Any games that you loved but no one else did?

I have a few here

I also don’t think these get alot of appreciation either

and of course

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Ive never noticed that! That’s amazing!

Black Sabbath is technically my childhood then as well! Lol (at least for that level)

Thanks for this info! I guess I never made the connection 15 years ago lol

Perfect Dark Zero.

DMC, Sonic Unleashed, FFXIII, Resident Evil 5 and 6, Asura’s Wrath, Deadly Premonition, Ryse, The Order 1886 - I like them all, although they didn’t have a great reception when released.

Wow it’s rare I come across somebody thats heard of JD, let alone played it too. Lol I loved that game so much back in the day.

Oh yeah I loved it.

Oh another one

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Pokémon Snap

That game was so cool and clever I have no idea why there was no sequel.

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Gee I wonder why lol.

I loved the series. 2nd runner was the obvious choice for better overall. Plus I like mechs. Would like a sequel…but that’s just dreaming at this point sadly. :frowning:

That much I’m well aware of haha.:grin:

Killer Instinct.


Ha ha very funny. :slight_smile:

I might as get this out my system, but I actually enjoyed Sonic 06. Yes the same one that was considered one the worst Sonic games ever. The glitches never to seemed to have bothered me as much as I saw other let’s players (probably because I had the 360 version). The music is one of best in the whole series and the story…I didn’t dug deep into much to know the inconsistencies (which is surprisingly a lot). Plus it was the first Sonic game I ever owned! So I guess nostalgia has something with it too.

Not sure if that’s sarcasm. If it is, then my apologies I meant no insult.

Offense?No of course not. What’s there to be offended about?

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I have a huge list of games like this, but I’ll just mention this one:

Battle Fantasia… People somewhat got hype for it, and despite its depth, its aesthetics put alot of Westerners off…

In any event, I still play it on PC, XBOX360, PS3, and I have an arcade dump somewhere… I’m still finding out new things, and I post them from time to time on dustloop. I also make vids for my YT channel lol…

Honorable mentions:

  • The Rumble Fish
  • SVC Chaos
  • Senko no Ronde (great shmup/fighter hybrid)
  • Last Bronx (Soul Calibur meets Virtua Fighter)
  • Neogeo Battle Coliseum
  • World Heroes Perfect
  • Melty Blood Act Cadenza: Current Code
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
  • Chaos Code
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves
  • Samurai Shodown Sen
  • Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi Kenkakuden
  • Taiko Drum Master
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition (so balanced imo)
  • Akatsuki Blitzkampf (I still play this)
  • TMNT Tournament FIghters
  • Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
  • Magic Rayknight Earth
  • Tenchi Muyo RPG(?)
  • Hokuto no Ken (yep, the fighting game)
  • Chaos Breaker (a.k.a. Dark Awake)

I’ll just end the list here, lol…

you realize DBZ infinite world was made after Burst limit right? MUCH BETTER GAME despite the inferior hardware.

Anyway for me I’d say Soul Calibur 3; outside of my local circle I was shocked to find out it was considered bad, even now I find it to play a lot cleaner than SC2. SC3 also has some impressive AI’s to boot. I don’t know why people defend SC2’s weapon master mode, it just felt like a mini-game fest, I prefer SC3’s chose your own adventure style arcade mode any day. It’s just a shame SC3 nerfed the strongest SC2 characters into oblivion, (Raphael, Ivy).

Poor Brink. I actually liked you enough to buy you twice…
Maybe I just have sh*t taste? :disappointed_relieved:

I actually loved Brink. I played that till it died. Honestly, that game was fun after the bugs were fixed.

You are not alone :slight_smile:

It looked good too.

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I love that game!

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