A romance partner for Jago

Jago should have some romance in his life. Jago needs a love interest in the future games.

What about Aganos? He seems like a cuddler. I bet he gives nice hugs.


Riptor x Jago :kissing_heart:

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He’s a monk ffs -.-


He’s a volcel (voluntary celibate), you know, because he’s a monk.

He’s no longer a monk now that he found out he’s been worshipping an evil souls possessing Shadow Lord.

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That’s right!

Celibacy means no sex… but it says nothing about romance.
Though holding hands might be too lewd for him too.

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No because that weird Wiki-ish website someone posted here claiming (in somewhat obsessive detail) that Orchid was Jago’s love interest and wife has permanently sullied the idea of any of the characters in the KI universe having love interests for me, forever.

EDIT:- http://killerinstinct.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:4949

Seriously, wtf is this? Does anybody have mind bleach?

If it wasn’t because this was posted in February 2015, I’d say it was an April Fools joke…

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Jago x Kim

I actually wanted there to be something there between the two, but considering the character re-design and age difference, it became a thing of fanfiction. So unless something sparks within the comics, all we can do is just bare the thought of him romancing someone.


That age difference though…

Don’t make me rant :sweat_smile:. I can still dream all I want… but honestly, it’s cool if Jago remains a monk - for now at least

I could see Jago and Maya being a good couple, perhaps. I mean, just because he’s a monk, it’s not like he can’t have any feelings to try and resist. Maybe they have more of a will they / won’t they thing, but they’re sort of drawn to one another.

Maybe I’m off on this. I’ve been waiting until the 6th comic arrives in the mail before I read them, so maybe she’s spoken for or he’s spoken for. No idea. But I think Kim Wu’s too young, Orchid’s, ya know, related lol, so big negative on that.

I could also picture Jago and Sadira having a thing. Like maybe she’s evil, but has a thing for him, and he’s good and wants her to be good. Kinda one of those dealies.


Reminds more of Bruce and Selena, that’s actually pretty interesting. I could also see the whole Maya thing. Or maybe… bear with me now, maybe… he finds a special place for Riptor.


Get out…now :laughing:




I…kinda like Jago/Sadie, I’m really not sure why but that was the only pairing I’d feel comfortable with upon opening this thread.

Like I can see her getting some sadistic pleasure from tormenting him/trying to corrupt him (though I guess that’s already a thing hence Shadow Jago, but I digress, you can corrupt in other ways) all the while he thinks he sees good in her and tries desperately to save her soul. I can see potential for affection there…star crossed and almost definitely not ending too well, but yes, potential at least.

With Maya it’d be more entertaining if her love interest was someone who’d been turned into a vampire by sister dearest, I feel like Maya has a few people she cares about but ultimately since the attack on her home, her fight is hers and hers alone, quite literally. ( Not in a cheesy Twilight way btw, more in a “oh crap, my potential love interest is now a vampire! Do I kill him, or leave him living and risk him killing/hurting others? Does he have human feelings?” Kind of way.)

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This would…actually be a great idea. I like this Jago X Sadira thing. It could be an inner dilema that can form when fighting each other. Interested if this idea comes true


Jago’s true love is none other than Tusk. At least in the fanfictions I’ve read.