Any news for a KI reboot sequel?

Wonder if we’ll ever get a sequel to the new KI? I miss the series and it deserves continues.

Along with a good story mode & cinematics!

Yeah apparently they’re working on one right now. From what I understand it’s in development.

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Apparently Iron Galaxy, along with doing “Rumbleverse”, are working on a new AAA game, which may or may not be KI:

the return of Killer Instinct? News @VGR -

Only time will tell. Though I’ll be watching with a grain of salt and a bit of hype

Where did you hear this?

I believe there have been rumours, but nothing confirmed or announced, of course.

Take it all with a grain of salt.

Source: The XboxEra Podcast | LIVE | Episode 79 - "Xbox and Chill" - YouTube

" Yes, Killer Instinct 2 is in active development. It’s not just ‘coming back’ it is in active development,"

The killer instinct chat is @ the 1 hr : 23 minutes mark

Alternate source: Killer Instinct 2 is reportedly in development

Also iron Galaxy is allegedly working on a new project quote on quote something huge with one of their major partners on AAA franchise. Hiring multiple positions character design accessory design etc etc etc…

Speaking of comics what will they do now. With Gargos gone the vampires are the next best thing.

That’s “Rumbleverse”.

Is rumble verse a AAA franchise developed by a major partner.

I mean you have a guy who has a history of being right about the stuff who is known to have had inside knowledge about what goes on in Microsoft in terms of gaming and he’s saying it is now and has been in active development at least for about 3 months.

But like Jon Snow I know nothing I’m just going off of what I’m reading. Besides I’m still learning this ki

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It’s being done in collaboration with Epic Games.
Epic’s Rumbleverse Could Create A New Kind of Battle Royale (

There are some rumors that supposedly Microsoft is doing a KI reboot with Bandai Namco, if not are doing some sort of project in relation to KI.
‘Vague’ Rumour Suggests Bandai Namco May Be Working On A Killer Instinct Reboot - Xbox News (

No new info really, just sort of a recap up what’s happened and why a new game would make sense. Still nice to see people talking about the series though.

I really hope it doesn’t end up being another reboot, if that rumor is actually credible and that word is supposed to mean anything. The 2013 reboot didn’t really do anything wrong and there’s no reason not to do a direct sequel, plus they’ve already set up a lot of hooks for it.

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I’m not opposed to another reboot. The 2013 game had a really good combat system with some terrific gameplay. Story-wise and character design-wise, though, it was very hit and miss, leaving a lot to be desired. Some parts are brilliants, but others are either half-baked or underdeveloped, even downright poor.

I have to really disagree about the character designs. Aside from weird, likely unintended stuff like Kim’s fish-mouth, pretty much every single character is a banger. The redesigns were good and the new characters stand out, and are all legitimate badasses. I almost never get to say that about any Fighter.

There would be no FG sequels if they rebooted every time the short background stories got a little stupid, frankly. Narrative was never terribly relevant in the first place, but the ideas they were going into post-Shadow Lords were good as far as setting and new character possibilties. Really seemed like they were preparing to return to the dark dystopia tone of the original games, with Gargos’s invasion tearing up the world for Ultratech to take control.

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Just gotta disagree on that one. Narrative is most definitely just as relevant as any other aspect of a game. Especially ones with as much potential as KI. Sure, that doesn’t mean the narrative needs to be 100% perfect (although it can be) or that it needs to be tossed toward a reboot if it lacks somewhere.
Imo, the game is also responsible for looking after those fans who are more invested in the characters and the story and really, can you blame us?

I like where they’re heading but I’m not a fan of how they’re getting there.
The 2017 comics were definitely not the way to go. Those weren’t even a hit and miss they were just one big miss, but that’s just me. I hope they don’t disappoint in the future.

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Well, S1 character designs were generally good. S2 - Aganos, Hisako and Maya were really good, with the latter having the best redesign as far as returning characters are concerned. Kan-Ra and Cinder are okay, although the mouth on the mask for the latter is dumb (you want to talk about fish mouths, look at his - he looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon with it). Cinder should have been a visual spectacle, but as he is, he’s okay. ARIA’s design, though, along with T.J.'s, Riptor’s and Omen’s are pretty generic, though.


You and me both.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to care about it, but it’s never been anywhere near substantial enough that they can’t just dismiss things people didn’t like.

They can redesign characters whenever they like and still keep the continuity, and the existence of Retro Costumes kind of makes it moot point. A reboot doesn’t guarantee something more to anyone’s liking, either.