Annual E3 speculation thread

Well, this adds a bit of interest…

I’m trying to decide if I believe MS is going to release 14 more games in Xbox One. Maybe. It depends on how many of them are small, indie style game. But it adds to the fire that they will make some next gen announcement.


not holding my breath, but perhaps one of those games may be a new KI? we shall see. meanwhile there seems to be some noise around cyberpunk’s portion of the show. i think i read they wont be showing much of anything to the public, but i need to look it up and read some more before i make any judgement. all i know is, it was wise to dial down everything in terms of expectations lol

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Logic tells me KI is an outside shot for an announcement. But it’s hard to imagine 14 games and list them, even just by genre. So the idea that they are dropping a ton of game announcements certainly makes it more likely in my book.

Edit: has MS launched 14 first party games on Xbox One in total? Excluding third part exclusives, certainly not. Published titles? Maybe.

Halo MCC
Halo V
KI (this is one game regardless of seasons)
Forza 5, 6, 7
Forza Horozon 3, 4
Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break
Dead Rising 3 (sort of I guess)

I guess that gets us to over 14. I see a few more things on the Wikipedia page that might be indie style exclusives but also lots of published stuff that is multi platform.

So in my view 14 games is darn close to the actual total so far appearing on Xbox One. Clearly even if they announce a new console some of these announcements will be for XOne. But even so it is a lot of games.


yeah, rule of math right? 14 announcements, thus 14 chances one could be killer instinct lol. we’ll see, maybe we will be surprised and blown away this year. or maybe it’ll be just another ho hum e3 with not much going for it like the last one (imo, i honestly even forgot what was announced when it came to new games). ill be at work while the event is going, but ill be watching whenever possible. im gonna knock out all my work today and tomorrow, that way things will slow down so i can try to enjoy a presentation or 2

Yeah, I’m kind of in a place where I’m happy to watch the edited highlights later and then just the game trailers. The presentations are so filled with forced enthusiasm and then the occasional nutso statement delivered with a straight face. MS is not the worst or even especially bad, but they have their share of cringeworthy. The MS Twitter is asking people to guess what shirt Phil Spencer will wear. Really? He wore a battletoads shirt like five years ago and we are all supposed to go nuts because now, after years go by we have an announced battletoad game for which 0 frames of onscreen gameplay have been revealed. Woohoo… I wanted to respond “some hipster shirt showing how connected this MS millionaire is to all of us gamers?” Or maybe “Scalebound?” But I figures MS has enough people trolling their twitter without me adding to it.

I want to like Phil Spencer. He says all the right things. But I’m looking at Xbox under his leadership and I’m not really able to say I see the things that I want. Is he better than the last guy? Probably.

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I feel exactly like you, man. The last exclusives are just crap. The so called announcements don’t display anything relevant. Battletoads is about to be launched and we didn’t even get a gameplay. Microsoft should tease us with images and videos of the games under development, but we go a whole year without news. I really don’t understand what kind of crappy marketing is this. I do hope Microsoft displays a great show, because it’s about time.

lol t-shirt choice? thats what their fanbase has going right now? lol. MS really needs to get their act together, they havent had anything for the past couple of years that have made me regret selling off my Xb1. it turned into a paperweight for me after pc version of KI arrived. these guys need some serious 1st party firepower next go round with their new system. who cares about a t-shirt on some executive, where are the games mofos? thats what gamers want, good ■■■■■■ games

Biggest thing I’m looking forward to is Doom:Eternal from the Bethesda show. Hopefully Microsoft has some new exclusives. As for everyone else? Probably going to stay cynical. Maybe the new Call of Duty will be good? We’ll see.

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im hoping maybe we’ll get a launch date for it, and maybe by the time it does release id have upgraded my PC. im pretty sure ill run it smooth as is, but im pretty interested in the 3rd gen ryzen AMDs and PCI 4.0

My hopes for E3 includes the following.

Halo Infinite has playable Elites
Super Smash Bros reveals a new DLC character
Killer Instinct. (It’s just wishful thinking)
Soul Calibur VI news.

