Are there any banned topics?

For example, religion, race, politics, etc. Just asking. I have no intention of mentioning any of these things, and I know a lot of other forums have these rules but I don’t see any here. For example, Halo waypoint has a complete ban on mentioning religion to avoid flame wars. (ironic because the enemies in Halo are religious extremists). I am just wondering, and I again have no intention of starting debates on personal beliefs.


of course. if you have a slightly different view than what america considers political correct will get you banned.

Well, NATURALLY. :stuck_out_tongue: seriously, have people been banned for not being PC or for talking about sensitive topics?

i did.

EDIT: I said that something was gay.

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They just up and banned you without a warning? for how long?

without warning for 3 days. ok full story:

someone posted in character suggestion thread pictures of kind of like twilight vampires but skinnier, showing more skin and with what i would consider woman boots etc and i said i didnt like it and when i was asked to be more specific i said it looked gay to me. Then that user (who isnt a mod or anything) said that i couldnt use the term in a derogatory way. And i said i wasnt, that i didnt like it cause it looked gay but that wouldnt be any different of people that were worried that Tusk would be too short, i asked what the difference between the 2 was besides that one group of people (gays) get offended and another (short people (me)) dont. was banned without an answer. Still would like to know to this day what the difference is.

can probably still look at my post history and find it

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If what you say is true, then that’s a little scary. They should at least have a list of banned topics or phrases if you are going to get banned for saying them without a single warning.

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here is the thread, Please for the Love of God make the Vampire Male starts at post 328, turns out most of my massages were hidden though

Well you did use the word in a derogatory way. This is gay or he’s looks gay. There’s a difference between saying he looks short and he looks gay.
Using that word that way is derogatory full stop but if you feel different that’s upto you.

There should at least be a warning or banned words list. I understand that using certain words certain ways can be offensive, and that IG is within their rights to decide how people talk on their forums, but to ban without a warning is kinda unfair.

Well common sense is a useful thing I find. We shouldn’t need to be patrolled. We should be able to articulate descriptions without resorting to that.

If you think a topic you might be looking to make has the potential for being unsuitable for the forums, your best options are to either not post it, or to private message one of us on the mod team.

There are posted rules and guidelines, listed in the FAQ section. It’s not going to list every possibility, but I can tell you that if we (or the community in general) feel something is needlessly derogatory, insulting, aggressive, or looking to incite arguments (including political/religious stuff) it’s not going to be allowed.

This is a forum for discussing KI, and while it’s fine to talk about off topic stuff in the appropriate threads, that doesn’t mean we’re going to let it be a free-for-all with regards to what those topics can be.

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I rememeber that! That was so lame… I didnt like that vamp pic either… it was a boy model wasnt it?
Oh it was horrible!

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Well, that’s a little hard to say. Common sense is viewed differently, and the LGBT community was not very well thought of until recent years in the mainstream. When I was growing up people used the word gay as an insult or a stand in for “stupid”, which I always hated because saying “that’s gay” made people look stupid in turn. The thing is, a lot of people playing KI grew up in a generation where gay was an insult and some may even still use it in a way some might feel offensive. Change does not occur overnight and I think that shows with people who still use the term gay in such a way.
That being said, I do think things can be described as gay (chip and dale type stuff) without being offensive. From and outsider perspective, gay men find things attractive that other people don’t in fashion.

I hope I was as respectful as possible with my observation and I wish you the best.

I’m really glad Mira came out the way she did. I am not against the idea of a male vampire, but I think she pulled it off much better than anything I could imagine.

While change might not happen overnight, you can start a change by not using the word.
If people want to use the word in such a way that’s fine, but they should be prepared to deal with the aftermath and not use the excuse of its what other people say.

I get that your being respectfully man but as the mod said above if you think it’s a sensitive or dicey subject maybe contact them first.

Well, now I know how to deal with these sorts of things.

With specific regards to the word gay, bear in mind we have gay and ■■■■■■■ players, as well as transgender players in the Ultra-Combo forum community.

“George Takei is gay” is a perfectly acceptable, factual post, and it is clear that the word is being used appropriately.

“That move is gay” is not; it is clear the word gay is being used in an inappropriate, derogatory way.


Hope I didn’t come across as overbearing mate and welcome to the community

Thank you! You don’t gotta worry about a thing.