Annual E3 speculation thread

So, E3 is coming up and I’ve seen a few people start speculating about what’s going to be there and what’s not. I figured I might as well start a thread. Go nuts boys and girls. Tell us your predictions, hopes, dreams or nightmares.

I know there’s a lot of new hardware speculation going on. We will see but if he kind of surprised if we heard too much about Ms’s plans for next gen. Unless it really will launch next year. I wouldn’t be surprised though to hear a lot of buzzword filled talk about the cloud and the future of streaming games.

Looking at the fighting game space, I would be surprised to see too much. But if I was to dream I would say this would be a great time for Capcom to drop a trailer for a new Darkstalkers. I think it’s too early for the next street fighter and there isn’t going to be a new MvCi. They would generate great buzz by doing it especially if it releases for current gen hardware.

As far as the rest of the world, I expect a ton of VR. I’m still not sold on this technology but judging by the number of impending and competing hardware releases - this is the year VR either takes off or crashes and burns. I think it’s kind of telling that the “killer” software is still a bunch of “can you believe this is happening in VR?!?” Stuff that looks like tech demos to me. And then Beat Saber. My own view is that VR is cool, but it’s a novelty. Most novelties are best when shared with a group of novices, but VR is singularly ill suited to doing that. It’s for single players alone in a large space. And like 3D TVs and Kinect before it, VR isn’t going to be the best way to play single player games. Hopefully I’m wrong because I would love to see what vr looks like in 5 years. But I still don’t really see it.

-No hardware news, maybe just a teaser, but nothing relevant
-Battletoads gameplay
-News about From Software’s new game
-Luckily, some Perfect Dark reboot

Thats what I expect. Not much hype this year, to be honest

I don’t expect to see anything KI related, but would love to be wrong


I forgot to mention that I don’t think a KI announcement is likely. But like you I would be thrilled to be wrong.

I forgot about battletoads. If we don’t see some gameplay for that then the game is dead. I’d say that’s a 50/50 possibility but it’s equally likely they stand up and say “and Battletoads is available now.”

It’s interesting that you mention you aren’t expecting much. I’m not either. But historically, the end of a console cycle is when the absolute best games show up. If you look at what’s in the pipeline now I just don’t see it. So either the console cycle isn’t as close to being over as people think or we’re about to buck that trend.


im looking forward to the cyberpunk 2077 show thats coming. im hoping for release date news even if its going to be revealed for the year 2020-2021. id rather they give us a game thats as clean as possible, than rush it out the door in 2019. thats really all im looking forward to, im just going to watch the show and enjoy it best i can. but here is a wishlist anyway

-new streets of rage demo
-more info on metroid (doubtful, they just restarted it)
-next gen armored core would be nice but thats a pipe dream
-more ghost of tsushima gameplay
-killer instinct 2020? maybe? next gen console

  • capcom maybe having some balls for a change and going a different way. new gargoyle’s quest, or revisiting their other IPs
    -sega reveals in light of their survey they sent out. altered beast, phantasy star online, maybe even a new panzer dragoon?
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If VR really becomes a thing then this series would be high on my list of series that might be a good one to make the jump.

I want to see some more of Death Stranding, what unleashed Kojima has to offer

agreed, i think it would be way awesome as well. or a mech game like armored core, or that old school Virtual On arcade game from sega. unfortunately for me, because i have vertigo i dont think VR will ever be something i can do for a long period of time without getting the spins. pretty odd though, i can sit in a car slicing corners drifting at 100% throttle and come out fine. but games like ghost recon with hitching FPS rates, or 1st person shooter games with crazy head bob like wolfenstein and im done. i think its probably the G-forces throwing my inner ear back into balance from the shifting of the car lololol

You’re actually right about the motion sickness. You get motion sickness playing games when the visual input doesn’t match up with your other senses. This confuses your brain because your inner ear is giving you different feedback than your eyes. But your inner ear itself is not messed up at all. You get motion sickness in the real world from basically shaking up your inner ear and not giving it a chance to recover it’s orientation. I imagine racing a car is relatively long series of forces that your brain can grapple with. Also, if you are prone to motion sickness in a car it’s always worse when you are a passenger than when you are a driver.

