Annoying things other people do

After playing online for a while now, I decided to go ahead and post up this thread to ask a simple question: What are some annoying things people do or say to you? Do they play their characters a certain way? Do they camp? What grinds your gears? Let it all out, good therapy XD

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If you’re referring to things people do in KI that makes you mad there is already a thread for that that’s been going strong for a week or so now:

If you’re just talking about anything, there is one thing my wife does, and this is about the only thing I’ll ever complain about her to anyone other than her, but when she gets sleepy it’s like she had a complete personality change and that said personality wants to do nothing but sleep and is ready and willing to do or say anything in order to get her curled up in bed snoring. Laundry can be piled up all over the house, dishes overflowing, the house a complete disaster, planning some “alone time” flooding, earthquakes, dogs & cats living together, mass hysteria…doesn’t matter. Once that switch flips, the only thing that matters is her being unconscious. It’s so bad, sometimes when I call her on the way home from work late at night, when she’s talking to me she’ll fall asleep mid-sentence while talking to me. When I hang up, she’ll call back, “I wasn’t asleep.” “You were snoring over the phone.” “I was? Sorry…I’m awake now.”…and 2 sentences later she’s right back to snoring. You would think that someone that is aware of a problem like this would take steps towards preventing it…such as stand up, walk around, get a drink if water…maybe some coffee… but this “other personality” has her so thoroughly convinced that she can simply will her way through it…while lying in bed, curled up under a blanket, with her eyes closed.

TL;DR my wife seems like she has a split personality, and the other personality only ever cares about sleeping.

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Well, in KI, I don’t play people online anymore after listening to people fling expletives of all manner at me for the way I played Glacius in season one. It’s unfortunate, since I kinda think I’d be a better player if I wasn’t playing the AI all the time, but that’s alright.

As for things that people do in general that annoy me, I’d say:

-People that use speaker phone around other people.
-Coughing without covering your mouth.
-Not washing your hands when you leave a public restroom.
-People that think about their response more than listening to what the other person is saying in a two way conversation.

I could keep going, but I’ll stop there. Better to keep this light lol.


So by any chance does your wife have narcolepsy aka “nap attacks”?

I honestly don’t know if it is narcolepsy or not. It doesn’t usually happen mid day.

*looks up symptoms of narcolepsy

no, that’s not it.

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