WTF!? Thats so OP :open_mouth: can’t wait to try it out myself :joy::joy:

Anyway, still waiting not so patiently for the 22nd…


Haha. You and me both. Been trying to ration my 10 hour trial, but will probably blow through the rest of it today :sweat_smile:

And yeah, some of the masterwork gear is insane. Can’t wait to start unlocking that kinda stuff. The guns have some cool stuff, but the juice is in the gear mods.


I don’t know how the Anthem community will turn out in terms of toxicity but with bad publicity (or perception) regarding micro transactions, I hope it will weed out certain types of players before launch Basically, leaving players who really WANT to play this game. So in a sense, I am actually looking more forward to Anthem than mk11. Some of the ongoing MK11 discussions are so “not very inviting” after reading stuff online…I might be totally wrong but mk11 will be a solo / single player experience for me at this stage, and I am banking on Anthem for my multiplayer needs this year. I hope enough cooperative and mature players join the Anthem community…I know. it’s probably wishful thinking :laughing:


I never got a chance to play this. My brother tried the demo and didn’t enjoy it so it basically sapped my motivation. I was out of town for the entire duration so would have had to buy without trying. In any case I can wait.

But I have to say, I’m so sick of “gamer” politics. All these hyperbolic reviews and nonsense. People comparing Amthem to Baldur’s Gate because they are both from BioWare. And then the complaining about micro transactions. Didn’t we get over this in 2015? If you don’t want stuff, don’t buy it. If you want it, knock yourself out. If you want it but don’t want to pay, shut up.

Anyway hope you all have fun


I think that’s fair and a pretty solid choice. I’ve really enjoyed my time with it, but Anthem definitely isn’t perfect. It’s got definite flaws, and since BW seems like they’ll be really good at addressing and ironing those things out waiting means you’ll wind likely up with a better experience starting out. The game’s core loop and loot chase is super fun, but it also has some shenanigans that’ll tick you off right now. I had dialogue guiding me to places last night, and then when I got there and looked around to see where the objective/enemies were, the whole ■■■■ troop appeared right on top of me and killed me in two seconds. That happened like three times. Stuff like that is…not ideal. :sweat:

On the other stuff, I don’t really even pay much attention to reviews anymore. Tried to watch IGN’s this morning, but had to cut it off because the reviewer was putting character story beats into his review (is that a thing we do now??). At this point I’m over arguing with people about the games I like; I’m having fun with Anthem, and end of the day that’s all I’m worried about. The microtransactions complaints are weird though - Anthem’s economy strikes me a very fair, and the devs have confirmed they’ll be adding free dungeon-specific vanity items as well. All the paid content is vanity also…if you don’t want to look pretty, then just don’t buy it :man_shrugging:t5:


Oh, your 1am tweet :laughing: I will start playing tonight and do some campaign missions first to get some practice in with comboing etc. Anyway, I will have plenty of free time for the next few weeks, starting tomorrow, so let’s hook up for some missions.

Would be cool if you end up playing it as I could use some mature friends to play with :joy: I have missed out on Destiny, Titanfall so I couldn’t compare these game with Anthem but the Javelin movement and loadouts feel so good, that I was immediately hooked after the demo. And the devs are on top of things with fixes so that’s promising. I wonder why you’re brother didn’t like it and if it’s one of the things they might’ve already fixed or addressed. Anyway, let us know if you end up buying the game. The more the merrier…on Xbox if course :slight_smile:


To be fair, I don’t think the gameplay will appeal to everyone. If really crispy gunplay is your main thing, then I’d suggest Destiny (or Gears, if the 3rd person cover thing is your preference). If you’re not a big gear/loot guy, then I could see this also not really speaking to you. I haven’t gone into the story very much yet, but if you’re looking for that incredible single player narrative that Bioware is known for, then there might also be some cause for skepticism.

Division was not my cup of tea, to put it mildly. But some people swear by it. Really just depends on what you value in a game.

And yeah, when i made that tweet I was ■■■■■■■ Game respawns you way the hell away from where you where, and it was like the third time magically appearing enemies had insta-wiped me :joy:


And so the reading… uh…the flying begins.

(darn, this game has so much stuff to read through. I wish I could download stuff and read it on Kindle :slight_smile:)


I don’t honestly know if I’d like the game. I never got to try the game (both demos were crashing on me) and I don’t really feel like buying it, only to realize I didn’t like it as much as I would. I liked the Division, but Endgame lacking and repetitive things were my biggest gripes. But Space and Sci-fi stuff is my jam, so who knows! I need to insta-buy that N7 armor if i can though… :eyes:


I noticed @Rolly2891 is also playing this game. You’re almost double my level already :joy:


Lol. I could be much higher to be honest, but I intentionally spent most of my ten hours in freeplay this week because I wanted to take my time to savor the story bits instead of having to rush. Also didn’t want to get so high level that the Light of the Legion preorder weapon would be obsolete by the time I could use it.

I was a veritable mode of restraint, thank you very much! :joy:


Yeah, I have spent quite some time now in freeplay. So will do the campaign and go unlock strongholds next.


I just started playing Anthem and chose the Storm javelin. This far I think it is okay, but the menus are worse than FFVIII menus. Ugh… so convoluted. I’m too used to Destiny. :joy_cat:


Yeah the menus… :joy:
What’s your Xbox tag for Anthem?


WebN Ragnarok


Finished the story. Now I can finally go and handle business in the Strongholds.


Finished the ridiculous Heart of Rage stronghold for the first time. Team of two Storm Javelins and two Interceptors was surprisingly well balanced. I played interceptor for the first time, pretty hard to control speed and targeting enemies. Perhaps not the best idea to start a Stronghold mission with a new Javelin while wearing some common gear parts :joy: still a blast to play.


Lol. Yeah, that sounds like a less than ideal way to get your feet wet!

Sorry about last night - I was getting pretty frustrated. I could see you were talking but couldn’t hear you, and since my party and game invites don’t seem to reach you at all just didn’t have a way to communicate effectively. Didn’t help that I’d literally just run that stronghold with randoms with no issues at all, so the repeated wipes 100% tilted me. :sweat_smile:


No worries man, I just did the toughest stronghold (so far imo) with randoms who understood cooperative play :smile: the two guys that joined yesterday were below level 20 that is impossible on hard :laughing: you need strong gear or experience, and know your limitations too :joy_cat:, to offset communication gaps sometimes :+1:

Did two hours of freeplay today, was pretty fun. Got lots of challenges done but the Colossus is so … slow. Not recommended for traveling around. Next time I will take Ranger for a spin and level up to unlock last Javelin slot. Probably going to test the waters with Ranger for a while and see how different from Colossus the Ranger’s gameplay is.


Man, this game is so friggin good when it’s actually working. Got my first masterworks last night, and have finally hit the point where I can start specializing components for my different loadouts. Game is super fun, and the story so far has been really great. BW are still some of the best in the business when it comes to making cool and interesting characters :slightly_smiling_face: