Arbiter = corny

Sorry guys I’m surprised no one else has said it.

Is no one else disappointed by in inclusion of a halo character into KI? Halo to me is the epitome of corny, derivative (of doom), Saturday morning cartoons pulp little kiddie crap, look how much master chief looks like the doom space marine.

The sad thing is that this is the best of microsofts exclusive IP because they just can’t come up with anything original and or good.

Add in a pinky, cyberdemon, or the space marine himself and it might actually command some respect for ki as a game. A halo character is just well, embarrassing.

Even mk was able to get awesome characters like Freddy Krueger and Jason. Ki gets some halo character??


I think no matter how you look at it, Master Chief is an Icon, and eventhough he might not be the most creative character ever, all that matters is what you do with it, and Bungie (and 343) made some great games with him.

That said, I find the Arbiter to be more interesting and less ‘derivative’ than the Chief and he can stand perfectly fine on his own.

That said, how often do you really see something original nowadays, most stuff has simply already been done. Hisako is a Japanese spirit…hello ‘the Ring’. Doesnt mean she isnt awesome. Besides isnt Killer Instinct in large part based on pre-existing character tropes, like werewolf/Monk/Spy/skeleton (hello army of darkness)/etc…

And finally, at least he looks like he fits into the game. Jason and Krueger dont really…just because they are horror characters dont make them fit in the game + they have more derivative sequals than any other movie series ever…



The Arbiter is maybe the coolest thing / character from Halo…so no.


Without Halo, Microsoft would not be in the gaming industry. It’s a console seller and has been one of the most influential fps shooter games in the last decade. Halo’s button layout became the standard for console shooters, and it’s multiplayer along with the introduction of Xbox Live helped make consoles a legitimate online gaming platform.

It’s one of the few games that actually focuses on it’s story which has helped it spawn multiple books, anime short, and has been tinkering with Hollywood for a while.

You may consider it corny, but personally, I enjoy the story. Similar to movies, like Star Wars. Some consider it soap opera-ish, but you can’t deny it’s influence. And you can’t deny Halo’s influence in gaming. Halo has a huge fanbase and bringing the Arbiter is a great marketing decision.


Well just from reading your OP, clearly you hate Microsoft and wouldn’t be happy with ANY guest character they added so I’m not going to try to defend Halo or engage in meaningful conversation about why the Arbiter is an awesome character choice.

PS: Halo is not a DOOM clone, don’t know why you’re so hung up on that.


People are always complaining in these KI forums. What is wrong with this community ? Dissapointed with this, Dissapointed with that. Im new here and I dont like these same negative posts over over again. Tommorow someone will post another negative reason, for what only God knows.


I think it has a lot to do with the tension around KI S3 releasing very soon. Many people are on edge, clamoring for new info and what not. I think the negativity (in many respects) comes from a relative frustration.

Let me get philosophical on you.

Some of the greatest games, cartoons, and stories can be ruined by personal views and experiences out side of the actual product.

You have had Halo tainted in your mind because of your tendency to compare its theme with other games. You can no longer enjoy the series (Even though it is an AMAZING series) because of the mindset you have put yourself in.

A good example of this, honestly, is My Little Pony. As a fan, we have experienced CRAZY events and seen awesome things in the community, while the show has reflected it perfectly. But now the show is like 6 years old, so it is really hard to explain these things to a potential viewer who is a sceptic. All of those awesome parts of the show mean nothing to them, because they are coming in too late to enjoy them.

You are the same way. You will probably never enjoy Halo, because now the story doesn’t do a good job of reflecting the games history. Halo fans can describe ENDLESS HOURS of fun they have had with the game, that couldn’t be found in ANY other game, but it would mean nothing to you.

Its not your fault, but you really should stop dwelling on it, trust us that it isn’t corny, and just try to enjoy the Arbiters gameplay.


It’s a subjective opinion and I am entitled to it, not everyone will agree. That is the nature of subjectiveness.

Similar to how many might question a grown man being interested in my little pony

Halo was popular with console kids when I was in college. The people with pcs were playing quake while all the kids with xboxes were stuck on one room crammed around a tiny tv playing split screen halo. I never accepted halo as a legitimate shooter and I never will, it’s for little kids.

Doesn’t everyone who plays MKX hate the idea of movie monster characters taking up the majority of the DLC slots?

