And the PC download is live!

Now the wait begins… :v

Link to store page:

It still says not available for me!!!

Why do bad things happen to good people??

Tried closing down the store and opening it?

That did it for me =)

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Also the XB1 version is on the store now downloading on my Xbox. 21GB is huge.

It’s available in the UK I’m downloading it now,where are you?

South America, its downloading now!!! OH sweet lord.

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Indeed, seems to be a standard for most game nowadays though.

A reminder for people reading this:

I dunno if MS have fixed/solved this yet, but doing that can result in a complete restart of the download.
Happen back when i was installing Gears of War, so i don’t want that to happen again for me or anyone else :0

Duuuude thank you so much for the common sense. I had my store open for the last hour and kept refreshing, that doesn’t work. Now… Dag the Windows store doesn’t have in-depth settings like Steam to look at rates and manage this download c’mon…


Not up in Japan yet :(. Well whatever time it does allow me to download here I`m ready :smiley:

Changed my region to United States in Windows Settings then opened Windows Store and it let me start the download. Then I changed back to Australia and it resumed download :slight_smile:

2gb’s done!

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hehe, no probs!
Yeah the store is sadly very limited atm. :s

I’m in the states, and no update is showing. Just the prepped game with some missing text to go with it.

Still nothing in Texas… :frowning:

Still not available here in socal. Anybody in socal have any luck?

It;s downloading on my X1 but still not available on PC, I was hoping i could download both at the same time, just bought the combo pack for £16 though been waiting all day! sort of glad I didn’t have work today because i know i would play it much today otherwise.

Anyone know the best way to get it to update on the xbone? Shut down the game completely and wait in the system menu?

Also, YAY IT IS DOWNLOADING ON MY SURFACE BOOK! Now who thinks it has any chance of running well? lol

6gb done here in the UK, come on servers chuck it out faster

that means that current x1 owners are re-downloading the whole game, mostly. A fresh win10 install is 21.7gb

Getting an error from the Windows Store. Shows 0.1 MB of 0.8 MB downloaded, then I get the awesome error:

Try that again
Something went wrong.

The error code is 0x800C0002, in case you need it

Ah… I love the Windows Store… /sarcasm

Well yeah… but they have updated everything so its not like they can just add the patched stuff, since they patched everything. I think the only thing they wouldn’t have patched would be the meshs, and even then mesh’s don’t take up that much data, materials on the other hand can become huge. I’ve had some textures while working in UE3 (back in my college days) and they would be about 50mb each. but thats what you get when you want to make everything 4K resolution to show off XD