And the PC download is live!

I’ve heard of this issue from other people, and they say to keep rebooting the store and it should work (hopefully).
I agree though, the store is not that good :s

I’m glad that, presumably the max pc specs are for pushing 4k, when I can get by perfectly fine with good old 1080p or even 720. should be able to push this game no problem

Anyone in the southern states got a download? Been trying for 35 minutes to get it om XBone.

On PC, yes. On xbone, no.


For those who are in Japan, the W10 version is up to download!

6GB that’s better I was thinking it was 21GB like the PC download.

anyone know how to speed up the slow ■■■ windows store download?

i normally download with 4mb/s but now it seems like 1mb/s

I’m on a 200MB connection and this download is as slow as snail for me.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? My Xbox one downloaded the update just fine.

Error 80070422 here :rolling_eyes:

Edit: Forget it, I had disabled my Windows Update service some days ago. I activated it again and now it’s downloading.

Just busy I guess with thousands of people trying to download season 3,just wait and as it goes along it will speed up.

Ok, I’m downloading the base game now. Where can I buy the Supreme Edition Though. I want to buy it soon so I don’t take the risk of losing the KI bonus Gold.

Sign out of your account and try it again, that worked for me.

Do you mean in the PC version? You have to do that in-game.

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Nothing of my old X1 game (S1/2 Shago) carried over an the store has no prices for the bundles an the only fighter to play with is Riptor.

Turning out to be a ■■■■ experience so far

Yeah, pretty much that. Thank you for the info :smiley:

What is this evil? Not showing me an ETA on the download…

Turned off my xbone, restarted and ran the game. It prompted for the update finally.

I`m still worried how much the Supreme Edition will cost in Yen… (Not sure if it will have a certain price or will convert from US$…)

I have to check that for BRL too, I hope it’s a fixed price.

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That`s what I am hoping too. Hope it does for you!

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