Annihilation move is OP. take it out


No punish from the air needed, you can just land and hit him! Even Glacius with his floaty jump has enough time to land and use a fierce normal to start a combo.

Basically, it amounts to jumping always being the best option. It works in all situations, for all characters, is not risky (holding up-back requires no timing), and gives you the highest damage punish.


Great video. You have a good voice for narration and a great sense of humor. I think someone should put the phrase “practice safe neutral” on a t-shirt. Well done.

This is, of course, true. But it doesn’t have the impact of showing people all the different things you can be doing on purpose or by accident that will stuff annihilation. Especially when you have people, without any logical support or rationale saying things like this:

Yes, the move is so OP that pretty much every jab in the game stuffs it as long as you aren’t lip locked with Shago or committed to some punishable move in neutral which in KI ALWAYS means you are going to eat at least 20% likely much higher.

This is an aesthetic argument, which is perfectly legitimate. But it has nothing to do with the move being overpowered.

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unsafest move for Shadow Jago, OP calls move op… yea ok. come back when you learn to neutral jump.


Can you be grabbed out of your pre-jump frames? I was testing the punishes annihilation can hit against Jago and if I did medium windkick and then held up I would get annihilated, but if I did medium windkick and DP the DP would beat out annihilation.


No, pre-jump frames are not throwable. Medium wind kick is safe against annihilation.

You just likely weren’t holding up long enough on your training mode dummy (make sure he jumps like 4 or 5 times during your recording, so that he doesn’t stop jumping during the freeze when you play it back).


Its not about whats avoidable - its about whats unavoidable…

The move itself is just ok but as a punish tool it is extremely good maybe the best punish tool right now.

You have plenty of time to whiff punish and block punish a lot of moves.


Absolutely true, but I’ve personally gotten rather fond of simply sitting on top of Shago with instinct and doing a heavy possession. I amuses me to see them pop instinct and then annihilation their way into a bone crunching. It’s the little things in life… :smile:

And yes, well aware that against someone who understands the properties of the move that I’m basically begging to get hit with a delayed one on my recovery frames. But it’s just too much fun to stop :-p


I’ve been leveling him up to 50 recently since i got color 10 with his figure. I’m at 34 right now and seem to be winning most of my fights. I will agree that the move is a little too good. I have something like an 85% success rate on getting people with it because popping instinct gives you a second to react and if people are in the air when you do it you can kinda aim it. The problem i see with it is that it really doesn’t let me us his actual instinct which i think is a really cool one when i can cash it in for 48% that people seem to be having a hard time getting out of. I think it needs to be moved into a shadow move. Make it like akumas raging demon, have it cost the entire shadow meter and do like 35% dmg instead. That way i can use his neat little instinct tricks, and if i use surge moves often then you won’t see the move as much as i’m using up the meter you need to do it in the first place.


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if u use a reset then pull it off their is a chance if u reset at the wrong time the enemy can combo break mout of ur annihilation and i learnt this on suvival mode against arbiter recently


Annihilation…that’s not the problem. It’s all these damn teleports. Why is this character even a thing? This is what happens when the community wants something…

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I wouldn’t worry about Annihilation as much as I would worry about Shackles. Shackles has by far WAY more potential than Annihilation. We’re talking potentially four shadow moves in ONE combo, damage that will be MORE than 48%. Using Annihilation as a whiff punish, or just to grab that free damage is fine. I’d rather use shackles over annihilation, I’ll take the free 48% only when it is a guarantee, but no one really talks about how big of a deal the shackles are. You’re really looking at a smaller fear with Annihilation, I’ll eat that over potentially an entire life bar any day.

In regards to whether or not it’s OP, I wouldn’t say Annihilation is. However, I do understand why people can call this an unfair tool. But in time I think you’ll see that Shackles is the thing to fear the most.

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shackles is scary lol, but because of the Killer Instinct combo system I think it’s balanced. Shackles had POTENTIAL, but it hasnt been abused so I don’t see it being a level 9 threat.


On an unrelated note, I was watching the Discord Discourse KI stream, i wanted to see if i could join in sometime. do you know anything?


Shago shouldnt get a full combo from an overhead-cross-up-frame-trap that staggers. His moves are too fast for me. Fighting him 200x and you’ll get use to it. Then you dont fight him 3-5 matches and suddenly he’s to fast and high & low and left & right.


I know that feeling all too well… :expressionless:


He doesn’t have that Mith, his divekick is a mid.


Was just about to say that thank you.

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YOU SURE?? :cry::cry:!!


Absolutely, it’s certainly good but not an overhead.