I’m jealous :sob: I saw your points were way up …I figured you’d been grinding :joy:

Anyway, so far I believe Ranger is tough to play and you need constant resource management to cycle through combos. It’s not just empty your gun, reload, empty another clip, … repeat. No, it is less clear in the beginning that you need constant primers to buy time to wait for the combo opportunity or your reload / recharge window. Made it to 26 with Ranger and unlocked last spot.

The most fun I had so far was with Interceptor. So fluid and everything comes together we’ll. Really, really well made.

I will try to go for level 30 with Storm and test how well I fare.

Colossus is difficult. I have found one good build that works for me but I struggle with finding time when swarmed. I need to be covered from the side or back by other Javelins most of the time.

What’s your verdict on Interceptor or other Javelins? Opinion changed since the demo?


I have no opinions on anything other than the Interceptor. I picked it right out of the tutorial, and only unlocked the others because I was tired of the prompt coming up and bugging me. I knew I was an Interceptor main the instant it showed up in that first promo trailer, and to this day have no desire to try another javelin :joy::joy::joy:

My time with the Ranger in the demo led me to think it’s pretty tough to use effectively. It felt like it relies a lot more on its guns than the others, so CC can be really rough if you don’t have weapons good enough to drop things quickly.

The Storm feels super impactful when there’s a good one on your team. Played with one last night that was extra clutch about just freezing things and letting us go to work on them for the combo effects - made a huge difference in the bigger engagements.

The Colossus is really nice to have around as well, as his combo effect demolishes mobs and he tends to give the enemies something else to shoot at besides me :-p Don’t think I could play it though - Colossus is way too immobile for my tastes. I’ve gotten to the point where I can use melee and jump/dash cancels so well that I basically never have to touch the ground now. Playing as the big boy would just feel “off” :sweat_smile:


Yeah, tank build is satisfying when going against swarms of enemies. One on one is difficult due to lack of maneuverability and, I guess, it’s not an actual tank as absorbing damage can be quite tricky, especially when not directly facing an enemy.

I saved (revived) quite a few lives with Interceptor one session. Awesome feeling to swoop in and then run off again :laughing:


Yes. Yes it is :sob::+1:t5:


Made it to level 30. I literally had to pick flowers or read a pamphlet for the last 100 XP or so that I needed, lol. Got a good sense of the weaknesses of Storm and Colossus, the classes I will focus on (interceptor is pure fun but visually I prefer bulkier mechs, robots, :smile:)

Had an easier time playing missions on hard with Storm than Colossus. Now hoping I can get some masterworks or legendary gear soon.

@STORM179 I think whoever plays Matthias has done a masterful job. Even the side missions are hilarious. Great (voice) acting!!! I didn’t have a problem with the story at all btw, I thoroughly enjoyed every second


@Rolly2891 @STORM179
Are you experiencing any issues since the latest patch?

Experiencing lots of random crashing of the game since last patch (loot fix/distribution update). Both in-game and while on the logo screen, game can crash… never happened before.


Didn’t play yesterday so can’t say. I know the second patch they pushed out made my game more unstable though.

And yeah, Storm seems like maybe the most powerful class. Some of the abilities are pretty nuts, and the shield boost it gets while hovering provides way more defense than I would’ve thought given how it was always described as a glass cannon.


I bought the game today before i knew it requires xbox gold membership and others to play with. I didn’t want to see conversations because of spoilers. I was so hyped when i saw the trailers and i was waiting for that game. No i am trying to give it back. What a shame. You cannot even play offline. Why are they doing these things to the games?


That’s too bad to hear. I don’t believe it can be played offline. You can still play by yourself though but yes you’d need to be online. It’s really good though if you ever decide to go for it.


I am sure it will be awesome for people who play together. It is ok though, good for microsoft they gave my money back, digitally.


Probably a dumb question, but when you bought it did the store mention that you needed XBL Gold to play it? I’m only asking because some games like Overwatch make it clear in the store description that Gold is required, but I remember that wasn’t the case for Marvel Heroes Omega (back when it still existed I mean).


Well i didn’t notice that. I thought that single player mode would be available in any case.

I went back to check and i doesn’t say it requires gold. But when you begin the game if you do not have a subscription it constantly sends you to the buy gold page. I also saw Overwatch which clearly says that it needs gold which Anthem doesn’t say.

A lot of people had the same problem and gave the game back. It is like they are sabotaging their own game. Also for some reason it has very bad reviews like 6.5 or 5 of 10.

I don’t mind the reviews though. If they fix it so i can play whenever i want and offline i will buy that. Anthem looks fantastic.


The game was pretty widely stated to require online before it launched, and has a banner across the bottom of its box stating the same.


It’s designed to be a shared-world shooter in the vein of Destiny. I would not expect it to ever be modified to accommodate totally offline play.


Oh, i bought it from the xbox store, it only says that online multiplayer requires gold membership. I also had seen some videos saying that solo player would be available so i made the wrong guess.

Also i would like to inform, if somebody doesn’t know, that you can return a game that you bought digitally from the xbox store, if you don’t have 2 hours of gameplay and until 14 days after you bought it. And you can do this only twice.


I gave Ranger another run. Doing legendary missions. Definitely hardest missions I have played just trying to stay alive.

With Ranger, you have to soften enemies up with acid and whatnot, so it’s hard time get rid of swarms of enemies quickly. This of course leaves you open to receiving quite some hits in the process…you die quickly even if you are super careful.

Anyway, my epic gear isn’t/wasn’t good enough but finally got a bit of good Masterwork gear that is not a rifle or pistol :smile:

Man, @STORM179 I almost overlooked this game if you hadn’t posted about the demo. Most fun I had in a long time :slight_smile:


Thinking about picking up this game. Should I? I need you all to do your best to sell me this game. I want to buy it, but I’m having a video game crisis on what to buy :joy:



(Yes, you should)


That’s awesome - glad I was able to help someone find a fun game :slight_smile:

Nice masterwork! Did you get that playing on hard or Grandmaster? I’ve only ever seen MW weapons drop in hard, but it’d be nice if you could farm at least a few components on hard to help raise your gear score :hushed:



On hard you only get a subset of items (only a few limited weapons apparently). At least for me, I got like three LMGs and two pistols, all of them the same by the way. On grandmaster all seals/items/ weapons are available, and that’s where I got this melee upgrade for Ranger.


I like it a lot. I think Bioware is still maybe the best in the business at creating great characters, and the world they’ve crafted is really cool and interesting. If you like ME3 or Andromeda’s ability based combat, I think you’ll generally fall in love with the action in this game. It’s a really, really cool evolution of the system with some awesome and unique abilities. Only gripe I really have with the game is that it can still be a bit buggy right now.