Annihilation move is OP. take it out


Its probably too good. Staggering Cross-Up? Yet Riptor’s body slam was OP smh




I actually have no idea what this post is saying lol. You agree with my sarcasm or you took me out of context?


Actually it doesn’t really matter whether it’s an overhead or not. No one gets caught trying to block it low - they get caught blocking the wrong way. So the fact that it is a mid is sort of moot - although I suppose you can argue it makes defense against his slide more reliable since you can block low.

In either case, not knowing where the heck he is going to be at any given moment is certainly a much bigger problem than Annihilation in this matchup. Frankly, I love it when a Shago wastes his instinct on this easily avoidable and pretty punishable move. There are a few things you can’t do during Shago’s instinct if you want to avoid it, but those are things you probably shouldn’t be doing anyway, so overall it just isn’t that big of a deal.


I would assume you have a lot of experience in this department, Marble… No?

Riptor with Resets is OP. Seriously. People sleep on the dinosaur.

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Eh - honestly it’s too early in the season to tell. I don’t want to make statements with the shadows of S2 in mind - she had a LOT of bad MUs in S2, we’ll just have to see how the season unfolds.

I don’t however feel like she has any particular tool in her toolset that I would describe as OP.

Anyway - no more off topic dinosaur talk. This thread is about Annihilation not being OP :wink: (honestly surprised it’s still active this far past Shago’s release).


Lol. Of course. Sorry for taking it off topic.

But back on topic, I’ve been hitting Dark Rollerskates™ a lot more now. Since it’s a throw, can it be command Grabbed? Like a Call of the Earth or something?

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Hmmm - Possession could beat it in S2, but I’m not too sure after the S3 change to Possession.


Possession would lose as it is now a throw and annihilation is throw invulnerable. Influence would likely also lose as annihilation has a long throw invulnerable period which actually outlasts the active frames (which is why two Shago’s can annihilate at each other and nothing happens).

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Given that, CoTE is right-out.

Best to just jump backward, LOL


Always best to jump backwards, 100% of the time!

Don’t even do a jumping attack on the way down, either.

Even the floatiest of characters can land and get a full grounded punish starting with heavy button xx shadow opener. This is your best option all the time and there is no circumstance where you wouldn’t want to do it.


You jump or low kick.


Or if you’re omen with full shadow, demonic despair.


Oh man, I hope I see that some day. That would be hilarious.

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High levels of salt right there.

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Demonic despair is a throw, and annihilation is active for an obscene amount of time. I think he’d have to have started pretty far away from you, otherwise the annihilation would just keep on trucking until DD was done and hit anyway.


That’s what I mean - it would be a comedy of errors that just so happened to work out. A “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” scenario.


Demonic despair gets I-frames now. Was in the patch notes.


HAHA that’s funny.


I know. But pretty sure Annihilation is active for considerably longer. If you started them up at the same time (or even did DD in reaction to Annihilation startup), I’m pretty sure Shago would win the exchange. It’d look crazy awkward, with Shago just skimming beside Omen as he winds up for and eventually releases the DD, but unless Annihilation is a lot less active than I think it is, he’d win any close range trade between the two.