Yeah I’m hoping to see as little VR as possible. Tried it out a few months ago and wasn’t impressed. I don’t think the tech is there yet to make it a robust and worthwhile gameplay experience, and probably won’t be for a long time.

Anyway as far as big guys go… I want to see more of the games Nintendo is lining up the rest of 2019 with for Switch, specifically Astral Chain and Luigi’s Mansion 3. And I especially want to see at least a gameplay reveal trailer for Bayonetta 3, and the word on if Hideki Kamiya is directing it or not. The alleged revised models they’re planning for the Switch system would nice to see, too. Also I would LOVE to see the HD Zelda remasters and Pikmin 3 finally get ported to Switch like most other of their major Wii U games have already.

I’m not sure what I want to see out of MS specifically besides their new console and a next-gen Killer Instinct. Maybe see the Phantom Dust reboot get revived, and a Fable reboot too since I always thought that series could be amazing in the right hands. Could also go for a tease of whatever Obsidian and Ninja Theory may be working on for them. Sony’s out of E3 for now so I’m not even gonna bother hoping for anything there, though I would like to get more news on TLOU2 and Ghosts of Tsushima.

Third-party titles I want to see more of are Cyberpunk, MH Iceborne, DOOM Eternal, the new Wolfenstein, and the new Shovel Knight expansions with a release date. Sorta hoping for a Street Fighter 6 announcement too. Ugh… my wallet and free time have had no mercy these past few years.

yeah, ever since i got it certain games are no fly zones for me now as a result. but something like doom 2015 and im fine, because the way it moves is smooth without that stupid head bob going everywhere. quake champions is also the same, i can play that one all day long with no problems. i am hoping they dont overdo any motions with cyberpunk 2077.

youre also correct that as a passenger you feel everything worse, which is what i did to see what would happen. since i came out ok i know ill be able to drive for sure later this year. i also found an exercise to fix my vertigo too, and it worked wonders. so there is that, would suck if i did all that work building something and i cant even use it for what it was meant for. lol

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I don’t think this is necessarily a make or break time for VR, as I think many in the industry still see it as being in its infancy more or less. For comparison, I see roughly the second generation of VR starting to roll out with smaller headgear and less wires and what not… To me, generation-wise, that’s like the jump between Atari and Nintendo.

That said, Atari had Donkey Kong and Nintendo had Mario, Mega Man, Zelda, Castlevania and a whole bunch of other must-have titles. VR still doesn’t have any killer aps or experiences that are so good and so unique in VR that experiencing it without a headset would be a massive downgrade. I’ve heard Resident Evil 7 VR is really good, but that’s about it, and that’s not exactly the Mario level game VR needs.

Yeah, I’m kinda wishy washy on this, on one hand, I think VR has a TON of untapped potential to provide unique experiences that are simply better when you feel as though you’re in the world than simply watching it on TV. But while I still believe that whole infancy aspect of it, I have to wonder how much longer corporations are going to keep pumping money in to potential, when reality is still a lot like how Andy describes it with these games.

I hope it succeeds, but I can’t imagine myself jumping in to that pool until there’s too many reasons to ignore it any longer.

As for my E3 predictions for Microsoft:

The show opens with an obvious candidate to more or less get it out of the way. Forza Motorsport 8 is revealed and it’s coming to XB1 this fall.

Gears of War 5 and Gears Tactics double vignette. Gears 5 is coming this fall and Gears tactics is coming in early 2020.

Ori 2 is shown off and given an early December release date which will kick off a new winter of arcade.

The Last Night resurfaces with new gameplay footage, but no release date is given.

Cyberpunk 2077 footage, but no release date given.

Mortal Kombat 11 DLC trailer showing off the third character, which will be Terminator (I think the second one is shown at Combo Breaker this weekend).

Microsoft unveils Scarlet, but not the price or the power or the release date so Sony can’t undermine them on the very same day like they love to do. They show a box, they talk about the cloud and the future, maybe reveal the name, and show a sizzle reel before giving us a “Fall 2020” window, which leads in to:

Fable 4 is revealed at the end and it’s a Scarlet launch title.

Phil Spencer’s “just one more thing” announcement: They’ve purchased another studio and it’s Nippon Ichi, makers of the Disgaea series. Yes, that’s not a genre MS has done much with, but I think they’re going to try and cover more genres in the next generation.

Okay, now for the “even less likely than anything I mentioned above” crazy town predictions:

We finally see what Rocksteady has been working on.

We find out that yes, George R.R. Martin and From Software are collaborating and a Souls-esque AAA Game of Thrones title is revealed on the Xbox stage, but it’s super early in development so it’s basically a title screen and a small tease like Sekiro got when it was first revealed.

Killer Instinct 4 revealed. Honestly, I think if it happens it’ll be at E3 2020, but here’s hoping!

Rare announces a new game for both Scarlet and XB1 and it’ll be from one of the following franchises: Banjo (most likely), Perfect Dark (possible, but MS already has that genre covered with Halo and Gears), Viva Pinata (long shot), Kameo (highly doubtful) or Conker (I just don’t see MS giving this character a game).

Lost Odyssey 2 revealed. Hey, so that’s why @TempusChaoti went to Japan! He was talking to Sakaguchi about their magical new collaboration which will yield a turn-based sequel to one of the all-time best JRPGs and one of the best Xbox titles ever released! No? I’m crazy and that’s never going to happen? YOU’LL SEE! THEY’LL ALL SEE!! :smile: …But yeah that’s probably not happening lol.

Ninja Theory unveils a spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword for Scarlet. Another one that’ll happen in 2020 if it happens at all, but hey, MS has all the attention on them this E3, why not go big?

Microsoft announces that it has purchased Sega and when they unveil the Scarlet, they tell us the real name is the Xbox Dreamcast, or X-Cast for short. Hey, stop laughing. Okay, so this isn’t even remotely going to happen, but if MS wanted some fan nostalgia and a ton of quality properties to make updates for in the next generation, they could do a lot worse.

As for Nintendo, I have far less ideas:

Metroid Prime Trilogy reveal

Mario Maker 2 briefly shown

More info and character reveals for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

More on Astral Chain

More on Pokémon Sword and Shield

Smash Ultimate DLC announced

Crazy predictions:

Breath of the Wild sequel announced and it’s in the vein of Majora’s Mask

Metroid Prime 4 resurfaces.

A new F-Zero is announced

It’s not that I disagree with you. But if no one has come up with a compelling idea for a game that is simply not worth it without VR by now, do you really think we are going to see it? I think this is “the moment” for VR because it’s moving out of the niche market, work in progress, development space and into major market, big product launch territory. I think the wire free oculus quest is a huge deal because most people don’t want to buy a $1000 pc to play motion games with a wire coming out of their head. But so far, the selling points are a “you are in the scene with Darth Vader!” Interactive movie experience. And beat saber. And I think best saber is awesome but it’s awesome the same way rock band or DDR is awesome. Not in a “this establishes a new, genre changing platform
That will be copied for years to come.” I thought the idea of spaceship simulators was fantastic. X-Wing VR? That seems worth a try. But it hasn’t gone anywhere.

I’d be happy to be wrong. But I just don’t think the gameplay is going anywhere. And I doubt enough people are willing to pay $400 for a pornographer viewer that vr headsets are going to become ubiquitous.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Doom Eternal
Kombat Pack 1 for Mortal Kombat 11
Killer Instinct 4 OR KI Season 4


Uuuu I forgot Cyberpunk

Yeah, I really want to see that one.

