Annihilation move is OP. take it out


Only way to find out.


absolutely, you should be able to get into the channel via this link an they intend to do tournaments i believe biweekly. I’m not sure if they set that in stone yet. But they don’t want to interfere with 8bbd or KI Pro League. Check it out! sorry for the late reply though

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I joined man.


I don’t find Annihilation OP at all. In fact it has to be one of the dumbest ways to lose your Instinct. 90% of the Shagos I fight give up SO much potential and Shago mix up power to slowly creep towards me with that move. The only time I’ve seen it used effectively is during a combo to finish me off. That is sadly only 1% of the time.

I’ve beaten it with standing normals. Neutral jumps, Heavy Widows Bite… ect ect ect.

It’s flashy, but a complete waste of Instinct in most cases.

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It’s a shame that Shago players just toss it out whenever. I’ve mained him since he launched and I feel like Shago’s Demon is more of a psychological move. If you can land it 100% of the time by baiting throws and grabs, you’re pretty much saying “I can hit you however, whenever I want.”

Naturally your opponent will likely switch to a more defensive playstyle and you can start hitting them with Shago’s great mixups.

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I only use Annihilation as a punish for when the opponent does something stupid in neutral. It’s nice to have some guaranteed damage for a really hard punish. Like a lot of his tools, you really don’t wanna just throw it out.
That’s why I kinda gravitate towards a more defensive Shago when I play him. He’s really unsafe, but his options for punishing are really quick and can often hit from surprising angles.


im more surprised someone revived a thread that was dead for 4 months…


Best feeling is never popping Instinct until you catch your opponent throwing some dumb ■■■■ out (is: raw Heavy Wind Kick after fireball) and immediately super that. That freeze frame really makes me feel all “Aw yeah. That just happened”. One bar of instinct is pretty small in comparison to about 50% unbreakable punish.


The only people who fall for demon are bad players. :stuck_out_tongue:

what people dont realize is, the demons 48% damage isnt comparable to the 78%~ damage combo he can do when shago instinct cancels. Its like Fulgore’s hypebeam, its more for intimidation than anything.


your joking right? maybe u just haven’t done your homework. go to lab. do your homework, oak nuggins??


This move has 3 frames of startup if I remember correctly, which means you can light DP it or jump out of it on POINT BLANK RANGE.

There are two reasons you get hit by this move:
1.You did some unsafe stuff and got punished
2.You’ve been lazy on learning frame data and didn’t realize how weak this move is.

Seriously, this move is as overrated as TJ’s last stand and scrubs use it because it’s flashy. You should actually be glad that opponent wasted his resources.

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