I have reason to assume that most of these are not the titles we are expecting. But hey, I’m prepared for disappointment anyway.

Only thing I’m looking forward to is DLC, mainly for SC6 and MK11. Everything else is just there since in most cases we get 5 seconds of teaser footage and that’s it. I still remember the hype from DMC5’s reveal but I don’t see that happening again this year (unless a new KI does happen but even then I’ll still be cautious).

So according to Phil, MS will be showing no less than 14 Xbox Games studios’ games at E3 this year.

Anyone want to try and guess which ones they’ll be?

My guesses:

Halo Infinite
Gears 5
Gears Tactics
Gears Pop
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Age of Empires 4*
Forza Motorsport 8
Fable 4
Minecraft DLC
Sea of Thieves DLC

Bleeding Edge (Ninja Theory’s new game that leaked early)

Blurring out this last one since it was leaked, but technically hasn’t been announced.

Two more I’d also put down (to get to 14):

Lost Odyssey 2 (probably not, but have to throw out the guess. I think they have another returning IP to show off, if not LO2, then more likely it’s one of Banjo, Crimson Skies or MechAssault)

New IP: I think we get a small peak, maybe just a few second teaser and a title screen for whatever the quad A developer in Santa Monica is working on. My guess is a third person action game. I think MS really wants their Uncharted / Spider Man / Horizon Zero Dawn / Last of Us / Ghosts of Tsushima type franchise and I think this will be the studio to give that to them.

Overall, that seems like a rather predictable show, so maybe a few that I expect to see (Gears Pop, Sea of Thieves DLC etc) don’t make it and we get some other new games. Anyways, what do you think?

*I’d also throw out there that I think MS is going to reveal the purchase of another studio. There was a supposed leak from Neogaf that said MS would purchase Relic Entertainment (who’s currently making Age of Empires 4) and sure, why not. Makes sense. The leak said they want an RTS developer. I thought they already had one, but maybe I’m mistaken. Either way, I think it would give MS the Warhammer franchise, possibly?

I think they could also pick up another studio, and while that leak suggested IO Interactive, I think they’re probably perfectly happy being independent for now. Nah, I’ll guess Sumo Digital. They worked with MS on Crackdown 3 and while that doesn’t seem like it was much of a success, they have a working relationship and they’re a rather exceptional cart racing developer, so I could see MS picking them up for something like that or as a support studio or for a new IP.

I think the leaker from NeoGaf suggested Platinum as a possible studio MS would purchase, as they’re still close in spite of Scalebound. That seems rather far fetched to me.

Last one I’ll throw out there, which would be amazing, but would probably never happen: Mistwalker. Does MS have any RPG studios? I don’t believe so, but I could be wrong. If they do, then they definitely don’t have a JRPG studio, and Mistwalker would give them one with a nice pedigree. They developed Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for the 360, the Last Guardian for the Wii, and they’ve been mostly doing IOS/Android games since then, but I’d have to think that with MS behind them, they could do more (if they wanted to).


This list is as good as any. Somehow the joy of speculation has kind of gone out of it for me. I’m just kind of certain that 12 of the games will have no appeal to me, lol.

I don’t know if they have another RTS developer or not. I don’t understand the point of them collecting all these developers and then not making games though. If they buy relic it’s still going to be at least a couple of years before anything comes out of it.

As far as Warhammer, that franchise is the IP of Games Workshop, which is a UK based tabletop company (maybe you know this) that pretty much exists only to sell stupidly expensive miniatures for the tabletop game as well as all the accessories you need to put them together and paint them. The point being Relic is at best a licensee of the property but more likely just contracted by Games Workshop to make Dawn of War games. In any case it’s unlikely that any license Relic has for Warhammer would be transferable to MS if they acquired Relic.

Ah good point. I should’ve known that. Well, the clear message though would be that Relic is presumably rather good at what they do, even if they almost assuredly wouldn’t be allowed to do it with the IP they’ve worked on for so long. Maybe MS hands them Halo Wars and says “hey, go nuts if you want, or create your own if you want” perhaps?