Also, more info about Kombat Pack please(if we don’t get something in Combo breaker)

I’m not expecting much because:
-AAA industry has been pretty weak lately. RDR 2, DBZF, Sekiro and MK 11, great games, but besides them, lots of dissapointing. The last Battlefield/Battlefront, Anthem, Crackdown… too many letdowns. Until MS unveils a truly interesting exclusive, I’m not hyped about them, although I like how MS is handling everything(compared to how the One was launched)

-I’m older and busier than before. Busy to play multiple games, I tend to focus in 1 or 2 games at the time, buying around 2 per year. And older and grumpy about my expectations. I don’t get hyped as easily as before, so I just see what I can get now, not 2 years in advance. Just got MK without preorder because I wasn’t sure about it, it’s a prime example about this

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I wouldn’t say AAA has been weak lately, especially compared to the beginning of the X1/PS4 generation. There’s also been RE2make, DMC5, Spider-Man, Smash Bros, Division 2, Mega Man 11, God of War etc that have all released in around the past year. Sure there’s also been several disappointments, but most of those have fairly clear common denominators. Still a decent deal of releases to come too until the next wave of consoles.

RE2 remake: Not interested in remakes
DMC and MM11: Ok
Spiderman, Smash, GOW: not in xbox, not interested
Division 2: Didn’t liked Division 1, not interested

Of course there are some goods games being released, but they are just not in my radar, which was pretty wide previously, but nowadays is pretty narrow.

I meant that the industry has been pretty weak to me about being efficient in the games that I historically look for. I’m dissapointed about how some studios(Bioware, Telltale…) didn’t meet my expectations with their titles

Yeah I don’t personally have a dog in the race, I just want it to be what we imagine it could be when we think about “the future” and virtual reality and all that stuff. I’d love for it to be the type of thing that really puts you in to a compelling world and knows how to include you in unique and interesting ways. I just don’t think we’re anywhere near that yet. We’re still in the novelty phase, where you can do some fun things (like Beat Saber), but that’s about it.

I think VR will ultimately sink or swim on whether there’s something past the novelty, another level they can get to where the possibilities and the theoretical potential of the technology are far more realized. If it’s just going to remain a minigame machine, like Kinect or Move or whatever, then yeah, there’s no future for it.

We’ve seen enough novelty acts and we’ve watched enough of them provide a few fun experiences and a whole lot of mediocre experiences, without anything that’s truly transcendent and revolutionary to the point where the tech cuts its own path toward long term viability. It just hasn’t happened yet. Will VR do it? Can it do it? I think we’re at the point now where the technology is getting closer to our imaginations. The only real limitation is on the developers and what they’re able to do to harness it to its fullest.

I agree that we’re getting toward the make or break point, though I’m not convinced that here, at this E3, is VRs last stand. Of course, it certainly could give us some insight in to the long term viability of VR as a medium, especially if the games are just more tech demo / shovelware crap. We’ll see.

i saw a post on youtube from some cyberpunk 2077 fan that runs a channel covering the game, who got invited to their “behind closed doors e3 presentation”. this worries me now, does this mean we arent going to see anything at all? or are we just going to get another trailer, perhaps a bit more lengthy compared to the last? it would really suck if the new gameplay they have is not shown to everyone, just to a private audience and then we gotta wait until august or september again. :\

I would start tempering expectations. CD Projekt Red is sort of an untouchable darling that we aren’t supposed to speak ill of because they haven’t angered fans with microtransactions. But they take a long time to make their games. I’m not a fan of the Witcher games but clearly the time they put in shows in the final product. It’s iust that the downside is the game isn’t ready to be played and they are probably smart to frustrate people now rather than dumping resources into a playable demo that will be cut/downgraded/changed in the final version and then frustrate people when the game launches. They have announced it won’t be playable. So I would expect a demo for select audiences - like last year, and then a trailer for the show.

all valid points, i think after seeing that i will be expecting less from this year’s presentation. your reasoning with frustrating people now rather than later, which can go up to launch day and thus be more critical, is also sound. its interesting still, CDPR has been saying this year was to be their “most important E3” and then this word of a private show comes out. this gave many, myself included, the impression that we are going to see a whole lot more in june.

while it may be true it’ll be the most important, its not in the way people think (which is perhaps a big show complete with new gameplay, release date announcements, etc). they are probably going to do a private show to see how their new changes are going to impact that particular audience. word has been that cyberpunk has been changed alot ever since that 45min gameplay video we saw last year. they were quite nervous with last year’s gig, it may be so again for whatever it is they have been doing.

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