset overdrive IP not MS.
My guess is it being KI seeing as it’s a MS IP. Launch the new console with KI with another season model that’ll hopefully last several years into the consoles life cycle. Launching the same day on Xbox and Win10 should make a bigger impact this time around.

People can hate on KI as much as they want but there’s no denying it was a beloved title, 3.5 years of content and support only happens if there’s a playerbase. All things come to and end after all even if it happened shorter than I would have liked.
Sunset overdrive, quantum break etc all launched with a lukewarm reception and mediocre sales. They were DOA as much as I’d love a sequel to both.

It’ll be interesting to see who they’ve got developing it if it is indeed KI. I’d put my money on it being Iron Galaxy again. They seem to have a pretty good working relationship with Microsoft. There’s a few things I didn’t like about what Iron Galaxy bought bought to the table but I’d put that down to time and money constraints. Hopefully that won’t be much of an issue this time around.

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So it’s:

An Xbox IP
Something we’ve probably played in the last 4 years
Getting a second title

So going by that criteria, we can rule out a lot. Sunset Overdrive and Cuphead are not MS IPs. Quantum Break and Voodoo Vince weren’t exactly beloved and while it’s an MS IPs, Remedy is full 3rd party and Voodoo Vince remaster seemed more like a small side project. Did they even charge for it initially?

We can obviously also rule out the mainstays like Halo, Halo Wars, Gears, Forza, Fable, Dance Central etc for obvious reasons. Ori is already getting a 2nd game. Battletoads was already announced. Lost Odyssey, Perfect Dark, Conker remaster, Kameo, Infinite Undiscovery, Blue Dragon etc were all last gen and thus not within the last five years.

I mean… KI got good scores, has been out for a little over four years, but still… It’s first appearance on Xbox was this generation, and a 2020 reveal would make a lot of sense from a development standpoint. I dunno, maybe I’m overthinking it?

Could it be Super Lucky’s Tale? Was that beloved? I know it was published by MS, but I haven’t seen anywhere that MS owns the IP. Project Spark can’t be considered beloved. If anything, it was a cool experiment that I can’t imagine a lot of people really dove in to and it just sort of ended.

If it’s not KI, I’ll be really curious to see what ends up filling that criteria.

I has no plans to buy Scarlett on day one, but if a new KI is on the making… Oh good lord. Still, I have plenty of games to play on my Xbox one before I give it up.

I think I’ve seen this Twitter account post accurate things before. But, Is it a reliable source? If so, I do really hope it’s KI.

The only thing I’m NOT looking forward to with a new KI would be the guest characters from this iteration of KI most likely wouldn’t make the move over to the new game. So no more General RAAM for me.

But as it stands now, if a new KI were to come out on the next gen Xbox, I will preorder and buy the new system without much hesitation. Especially if it was still being developed by IG.

I can’t agree with you. I love arbiter and rash and I hope they come back. They fit perfectly in the game.

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Klobrille is as reliable as it gets when it comes to sources. He never disappoints

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If we do get a KI, I hope we all continue to actually play it and continue learning. People are still finding new tech and new creativity with characters - which is awesome!!! 5 years later, you can still hop on ranked and find matches and there are plenty of peeps to do exhibition with.

Maybe I’ll feel differently in 2020, but I definitely still love this current KI!

All I want for xmas (or Ki2’s launch) is my A-ga-nos, my a-ga-nos, and ultimates for all.

I do agree that I hope MS realizes that FG are better when cross platform’d and that the only reason SF can pull it off this iteration is that it’s the OG tripleOG of FG and was preceded by about 2 decades of constant cross platform releases. This being said, I dont see it happening, but the least we can do is launch win10, steam, and xbone at the same time with a universal ranked and more streamlined cross plat lobby/exhibition/invite modes. I feel so bad for steam owners who arent able to experience a thriving ranked mode.


Well even if it is true, the earliest we’re gonna see a new KI in tournament is 2021. Presumably Scarlet won’t be out until end of 2020 in which case it will miss the entire 2020 tournament season and EVO announces its games lineup in January.

So we’re still going to be waiting a while which I’m fine with, just do it right MS I BELIEVE IN YOU GUYS!


Isn’t Ryse an MS IP? That’s also a contender I would think. :thinking:

I only want a new KI if they announce Geralt too.


What’s interesting here is the wording he uses “Xbox IP” so it very well could be KI and not Sunset overdrive. Also he says “hear about it around 2020” meaning it may not even release until 2021. Not sure if I could fork out £500+ for a new console just to play one game though, this obsession with next gen is something I really don’t fall into

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It makes sense for MS to develop a new KI. I imagine historically KI will be viewed very highly compared to MKX and SFV even though those games have matured. KI just does too many things right to not develop a sequel.

What’s more, I hope that the KI community will learn from its mistakes and tone down the negativity that made things toxic there for a bit.

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But Ryse wasn’t beloved. It’s a good game, but not that great.

I believe Ryse is owned by Crytek even though it was published by Microsoft. I haven’t seen that game on any lists of MS owned IPs or franchises. It does however show up on Crytek’s Wikipedia, so who knows.

Honestly, the more I look for games that fit that tweets requirements, the smaller the list gets. Sunset Overdrive is owned by Insomniac, and if I recall correctly, they wanted to do a sequel and Microsoft passed on it. Maybe that’s changed, especially with the PC release so many years later, but I’d be surprised and even then, it may be an Xbox exclusive, but it’s not an Xbox IP.

The only other games I can think of are Super Lucky’s Tale and ReCore. To say either of those were beloved would be a massive stretch. ReCore has a 63% rating on Metacritic with a 6.8 user score while Super Lucky’s Tale is slightly higher at a 64% rating and a 6.8 user score. I dunno, maybe one of them or both of them sold really well, but something tells me that probably didn’t happen, at least not enough to warrant a sequel and the tweet calling them “beloved.”

Killer Instinct’s definitive edition meanwhile has a 86% rating on Metacritic and a 7.8 user score. That puts it higher in ratings than Halo 5, Gears 4, Limbo, Soul Calibur VI, Prey, Tekken 7, Sunset Overdrive and on the same level as Cuphead, Titanfall, Dragonball FighterZ, Destiny 2 and Mortal Kombat X among others.

Oh and I thought Cuphead might be a possibility, but MS doesn’t own that IP either.

So yeah, if it’s not KI, I’ll be really curious to see what it is.