A newbie player looking for gaming buddies

I’m a new player to KI. Played like 4 weeks, or so. Looking for new gaming friends, because non of my friends are playing this.

My Live is the same as my nickname here, so you’ll find me easily.


I also started playing a few month back, but not on a regular basis. Xbox says 15 hours of Killer Instinct, but I’m far from being competetive. Trying to finsish the dojo, story modes and practicing versus.
I’m from germany, so we are basicly in the same time zone. Should make it easier to get a game started.

Kinda same here.

I’m playing like now 1-2h, since It comes out on PC, every 2 days.
Feel free to add me (Hogarn)

Been playing since the beginning but really casual (still silver in ranked).

I have no mains, so I basically pick characters at random, add me if you all like, cant do it myself, away for the day.

Gamertag is: Draigh

By the way, from Holland, so also europe.

You consider over 700 Ultra Combos Casual? :hushed: Damn

Over about 2 years where I play a few hours a week at most, with downtime here and there. So yes, I am ok, but I’m not drilled or specialised with any character and please dont ask me about manuals and autodoubles and we are ok, lol.

I’m never salty though and willing to help :grin:

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Added you

im pretty experienced, but not great, if you need help, hit me up.

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If you don’t have any problem with sparring a guy with 150+ hours put into the game then we can play, mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Any experience is good for me. :slight_smile:


Gonna direct everyone to this thread:

There are a bunch of jolly good chaps there who i’m sure would be up for some games!

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Hit me up if you see me.

Add me im down not great not bad

Consider yourself added! I haven’t been on KI in a while, but I was pretty okay at one point. Would be happy to help!

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add me, my gt is FGC_Slamjam. Im on PC.

Yuguy can PM me and I’ll note you guys my GT =D looking forward to when we can play

Can’t find you.

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would like some friend also. i play it off and on, i say im a newbie also i dont have any main to play as though my fav character has to be sabrewulf since he was really easy to learn all of his moves for. =)

GT: NerVv

note: most of the time im playing ds3 but send me a msg and ill be sure to reply or jump off ds to ki

Hey everyone my GT is ADM Riddles and I’m just getting into ki so if anyone is willing to help me out and get some games in hit me up

IAMDaaahhhggg is my Gamertag