Beloved Title will get Second Game in 2020?


Lol. Fair enough I suppose :joy: I was under the impression that it had sold well for some reason.


Does anybody have the total sales data of KI? I know it’s probably hard to track with being a mostly digital release plus a ton of DLC/ packs. I just really hope this news is about KI. I’d love to play a brand new KI game that’s more “complete” at launch. It would be sad to not see all characters return, but I’d be ok with it.


I logged on to post this too. Excited for more KI!


I don’t think anything else does. KI is the only smaller MS IP that has existed in relevancy for 4 years, hasn’t gotten a second title yet (for the reboot series), and is unannounced and prime for a next-gen title. The only part I’m unsure about is the “deep in development” part, because I remember @itzLCD mentioning a while ago that he had sources saying development hadn’t even started.


Unless they pushed up development these last 6-months last I heard they hadn’t even found a studio to work on the game (again hinting IG isn’t coming back) but who knows. Either way even if they are working on it right now that still gives them close to two years to work on it with a late 2020 release.


I’ll also say that developers are known for keeping their non disclosure agreement status tight lipped and will say whatever to have the public lose interest or stop asking about things. It’s part of the game development business. After all they said for the longest shago was the only character getting uultimates in this game. Turns out that wasn’t true.


Depends on your sources too I think, I remember years ago I spoke to a guy named Andy who was deep in the know when it came to Sega arcade machines and their products. I decided to ask him if VF5FS was coming to console and he told me with absolute certainty that it wasn’t and never would.

Of course he was wrong since it came to both 360 and PS3.

I’m sure they’d argue that “at the time” he was the only character getting them, they then changed their minds afterwards for whatever reason.


No, any time someone asked they said “Shago is the only character in the game with an Ultimate”. That WAS a true statement at the time.


I mean, there’s lots of contenders. First of all, this is a rumor and we have to take it with a grain of salt, like all rumors. Second, there’s a lot of stuff in here that just seems like it’s intended to generate conversations like this one rather than to actually be clear. What does “beloved” mean? What does “probably played in the last four years” mean? Who knows. It sounds to me like this is one of those Nostradamus predictions where it isn’t actually based on anything, but the guy figures there will be some sequel to a MS game that will pop up and people can then say “holy cow, he was right!” If a KI sequel shows up, even if it’s not the game he’s talking about people will assume it was.

So, in short, I wouldn’t waste much time thinking about this.


He talks about Ninja Theory a lot and their motion capture studio, also Adam Isgreen follows them…

My tin foil hat is firmly placed upon my head


Ki forever, new game or not, I could easily spend 20 years on this game, also still need to relearn the original, ig really didn’t do much positive to increase the player base, however the main group that were tourney goers and showed off how great the actual game is mostly all left when there was no more money or popularity they could suck away from it, but they come back anytime even a few dollars show up at a tourney keeping it from the people who actually love the game.

A new next gen game if done right if it kept the same fighting engine would be great, however this game has the necessary nuts and bolts ( even if it’s only that) to be played for many years. Bottom line, enjoy the game because you love it, not because it’s new or there’s money/popularity to be gained. Granted, I think most people want a new ki to be a complete ki because of all the stuff they left out on this one.


Yeah, apart from making fully 2/3 of the game’s cast, what did IG ever do for Killer Instinct? Make new fan favorites like Hisako and Aganos and bringing in the rest of the original KI casts? Create a cool single player mode where the AI actively replicates real player tendencies? Add in guest characters from some of the most iconic MS properties? Create a simplified control schematic that let new players seamlessly dive into the action without struggling inordinately over individual inputs? Bah! Absolutely nothing to promote the game at all. Bunch of hacks… :roll_eyes:


I know right? They even added ultimates for many of the characters, air combo breakers/ counter breakers, stage ultras, updated UI, improved resolution, and tons of bug fixes. They basically sat around and did nothing to help the game for years!!!



ACTUALLY, IG helped promote tourneys, stayed in contact with players, and did a lot to make the game DH created better.

I understand your point though, but it really isn’t their place to get the game out there into the world. That is up to MS. Many people believe that KI would have had even more exposure had MS allowed it be played on the PS4 as well. That however, has NOTHING to do with IG.


Maybe you should stick to name calling in chats bro, also if you think IG created 2/3 of the cast and DH didn’t leave a lot for them that was already created, you’re very naive. Ever wonder why they kept stealing from old chars to make “new” chars once the cool chars came out and they couldn’t come up with anything for a while? Doesn’t take a genius. The other stuff we’ve been over in another thread, but… okay… circles are fun i guess.

The shadow lab was great, if you could actually use it, you know more than once per day and not be required to be friends with that person. If people could play against players they actually wanted to play against without requiring a relationship might be a very common sense thing to do since there is no online lab and the computer is broken, or make an actual dojo for ever char so people can learn the char they want to instead of the one they are forced to, but what do I know? Was the steam nonsense not IG’s fault either? When are people going to stop making excuses for half azz jobs, in the real world, you get fired for that, which is probably what happened. The guest chars worked out well, but a lot of people didn’t want them and still don’t like them, most would of rather had 4 more original chars. IG also never fixed the coding to allow to create skins so we could all invest the money we wanted to into the game to see it continue development and grow because it was “too hard”, give me a freaking break.

“Simplified control mechanic”, aka combo assist, as if people don’t mash enough in this game because there is actually no platform to learn on, lets just incentivize them to mash even more so we don’t actually have to put in the energy to give people the option to learn the game. Like I said before and will gladly say again, IG was very lazy in everything they did regarding KI, and I sure hope they don’t make the new KI if there is one coming.

MS gave the most complicated fighting game to a developer that made a one button fighting game, IG didn’t deserve it and they proved it by how they treated KI, really all that needs to be said.


Ah, yes, the baseless assertion about the inner workings of a company you don’t work for in an industry you don’t work in. A true classic of the genre :ok_hand:t5:

I was going to write a step by step response to each of your points, but you (1) have a nasty tendency to simply repeat things that have already been debunked, and (2) are throwing out unprovable nonsense about what “a lot” of people felt. Your original complaint was that IG didn’t do enough to increase the player base, and when a list of what they’d done was provided your response is essentially “meh, I didn’t like any of those things, and if I did IG didn’t create them.”

You obviously have your mind made up. I’m disinclined to waste any more time or energy talking to you.


There…fixed it for you. You’re Welcome.


…??? Sorry 2+2 is so hard for you, more than a few have said that, oh sorry I don’t have their posts on hand, or their chat logs, must not be true.

  1. “debunked”, you’ve literally said nothing in response to anything I’ve posted other than, “no I’m right, you’re wrong”, because you have nothing to say, you are the only one repeatedly saying nothing. Respond point by point in response to the actual topics or don’t, it’s not hard, but don’t waste people’s time trying to act smart when you literally have nothing to say, it’s a weak game.

  2. You know how many times I’ve been sitting in chat and people said “i don’t like rash or arbiter or the guest chars, I wish they would have made original ones instead.” I was saying nothing prolly 28/30 times I’ve read that in chat. I also know people have made plenty of complaints on these forums about it, and you already know that so how can you say its baseless when you’re the freaking forum moderator.

Stop acting like you don’t know to try to make yourself look right when you’re obviously wrong. I did say “the guest chars worked out well as well,” I guess you’ll just continually respond with more nonsense though since you can’t respond point by point because you know I’m right.


What does doing a port have to do with making a game? Curious, because making a game requires coming up with your own ideas, which they obviously weren’t very good at ie just one good example stealing from multiple chars and making “new” ones.


was the last sentence in bold sarcasm? Just asking is all.