And the PC download is live!

Microsoft owns almost a 1/3 of the worlds Internet badwidth. I really doubt it’s a bandwidth issue.

Can anyone confirm whether SLI is supported ?

Got you, KI fam.

NOW my issue is, it downloaded, installed, and when I start it up, I press start. It goes to check DLC, and then crashes to the desktop.

This happens in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 14295. It happens on my Surface Pro 3 and my Dell XPS 8500.

I logged into my Xbox One version before opening the Win 10 version to ensure all my stuff carries over.

Any more work arounds? :frowning:

i have the same problem. Not a fix but if you log out of the xbox app you can play offline.

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You’re getting what you signed up for, the privilege of beta testing something that’s supposed to break

And if the official answer is, we don’t support anything other than the official release of Windows 10, then so be it. But until I get that answer, I will assume they want to know, since in a few months we’ll all be on this new build of Windows.

i stopped doing preview builds back in the Windows 7 days because of crap like this. Nobody officially recognizes or supports any build until a few months after final release. It’s maddening as an end-user. Hope you don’t have to kill your system to play the game, good luck

Yeah. There’s always some… fun to deal with on preview builds. I don’t mind 'cause it’s my job and I like playing with this stuff.

If the answer is nuke and restart, I’ll be sad, but I guess that’s the answer. I’ll nuke my desktop to play, but my Surface Pro 3 is just going to stay where it is regardless.

Well there is no xbox thread so I’l post it here. How long should this take? Mine started 2 hours ago and it’s at 9%. Is there like past 50% it speeds up or something? I honestly think it shouldn’t take that long.

It varies from place to place and time to time etc. i guess

I’ve seen reports of it going super fast for some, and super slow for others, both on Windows and Xbox

Servers getting overloaded maybe?

how big is the download? I’ve gone past the originally advertised 21 gb or so and am up to 27gb and counting

I have the same problem!!!

My Win 10 download stopped at 21 GB.

My Xbox One hit 28 I think before it was done.

Sigh. I was up to 33. Thanks, just cancelled and restarted my slow ■■■ 2hour download. Probably had to do with my internet going down halfway through. Fun times

Well, I was plesantly surprised…Have a GTX 645 & an i3-4130, 8GB ram…& it still runs the game fine…I mean I can’t put the game on very high settings, but it’ll run just fine…& surprisingly it doesn’t look too bad for being on low settings.
I do the same on SFV…man does that game get ugly…

I fixed the issue, and posted a more detailed explanation of the problem and solution in this thread.

have a similar experience with a gtx 660 and a 2.6 gHz processor. I’m running 1080p, turned everything else off except anti-alias and shadow quality and motion blur, only because those three actually seem to make a difference visually (good thing we can toggle them in a paused match to see if they actually make a difference!). I barely made the performance test cut at 1017, lol.

I had a few online games last night playing Arbiter was it you lagging the game out…lol
U wish people would stop trying to play this game with low end PC’s/calculator and causing LAG.

Can IG add in somewhere on the multiplayer where I can choose to play only XB1 players when searching for a match unless there is one already!

nobody will see me online for a few days/weeks, and definitely not using arbiter. I have no doubt your low-end x1 was having trouble keeping up with the master race though, :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: