Adding Killer Instinct PC to Steam

Credit to @FarFiX69 for this better method =)

  1. Download this:!L5FmDTZT!bgJsNA9nC0HRYxD8Pj_lzbPKeNdD5VG4P4fkxP3I6Ao

  2. Extract the Zip file to a directory (My Documents is always a good).

  3. In your Steam library, press Add A Game, Non-Steam Game, press Browse, navigate to where you unzipped the files, and click on one of the StoreAppLauncher_x##.exe, press Open, then press Add.

  4. Right click on the shortcut link in Steam, and click Properties. In the top text field, change the name to Killer Instinct. Click on Set Launch Options, and paste in:
    Click Okay, then Close.

And you’re good to go!
See the program here:

(Command Line / .bat Method)

  1. Open Notepad.

  2. Type in: start ms-xbl-multiplayer://

  3. Click File, Save As, then change file format from .txt to all files, and type in Killer Instinct.bat
    Save it to your documents folder for easy access.

  4. Open Steam, go to the bottom left-hand corner, click Add-A-Game, Add A Non-Steam Game, then click any application that pops up.

  5. In your Steam library, go to the application that you just added, right click then press Properties. In the dialog box that pops up, press Change…, then navigate to where you saved the .bat file. Change the file type from Program Files (.) to All Files (.), and click on Killer Instinct.bat, then click on Open. Change the top text field to Killer Instinct, then click close.

Voila! You can now launch KI from Steam! However, you’ll have to manually close the CMD prompt after your done playing.


You sneaky dеvil.

+1 for this, works like a treat, thank you :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, there is a way to auto-close the command prompt that you could add to the end of the file, thought I can’t remember what it is. Interesting observation though. I’ve just pinned it to my taskbar.

Guys, this man is a genius. Bookmarked, shared and tracking. Well done, sir.

I can’t fiddle with this at the moment. Does this mean that my Mac, that doesn’thave Win10 can transfer it to my Mac’s Steam?

And the hacks begin!..just hope the PC community don’t ruin this great game for us XB1 owner’s… I believe Microsoft has made a huge mistake with Xbox exclusives going to PC and especially cross platform play!.

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Do you know a way to auto-close the command prompt?

Don’t just don’t .

There are different hacks and hacks. I heard you xbox players had some “cheaters” going around ranked (lag switchers), so it seems cheaters aren’t coming from PC.

However, coming back to topic, there are 2 types of hacks: the one that modify the aspect of the game aesthetically or make it more functional in a good way (having the game on Steam will make a huge advertisement, hence more people playing it). Somebody would ask me on Steam: what the ■■■■ is KI? And I can do a good advertisement and so this somebody would download the game and contribute to the population.

The second type of hacks are macros or similar ■■■■ that is contributing to shortcuts. For this type, I agree with you that are disruptive. However, considering we have some sort of macros included in the game already (aka combo assist), I think the only serious hack that can cause problems might be an auto-lag switch, but as you’ve read before, they already did this on Xbox.

The game can’t be ruined by PC players contributing to the enflowerement of the game, but from people having prejudices or that want to make their life easier.

I would like to play with you when my PC comes back from the limbo with the 1511 build update. If you’re American, however, I guess we can meet each other only on monstrous times.

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You forgot your /s
If writing ‘hello world’ level batch scripts is hacking for you, I don’t know what to say. You should probably work on your computer proficiency.

I don’t care what you say this is just the start of PC player’s finding hacks to exploit the game this is just the things to come and hope they don’t ruin it for the XB1 players.

wat? This is just to open the game from steam, nothing in game altering. And either way you can just turn off cross play if pc bothers you so what are you complaining about?

Hmm, by adding KI to Steam can we use the Steam Workshop for KI mods?

Alternative way.

No CMD etc.

Link (old)

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This isn’t an exploit or a mod, though; only an alternative way to launch the game. If anything, would only hurt the user not other players.

Errr, no. That’s not how Steam works.

I’ll try it out! if it works and stuff, I’ll put it in the original post and give you credit.

Thanks. Really curious about how it works on other machines and feedback in general. It’s a really simple code ~150 lines but still interesting :slight_smile:

While I also do not want to see any kind of gameplay-related modifications on PC which will allow any sort of cheating, griefing or exploits against opponents (whether the innocent player is on Xbox or PC), I don’t think changing how the game launches is a problem in-and-of-itself.

I also don’t think this is the best way to greet the brand-new PC players to our community, either.


I just hope this doesn’t happen I would hate to loose online match due to another player cheating which would for me ruin the online part of this game.
And I just hope this exploit to make this game run through steam isn’t the start of things to come.

Again, I’m against the same cheating/exploits that you are, and I’ve been playing the game on my X1 since May of 2014.

But we don’t need to fill PC related threads with anti-PC, anti-modding rants, especially less than 24 hours after the Season and PC version launched!