Aria Buffs/Nerfs...Any suggestions?

I definitely need to mix Crescendo in with other moves and strategies, because especially as an opener I had little luck on harder difficulties training against CPU characters.

It makes a lot of sense, especially with jump MK which I hadn’t fully utilized.

Thanks for the link to infil’s response.

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Her main uses for Crescendo is to check jump-ins by anti-airing. With good positioning, you can cross-up with Medium Crescendo from the air, but it is hard as balls to do reliably. Heavy Crescendo is for checking cross-ups, even though it has invincibility frames similar to a DP, It is NOT a reliable anti-air. The Light Crescendo is for checking jump-happy opponents while your hovering and can act as a combo opener on the ground on hit. Shadow Crescendo has a hit of armor and can be used in the air or on the ground. It’s ok for stuffing normals, but really nothing else imo.

Thanks. When hovering, the light version I use a lot to quickly change sides and get some space when the opponent suspects a cross up. Or even lower to the ground, to use it as an opener but it is quite slow in case I am out of range. So usually I try to use as an escape in the air.

As for Medium/Heavy, I must say that without using assists or an error by my opponent, I still find them hard to consistently pull off. I am afraid that against better opponents (or a destroyed body) I will have less luck opening with these.