Granted, I can’t imagine Halo Wars being insanely high on their to do list of franchises that have to keep going, but who knows. If they want to fill out as many genres as they can, well, this could be one to scratch off the list for them, I suppose.

I’d still like to see them go after some other genres like platformers, JRPGs, fighting games, etc. I doubt they try to bring Blinx or Tao Feng back, but maybe they decide to develop Killer Instinct 4 in house or start another fighting franchise to go with KI? Maybe they take another stab at the mascot adventure type games and either bring Banjo or Conker back or try to come up with something new?

I hear on the “12 of them will have no appeal to me” part. I have zero interest in Halo, Gears, Age of Empires, the Motorsport line of Forza games, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, and even that leaked game doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in. Battltoads could be good, but hopefully it doesn’t have that art style from the small teaser we got last year or the year before or whatever.

I’m just hoping for some awesome surprises. MS purchases Sega, MS purchases Mistwalker, Lost Odyssey 2, a revival of the Inside Pitch franchise so Xbox finally has a baseball game again, a new MechAssault or Crimson Skies or Kameo or whatever. Killer Instinct 4 would be amazing, but a new fighting game IP or the annoncement of an exclusive fighter like a new Darkstalkers or a new Virtua Fighter would also be awesome.

Just a few cool things to make me excited for the end of this generation and perhaps the start of the next. Of course, I’m absolutely NOT expecting any of this. I’m fully prepared to come out of E3 with Ori and the Will of the Wisps being the only game I’m excited for in terms of MS exclusives. I hope that’s not the case, but if it were, then so be it. MS would just have a lot of work to do at E3 2020 to get me on board for their next system lol.


I keep buying gears games even though I don’t enjoy them that much. I got the first one because coop story mode was a novelty but I play with my brother and he doesn’t really attack it in the spirit it’s intended, lol.

I think MechAssault is a reasonable possibility. It’s been rumored for a while and it’s a franchise that is probably due for a revival.

As far as Halo Wars, I was surprised it got one sequel so maybe they really want to keep it as a franchise.

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Speaking of Gears, one day I stopped buying FPSs and open world games altogether. Even though a few of my all-time favorite games (GoldenEye, Turok, GTA4,…) are part of these two genres, in general I don’t enjoy playing them as much as I used to. Occasionally I do end up buying one for cheap but it’s actually a bit of a waste as I rarely install them.

Gears is one so far that I have been able to resist buying or playing. Killzone, made by devs from my home country, is another series I never played despite being a popular launch title on PS4. I think they’re all quality games but I noticed how I enjoy the genre less than I thought (except for the occasional one like DOOM which I got just for the soundtrack).

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One game I really hope to see is a port of The Tetris Effect to Steam/Vive. I really, really, really want to play it, but not so badly that I’d drop another…what…$500? $600?.. for a PS4 and PSVR combo.

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Yeah I haven’t enjoyed a Gears game since the first one, but I do think they’re well made games in general, I’m just not super hyped on the “shoot weapon repeatedly until thing dies” genre. It’s kinda repetitive to me in general, even if some enemies require different strategies and different guns make you change things up a bit etc.

As far as Halo Wars goes, it’s just not my thing. Props to RTS fans who get games they enjoy. It’s just not a genre I’ve ever cared about, but if MS feels the need to fill that hole with content, I see nothing wrong with that.

A new MechAssault would be awesome. That was easily one of my favorite series on the OG Xbox. Of course, I worry they’ll try and switch genres for it or do something unnecessarily weird with it like make it F2P and sell mechs separately or make it all first person or whatever, but hopefully they can just make a really cool evolution of the original concepts and go from there.

I played Dune 2, which was the first RTS game I’m aware of. It was an amazing game for the time an I kept following the genre for a while after that. The original command and conquer was great. I dabbled in age of empires but I really loved Age of Mythology. It had a cool variation in AoE and also appeared around the time in home wireless networking became a thing. So you could realistically play online without wanting to jump out the window. Mostly I learned from that experience that I would rather play RTS games against the computer, lol.

It’s a genre that I can still appreciate and might even have some fun with. But it’s tough for me to sit down for hours and learn the skill trees. And console controls are still not the best way to play.