When I first saw Arbiter, trust me I didn’t like him. In fact, I said this 26 days ago.

After watching the trailer and seeing how he plays, I said this…

I will never be as big a fan as some of the forum members, nor do I care to consider myself anything close to a fan. I grew up on Gears of War, Halo seemed to futuristic and childish compared. But, that is just me. Still, I genuinely don’t mind him being in KI anymore. You cannot say he is a bad fit, ESPECIALLY since Rash is the first guest and he is a giant toad talking butt kicker.

So take it from me, someone who actually IS NOT a fan of Halo. He fits well and he will be fun. I don’t doubt seeing myself enjoying a part of Halo that is KI, which is great because in some way, I became somewhat of a fan - even when I never intended to.

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Your criticisms here hint that you don’t really understand KI thematically at all.

KI is literally a trope mashup. A bunch of 90’s era television movie archetypes. The world of KI is supposed to be derivative.

I’m not even sure how to argue with you on the basis of you not understanding KI. It’s like going to Guilty Gear forums and saying “too much anime”


You’re entitled to your opinion, that part is true. Though you OP seems to be complaining that nobody else shares it.

Just because you’re more of a fan of the PC master race of shooters doesn’t mean your skewed perception of console games is accurate. There are plenty of full grown men who hung out with their friends playing Halo, “kids” can’t organize LAN parties, kids can’t compete in most tournaments, whether you acknowledge Halo or not its a gigantic franchise with enough lore and backstory to fill a small lake and more fanboys than you could muster up for most other shooters.

Its hard to even have a conversation about this with you though because you’re displaying telltale elitist PC user traits like saying “console kids” and stuff like that, just because you’re a PC fan doesn’t mean that other shooters are inferior and made for children. The FPS genre grew beyond the PC and that’s good thing, now everyone can enjoy it. Your only argument as to why Halo is childish is because you hate console gaming and you see all console gamers as sweaty neckbeards who huddle around a console for warmth and that is simply not true. Halo is a great game and the Arbiter’s inclusion in KI has been nothing but positive from what I’ve seen online, so I think its just you.

Also, KI is a Microsoft IP and more than half of the content therein is original to this title so I guess Microsoft can come up with something “Original and good” after all.

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If you ask me, saying that a shooter is like Doom is kinda like saying a fighting game is like Street Fighter, or a fantasy novel is like the works of Tolkien. Nevermind that the actual substance may be vastly different, it’s relatively easy to point at a classic entry into a genre and say that anything following it is a knockoff.

I’ll also say that referring to something as corny in a negative sense when it’s being added to a game in which a secret agent, a boxer, a warrior monk, and an amazon battle an army of robots and dinosaurs led by the Human Torch and Ultron is a rather silly argument to make.

Maybe I’m just weird. -shrug-


It’s ok, we can agree to disagree. You wont change my opinion

Mortal Kombat is for little kids. (subjective opinion and i am entitled to it)


Plenty of college dudes got together to have LAN parties with Halo. If that isn’t adult dedication to a game, then what is?

And finally, PC players all feel like they are better than everyone else. So of course you hate a console game. I have experienced both gaming communities on multiple levels, and seen the good and bad sides of both of them. And PC is the worse of the 2. No contest. Now that you have revealed yourself to be a PC player, i understand why you made this topic, and i understand that there is no help for you.

Im honestly not even trying to be insulting right now. Its just facts.

You are a hateful person, and you will never change your mind.

No one is trying to get you “like” the Halo universe. We only want you to accept it as legitimate, and have respect for it, but you cant even do that, so i’m done with this topic. I will not try to be logical and considerate with someone who wont also be the same way. Bye.


I agree that ki was always kind of campy. But you’re confusing campy with corny, they’re not the same thing.

No one is trying to change your opinion. You came onto the forum and posted your opinion to a community of people who speak up for what they love.

But, you aren’t just stating your opinion. You are somewhat being spiteful and insulting other members who were genuinely trying to express their perspective.

I get if you have a strong opinion, but express it better without having to succumb to insults or irrationality.

After-all, we all want the same thing for KI in the end, a great game.


Most of these opinions based threads should be in OFF TOPIC. because this is not a general discussion to contribute to the game. Just a thread for quarrels. etc