Are there any banned topics?


Because being short is never really held against you. You not get maimed,killed, murdered because your short.
If your short you can get married and enjoy all the benefits.
You equate gay is in being of the lesser. Short people don’t have to fight to be heard. Blood doesn’t get spilt to be heard.
Being gay isnt stupid or lesser than normal. I find it lazy that people use that word instead of using a description of what it is.
Tell me what made you use that word then? Why does it look gay? Honestly I’d like to know.


Think of it this way, when you say something is short you are implying it isn’t tall, when you said it looked gay what were you implying it didn’t look like?


Honestly, it looked homoerotic and I don’t say that to disrespect. I think that is what bre4ker meant, although posts were removed from the other thread so I don’t know the whole story. The photo looked gay, but people are allowed to view it differently and from the edited version I saw, that is was bre4ker meant. Yes, you could say that the photo was also made to appeal to women, but… Bottom line, it’s all in the way you view it.


Just saw the pics. It’s gay, as in, no straight guy would dress that way. And some of those pics are a little too revealing. If they took out orchids “sexiness” out of her costume, why would they put something like that in the game? Instead of this guy getting banned for a few days, those pictures should have gotten flagged lol


wow… just wow… I call something gay as in how it looks in a videogame forum and you are talking about getting killled and not being able to get married etc…? jesus. I didnt use the word as a sononym of stupid or lesser than normal. Everyone that saw the pictures can see why i called it gay. Would it be better to call it a metrosexual man that has makeup and is dressed like a female w.h.ore? And gay people have to fight to be heard? maybe 10 years ago, now they can say whatever they want but if you are a straight white male your opinion doesnt matter in those topics because you are so privileged that you dont know anything about it anyway. Doesnt really apply to me since i dont live in the US you dont see any of that over here.


Incase ya’ll don’t know I’m gay and I’ve never dressed like that. But sure go right ahead and get on how you like.
You presume I’m a straight male is that because I don’t dress gay?
Tell ya what go right ahead and get on how you like, I’m done here.
I don’t live in the US either


Just because you dont fit the stereotype, doesnt mean it isn’t true in the majority of situations.

Stereotypes dont just spawn from nowhere. They start as general observations, and as time goes on, people realize they are more true than un-true.

Stereotypes should never be used as a 100% fact, but to use them in a broad, general sense should be seen as ok.

If i peeled a banana, and the banana was pink on the inside, you would probably say “WOW i didnt expect that”. For me to then say: “What are you racist towards pink bananas? Dont be so closed-minded and un-accepting. Not all bananas are the same, you bigot.” Would obviously be irrational.

In my opinion, stereotypes should be used freely. For general concepts, for jokes, and for whatever else. But when the EXCEPTION to the stereotype is presented (for example, you), we need to be able to accept it and be respectful to everyone involved.


…and all this is exactly WHY we don’t do these kind of discussions here.

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