Are there any banned topics?


I can’t see bre4ker’s banned posts on the forum in question, but I can see, and sadly cannot unsee, the model in question.

People can like what they like, but I am most certainly NOT one of those people.

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why is the word L-E-S-B-I-A-N censored?

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LMAO!!! oh man that gave me a good laugh…thank you!

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NP bro


The automated censor system has to be manually adjusted as we find words which are being censored and don’t need to be - I made a note of this after making my post so we can correct it, as I hadn’t seen that censored before.




The sad part, I know gay people who call everything gay :joy:

I do agree though, PC needs to remain strong otherwise common decency will be eradicated. Still, I long for the freedom of my own expressions… or at least the childish part of me does.


I love the way mira turned out and if it was gonna be a male vampire I’d want something big and brutal not something inspired from twilight. Bleugh.


Death metal vampire Viking? :wink: would’ve been sick.


Hell yes


With all due respect, I whole heartedly disagree. I feel like political correctness is necessary, but nowadays its a little too strict. There is always a need to be respectful of others, but when it comes to the point where expression becomes limited and people can lose their jobs, then it becomes a problem to me. I think the forums should remain respectful, seeing as how awesome the community is, but in general I am not a fan of PC. These are just my opinions, though.


Well, it depends on the situation honestly. You can’t go around saying bleep, blop, bloop when you work as the face of a corporation or something. Or a better example, with recent events involving one of our canidates, sure, freedom of speech and whatnot. But, it comes off as hateful and spiteful. Whether they know it or not, others look up to them. Being nasty with context or words makes for indecent people.

I mean, you can’t use a boob joke at work, is that overly correct? Depends on perspective but it shouldn’t be used in professional environment.

I would need an example of where your line is drawn to get a better understanding though, because I can agree that it hinders on expression in some scenarios.


I agree when you are a spokesperson you should be held to what the company wants, but if you are an employee and you have personal beliefs stated out of the workplace than you shouldn’t be fired. Boob jokes depend. It can come off as harassment, but I think if the people involved in the joke are okay with it, then that’s okay. If a co-worker were to comment on someone’s areas like a pervy @$$hole, then that’s harassment and can be dealt with.

political correctness is there for a reason. It’s a guideline of what to say to avoid stepping on someone’s toes. Another problem I have is what I call “Checklist character writing”. When someone decides to include a person of a different ethnic background in their work, it should come as the writer’s first interest, not to fill in a quota of “How many colored people can we include”. It kinda feels like you’re being held at gunpoint and if you don’t write in POC than you’re gonna get slammed and people will call you racist. Yes, POC do exist, but their inclusion should be natural and not shoehorned in IMO. don’t make token characters, is what I mean. I don’t have this problem with KI, though. Sure we have a black guy and an Asian chick, who are both awesome, but we also have dinosaurs, robots, mummies, war golems, a demon, and an orc with a splitting headache. THAT is the best diversity in a cast I have ever seen.

A big example I can think of where PC has gone nuts is a recent story where a teacher called the cops on a 3rd grader who called a black kid a brownie (or said something about brownies). The police SHOULD not get involved, and the kid could’ve been dealt with by the principle or the parents of said kid.

I hope I don’t come off rude, just sharing my views.


I really hope I am not seen as racist for these beliefs. People of color have every right to be In the media, but I think that they shouldn’t have to be included for the public not to throw a tantrum.


@DANECKBRE4KER, I hope you learned from that incident with how you incorrectly and inappropriately used the word gay. I was SMH after reading about that…


To be fair, that vampire does seem like he’s trying to appeal to certain people who would find him attractive…



Oh, another belief on PC gone wild would be about the Yale safe space debacle.

like you said, it does really depend on the situation, though.


Yeah, okay, see this is infuriating.

I support the right for people to express themselves and calling cops for someone calling another kid a brownie? OH MY GOD CALL THE FBI HE SAID BROWNIE!!! Yeah, that’s beyond stupid. I was called a females sex organ along with racial slurs as a kid. Come on now, that’s just asinine, my niece once called someone chocolate, they don’t know any better it’s a child.

When I defend PC, I mean it in a way where it is necessary and without it’s presence would surely leave a negative result of insensitive and indecent people. At least, that has to be the direct outcome.

So in that sense, I see your point and I agree. Overly-sensitive PC can also be as damaging.


Thank God there’s still a place on the internet for civil discussion. Thanks for your responses.


i just wanna know how its diferent. In both cases its saying that it looks some kind of people that have no choice in being like that. Please tell me whats the difference cause i really dont see it.