A romance partner for Jago

Oh, Jago & Sadira would be brilliant. Think about it. It would be the KI equivalent of Batman & Catwoman.

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LOL, yes, and they just play this totally straight like it’s completely normal. :rofl:

I think it’d put each character in a unique situation. Ya know, who’s manipulating who? Would either of them change in any way because of the other? I couldn’t imagine it ending well either, but I think it’d give them each something to do that’s a little different and unexpected. I certainly wouldn’t want Sadira to simply be “the love interest,” just as I wouldn’t want Jago to be the one who rescues her or whatever. I kinda feel like that’s all been done before and neither of those things feels overly natural.

Nah, I’d want this to be a sort of mental chess game between two people that have genuine feelings for one another hidden deep beneath a layer personal issues, allegiances, motivations, etc. Granted, I don’t think most fighting games tend to dive that deep on stuff like this, but even on the surface, I think a Jago / Sadira match would provide some interesting possibilities for each of them.

That would be pretty awesome. Excuse my geekiness here, but that gives me a kind of Buffy / evil Angel vibe, and I could definitely dig that for her and for whoever that vampire character would be. The fact that you also throw her own sister in to that plot mix would make it even better in terms of possibilities. I’d have to think that she’d want to avoid killing him if there’s a chance to rescue him somehow, though that could maybe be part of Mira’s manipulation of her sister.

Not to get too fan fic here, but maybe the twist could be that Maya somehow finds a single cure, and uses it on her sister instead of the one she loves. Maybe that cure has… side effects?

Absolutely! Love that comparison. Sadira’s just so ■■■■ evil though, I’d be really curious to see how that would work. I’d love to see both of these characters with a touch of gray area in them as opposed to being exceedingly good or bad. I think they could maybe bring that out of one another in some small ways, like how Batman and Catwoman tend to have a bit of a blind spot for each other.

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This is exactly what I was aiming for, Jago is a monk and enlightened and all and his intentions are for the most part pure, but it’s already notable that he isn’t completely incorruptible and perhaps a teensy bit naive, just enough to be taken advantage of given the right circumstances.

Considering Sadie is pretty much evil A.F. (though am I right in thinking it’s possible she has a bit of sadness lurking in her back story?) I can see her starting out with the intention of manipulating him, but ultimately coming to respect his single mindedness, his admirable traits and his discipline which eventually evolves into something a bit more meaningful than that and him starting to see her for the beautiful monster she really is, perhaps attempting to steer her onto a more honourable path, especially with where we are now in Sadie’s story and concerns she’ll be tossed aside by Ultratech now that her part in proceedings is pretty much over.

She could start down a revenge/thieving path against Ultratech and Jago could be trying to stop her madness. :joy:

Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to mesh together with that line of thinking, I want the Maya/Mira story to evolve further, maybe not all residents of the city of dawn were killed, maybe one of them Maya felt affection for was turned into a vampire without her knowledge, just imagine how much the crap will hit the fan once she finds out! BAM Vampiric sister, Vampiric love interest, what happens now? Who to deal with first? Mira was turned first, is she too corrupted and far gone to turn back? Does Maya choose family who may never be the same again, or a chance at love that could also go wrong? How many more former city of Dawners are now vampires?

It appears I’ve gotten far too into this, so I’m gonna stop, it’d be fun to futz with everyone’s expectations like this, though. :joy:

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FYI, after reading the comics (not sure if canon or not), it doesn’t seem like Jago retains his status as a warrior monk. He instead attempts to live as a regular man, before being rudely introduced to a new threat. Even then, he doesn’t seem to reference any part of obligation as a monk, if anything he only relishes in the wisdom, rebuking anything else as it was only corruption he followed before.

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Jago’s definitely corruptible and yeah, I think naive as well. I’m kinda on the fence though. Should Sadira successfully take advantage of that, making Jago the dupe yet again, or should he feign compliance and then reverse it on her, showing that he’s grown as a character? Or maybe he somehow winds up bringing a shred of goodness out of her? Heck, maybe it’s revealed that she’s been possessed the whole time by some dark entity and maybe they’re actually kindred spirits.

Okay, that last part may be a bit much, but the point is that I think they’re both uniquely suited to have a plotline together and I think that could be really interesting.

I recently watched all of the cutscenes from seasons one, two and three, read the novella, all of the dossiers and the comics to kind of get the full story of the game in one shot.

Sadira seemed to grow up in a tough place, but she also liked hurting people early on as soon as she started training more or less. I don’t recall reading anything that hints at s whole lot of humanity, from the way she made it in to the Red Eyes of Rylai to the spider medallion she stole from the leader when she killed her and what the medallion did to her… it’s all kind of cut and dry evil.

Which is why I’d love to see her gain some type of humanity. She can be evil and sinister and a badass and have the kind of ambition that leads her to doublecross allies and what not, but something about giving her a small blind spot seems so appealing.

