[APP] Kolor Instinct 1.1.0 - Kim Wu, Tusk & Arbiter + Share functionality and More!

Kolor Instinct is a tool that allows you to create your own alternate colors for your favorite KI characters, you can also view the special moves for each character!

Platforms: Android & iOS


→ Easy to use interface.
→ Nice and clean move list for each characters: command attacks, special moves, shadow moves, openers, linkers and enders.
→ Announcer Sound Clips.
→ Live: you can see and watch who is streaming KI.
→ Alternate Color Editor. You can create as many alternate colors as you want and save it to your device’s camera folder, so you can share them with the community!


Latest version: 1.0.8



Awesome, kudos for keeping up on this!

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You’re welcome.
Now that KI was announced to the PC I am more excited because I will be able to increase the quality of the images and add more stuff to the app as well. ^^

Somehow being able to add/recolor accessories and retros would be amazing.

Woaaaaaaah this is sick.

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Yeah, this is something I’m planning to add when the PC version comes out.

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Thanks for the continued support of the app! I really enjoy messing around with it!

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Kolor Instinct New version: 1.0.9

  • The app is now called “Kolor Instinct” and the Icon/Background/Logo have been changed.

I made all these changes to be able to update the Android version, that means that the android now has all the characters and extra features from the iOS version. Enjoy!


Thanks :wink: love the new icon lol

Still an awesome app!.. Still waiting for a Windows Phone/ Browser version :frowning:

WHAAAAA…This is AMAZING! Why am I just hearing this now?

Thanks for keeping the updates coming, it’s nice to have the move list available when learning a new character! What’s the “NOX” character after Rash? Your own custom drawing?

Should be a handy thing when Season 3 drops. Maybe worth a mention in some kind of Community post?

@rukizzel , @GoogleMyName

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Ummm I’ve ascertained by the comments here that this has been a known thing for some time. This is the first time I’ve heard about this gem. What a wonderful thing.

Is Shago going to be added in? I want to make some REAL colors for him.


Windows Phone is probably not going to happen because the tool I’m using to develop the app (Adobe Flash) doesn’t support it, there’s nothing I can do about that, sorry.

Browser version is something I’m thinking about, maybe in the future (when the game comes to PC).

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Thanks for confirmation. I figured there had to be a reason it wasn’t on the Windows Phone yet…
But the fact that a browser version is still an option makes me hype. :smiley:
I think it’d be a great think to have in tandem with the PC port.

Thanks! Sometimes the topics get hidden when there are no new replies, but I’m glad you find about it.

Hi, Shadow Jago is already in the app. His move list is outdated, but you can create alternate colors for him.

You’re welcome!

Nox is a character I made a while ago that I posted in the old forums. The “FAN MADE” section in the app is an idea I had for posting fan made characters. If you find any fan-made characters that has in-game screenshots, please let me know, so I can add it in my app as well.

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Thanks, I hadn’t tried to use it in a while.

I installed the app on my computer via the Bluestacks program but it crashes.
Though that’s probably just a problem with that program, not the app.

Just a little feedback: I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone, but on my Galaxy S5 the icon is maybe 35-40% the size of my other icons. Don’t know whether this was the intention or not, just thought I’d let you know.

Otherwise, great app. I really want something like this as a mod or feature for the pc port.

That’s weird, do you have any screenshots that I can take a look? (the app may be missing some of the icon files).