Aria Buffs/Nerfs...Any suggestions?

Hello dwellers of the forums! From one Aria main to another, I’m looking for a little feedback to see what the CEO of Ultratech could use to stand off against the rest of the cast well on into S3. From what I can tell, nothing Aria does feels overpowered. I DO believe she could use a buff or 2, nothing crazy, to help with match ups. Here are my suggestions:

1: Have a way that Aria can start matches in a desired form so you don’t have to commit to unsafe switching in a bad match up.
I think Booster body(flight) is great, but it would be nice if you could start a match in the form that suits the match up best. Ex: Holding down the corresponding button for the assist you want on the VS. screen.

2: At low life with limited assists, her comeback potential is a bit subpar.
Maybe she could get a damage buff after a body is destroyed to help with drawn-out matches. 10% with 1 body destroyed and maybe 15% for both, or a health buff in the same fashion.

3: A Recapture and a DIVEKICK!!
Cuz why not?? jk, jk. though it would be intersting to see them both on her moveset, just for the OMGBROITSOBROKENKEITZNURFITNAOW! expressions everybody would be making lol.

Well those are my suggestions on the topic at hand. any feedback is welcome and shine on dudes…

As much as I would love to choose my starting body I don’t really think it’s needed, it’s pretty easy to find or create a switch opening. Being forced to start in Booster is more of a minor annoyance than a true hindrance.
Her comeback potential seems fine to me, I’ve had many solo bass body comebacks and they never felt all that difficult, it’s actually kind of fun being at such a disadvantage.
One buff I would like is for her air crescendos to be overheads, it just feels like their cross up potential is lacking because of that.

I think that one of the most interesting points of ARIA, her assists, has some potential to grown a bit.

Let’s take a look to a change I would love to see:

-Delay assist: if you hold Back+HK(beam assist) and hold it a bit, the assist goes out but doesn’t shoot, instead it charges the beam for one or two seconds, beeing hitable during this time. This would allow cross up set ups with the assist after a hard knockdown, or making more safe her preassure.
-Low hit assist: if you hold down the buttons of booster assist, it flies low, hitting low and giving you a mix-up opportunity
-Overhead assist: If you hold down the buttons of blade assist, acts as an overhead and recaptures airborne opponents

I like this idea, although it would require a change of inputs in order to work. You can’t exactly hold Back+HK and be able to jump over the enemy for a cross-up. I think that calling upon the Assist drones should be a single button.

(tap) PPP = Top Drone Assist
(tap) KKK = Bottom Drone Assist

Then to change to the drone bodies, it would be to actually HOLD the buttons. Perhaps just for a second? Speed up the change-over to compensate?

My idea to help ARIA is to change her Heavy Allegro. It should hit twice, then stop partway through the second hit for a feint. This would make baiting shadow counters so much better. The heavy version would be VERY UNSAFE, pretty much leaving you wide open after the feint. The recovery frames should be about the same as a failed Shadow Counter. That way, if the enemy uses a Shadow Counter, then both ARIA and the enemy would recover at about the same time. The game would return to neutral.

I think these ideas are really good. Delay assists could be an interesting concept to see, but it does come with the side affect of making your assists more vulnerable in the process. A low assist might make her Left-Right mix-ups even crazier, and recapturing with blade assist is all I ever wanted lol.

Sounds cool, but I don’t think its necessary. speaking on Dayv0’s comment, I think delaying the assist by just holding HK/HP AFTER Back+HK/Back+HP should be enough imo. Hard Tagging in MVC3 was always kinda slow and clunky in a crunch, so I don’t think input changes are necessary for drones, just tweaking them should be fine.

ARIA’s really good. No changes needed at all, and definitely not a damage buff, that would break the character. Save your blade assist to the end and you’d get a 15% damage increase on the already most damaging body. That would be broken as ■■■■.

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For the record, I think ARIA is very strong.

That said, we always intended for her to be able to switch bodies before the match starts (while players can walk around). In fact, this was possible and tested in office, but broke for some unknown reason before her launch.

We are going to investigate this issue and add this ability back to ARIA in a future bug fix update.


OMGITZKIETZ!!! :heart_eyes: wassup dude?

I don’t wan’t you to get the wrong idea Keits, I know she’s very powerful with Knockdown and Left-Right mix-ups. I was just thinking that she needed just a little more. Interesting to know the switch was included at one point it might’ve changed the meta a good bit imo. Thanks for the info Keits!

I feel Like Aria would benefit from a recaputure because you don’t really string cool looking combos with her. I’ve seen her do stuff where if she had a recapture it would benefit her gameplay greatly. She is played very lame by a lot of people. Get boring watching her constantly shoot beams.

Thanks for the update about ARIA’s switching bodies Keith, much appreciated.

I agree with you regarding ARIA, she is very strong and I love her design, she is a unique… she is three unique characters XD

I don’t think she needs any buffs. The body-switching pre-match is very welcome, but other than that I’d say she’s fine.

Not sure about this, but yesterday I was playing with ARIA and had white bars in all my bodies during Instinct, but I didn’t notice if they started to recover before the end of my Instinct. Can someone check it? I will not have access to the xbox for 2 days from now.

If it’s the case, it’s intentional that ARIA doesn’t recover white life at all during Instinct?

Its way too early to change Aria. Not enough people are using her to really flesh out her matchups yet. It also doesn’t help that she is one of the most difficult characters in the game to play properly.

Give her some time. We might have a better idea of what needs changed closer to season 3.

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Yes that is intentional: she only recovers PD on inactive bodies, and in instinct all bodies are active. Stuff like that is probably why she can deactivate instinct for the cost of half the bar.

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Mmmmm, that sucks. So if you are hit during your instinct, you have to wait until it fades to start healing the white damage(unless you perform a combo breaker).
I do agree about ARIA being good, but maybe if they want to buff her in the future, this would be my first change

Anyone have any ideas to make better use of Crescendo? I haven’t been able to figure out a good and consistent purpose for this move.

Crescendo acts like a combo opener and ender. Shadow crescendo is her second most damaging ender, being Allegro her best.

You can use it as overhead when jumping. You can jump and use M allegro for a down forward angle and follow up with a combo. Cover it with bass assist for optimal results.

You can also set a left-right mix up if you hover over your enemy and use de Harde version, which travels straight down. A good set up can be after a knockdown, use bass assist, and then jump over your rival.

Finally, another good use is as air to air attack. Use your bass assist, and if they jump over the projectile, jump and use L version to punish they jump.

Thanks!! Do you use Crescendo often?
All my overheads with Crescendo get countered (orchid knee, thunder’s headbutt, …) almost immediately. Maybe it is the timing or the assist that I call too early or too late.

anyway back to the lab.

Yes, I use crescendo often.

First of all, you can use H version as some short of DP. It has some invincibility, it’s very unsafe, and covers only vertically, so don’t get very happy using it. It’s good for jump cross ups attempts.

You can play footsies while hovering. Jump, hover near the rival but not at anti-air range. Use M kick, a very long range attack that pushes you back. Sometimes cover yourself with the bass assist. If they jump, use L version of crescendo.

When they learn to respect your space, call bass assist, jump, hover, advance, your assist hits your rival/he blocks the assist, you reach his position, and then you have a left-right mix up, and you can use here H crescendo as opener.

Finally, you can bait anti-airs with a jump, hover back to avoid them, and punish with M crescendo

EDIT: @Infilament just replied you here , he can give you better advice than me :blush:

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