We already have characters like Gargos, Shago, Omen and Riptor that are pure evil and ARIA that are emotionless, cold, calculating and disconnected from anything that one would describe as human. To me, there are enough absolutes in KI. And while those absolutes are needed, I also like characters with flaws, gray area, a faulty moral compass, etc. Or evil characters that have believable, supportable motivations or the desire to improve or one link to something that could potentially pull them back a bit, make them better or even redeem them.

I think that on the spectrum of good and evil, there are characters like TJ, Jago, Hisako and Orchid that are good, but flawed. However, I’d love to see a bit more in the way of evil characters with some good / shades of gray in them.

Fulgore has that small error in coding, Cinder has a humorous side, Spinal is delightfully insane, Kan Ra knows how to prioritize when his life hangs in the balance, but it’d be cool to have a character with more of a link to the good side that actually pulls them, reluctantly in that direction, even if they think they’re the change agent, maybe they’re the one being changed.

I think Mira and her link to Maya has a chance for this as well in a future game, but I think Jago and Sadira could forge a rather unique bond based on a love of fighting, a desire to make the other more like them, a world pulling each of them in opposite directions, feelings they know they shouldn’t have, etc.

Sorry, this was all an insanely long way to say that yeah, having these two get together in some way could be really interesting. :slight_smile:

Yes! EXACTLY this! The Ultratech part, the begrudging respect that becomes more, Jago perhaps seeing his own redemption in her redemption and his multifaceted desire to bring her back from the road she’s been going down, etc. That’d be an awesome storyline.

lol yeah that could work! Maybe she feels the need to prove she’s not trying to play him and in doing so runs in to few old friends.

Hell yeah. That’s be a really cool twist. I’d love to see Maya go further in to a plot line like this. Before, Gargos was a big focus, but in the next game, I’d really like to see subplots like this hashed out and dealt with in great detail.

Is it weird that I somehow want to see Maya make a decision where she returns the sacrificial favor to her sister and ends up getting turned in to an evil vampire (also ending up with a vampire she loves) while making Mira human and a good guy again?

Would Mira want Maya to be good again if it meant losing love? Can she kill her sister that sacrificed her humanity so Mira could be human again? I’m also somehow picturing Maya with the Tsar, but I’m not sure how that’d work.

Yeah wow, the rabbit hole goes deep, I’m now noticing lol! But yeah, I’d love to see more plot lines and characters kinda turned on their heads, but mainly I just want to see stories ADVANCE and really move characters forward as the plot moves forward. If they can do that, I’ll be a happy camper.

I don’t think the two of them starting a romance is a good idea, as Tibetan Buddhism outright forbids such a thing. It’s very strict. I like the idea of the two of them relating to each other somehow, though. Not necessarily through some sort of “romance” per se.

I’d actually argue that Sadira is a bit more twisted than Selina Kyle. While Catwoman is dubious at times, Sadira seems far more volatile and dangerous, if not more unstable. I could see her developing a creepy, perhaps obsessive fixation/one-sided love for Jago.

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Well, at the very least, a sort of forbidden attraction that neither can give in to for various reasons could be compelling. It’s probably a stretch for both of them though. I think for Jago, an interesting development of his character might involve having somewhat of a shaken faith after the way he was used by the “Tiger Spirit.” I’m not saying he goes dark or anything, but his once disciplined mind and strict adherence to his faith begin to crack a bit. Maybe he needs Sadira to save him or ruin him as much as he wants to save her.

I think it depends on where they want to take her character. I agree completely that she wouldn’t be great at the good natured flirtation type stuff. She wouldn’t just be a flawed by compelling chase for him; an inherently good person that does bad things that rarely hurt anyone.

I do however think that Sadira could have some sort of spark of goodness within her that begins with lust and a desire to corrupt someone, but it kinda turns on her in ways that she doesn’t expect. I agree that Sadira should be volatile and dangerous, though perhaps more cold and calculating than unstable IMO.

Still, it could be a fun dichotomy. Someone that was once a beacon of virtue and goodness, who’s now shaken to their core and relatively vulnerable forming a toxic bond with someone that’s been corrupted for so long, but might just have a twinge of goodness in them. Seems destined to fail, but who knows.


These are some fascinating ideas for a relationship. I’d be down for that.

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I thought it was Shago already, and that they were just bitterly divorced :thinking:


LOL I can’t help envisioning Sadira screaming “Where’s my alimony cheque?!” at Shago. XD


I meant Jago. And Shago.

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Ah. LOL In that case, Jago’s to Shago response would be at 1:19-1:22:

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I’m not keen on this obsession with pairing up characters in a romance. What’s wrong with characters separating their professional (tournament) lives from their personal ones? You know we don’t always have to pair people up, sometimes it doesn’t add to their character or make them more appealing.


That is definitely true. Sometimes people put too much stock in the idea of characters being romantically entwined. Personally I don’t mind the idea, just so long as it’s done well and makes sense for the given characters and story and that it doesn’t come off as badly written fanfiction.