A more aggressive announcer for KI S3

Hi Alex here, I’m really happy about how much KI has evolved since it’s released and I apresiate the hard work IG has put into the game. But if theirs something we can all agree on is that the majority or the KI fan-service hasn’t been much fond about the new Aria announcer. I suggest a more agressive/crazy like announcer for KI Season 3. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s an example of what I mean: https://youtu.be/bIYvk0xWVAw
In this link there is footage of how the pre-released KI announcer sounded, and it was Godlike, I know Mike isn’t with the KI crew anymore so my suggestion would be, getting someone with a “Death Metal like voice” like Chris De Leon(he did the vocals on Omen’s theme) Why? Because it’s more awesome and because it brings more tension and adrenaline to the fight. Hope the guys at IG and MS see this and consider it, and the fans also, please show support so that this dream can come to life.


I know what you mean. I had this though a while back when I was listening to mike in the old trailers. Having the option for a more aggressive announcer in KI would be cool and since it would not be that announcer by default, it would serve only those who want to use them.


I am perfectly happy with everything they included for the “Mike” voice. If I could be picky, I would ask IG to include “Mike 2” which would have some of those alternate callouts. I do not use the ARIA voice or Chris. Mike was perfect and impressed me very much.

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I’m perfectly happy with the voice of the default announcer. But this is another potential micro transaction that I am surprised they haven’t tried. I know this recording sessions aren’t free, but if they whacked it up as part of the community fund I would pay $5 to get a Maximillion voiceover or something else that was cool or different.


He-ll yeah, I’m with you. Dude Brodia to the rescue!!!

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Im down for a hyperbole a$$ announcer more hype than the one already in the game.

I hope we see that with Gargos. Don’t know what he’ll sound like yet, but he’s gotta be pretty scary, right? A little bit like Darkseid here… before the lozenge.

I actually really like the Aria announcer. I’ve used her exclusively since release but everyone calls me crazy and makes me change it whenever they want to play.

I liked ARIA as an announcer. Her vibe is more cold and detached, which sounds kinda dark and sinister in a way and that bit of variety works for me.

That said, sure, more options are always welcome. I’d love it if Mike could do seasons 2 and 3 and complete his announcer option. Right now some parts just don’t sound right, as the dude saying “TJ Combo” sounds nothing like the dude that says “Sabrewulf.”

Assuming that doesn’t happen, it’d be cool to have a deep, serious voice like Keith David, but also maybe a voice like Tim McIlrath from Rise Against or Corey Taylor from Slipknot. Maynard from Tool would be awesome too (while I’m completely dreaming here lol).

But yeah, all varieties welcome as far as I’m concerned.

I REALLY like the aggressiveness of this version. It feels so brutal, so visceral, even by Mike’s standards!
I think I’d be really happy to have some of these implemented, either as a second “Mike 2” set or just as new options that pop up when using Mike to keep the variety alive.

In fact, I say that rather than simply have it as an alternative, I say we just add some new soundbites to the existing announcers. More Classic soundbites for Chris, More of the E3 soundbites for Mike, and maybe something a little more exciting for ARIA. (Not a fan, sorry other dudes in this thread :sweat_smile:

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I wanna see Season 3 get a Gargos announcer

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Yes!!! That would be so hype!!

I agree with the idea - a more agressive option to really make the energy travel particularly at tournaments so the croud can really be imersed (not that they aren’t already with the current options). Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think a Hisako announcer would be interesting (particuarly as there is a confirmed KI Japanese scene now, it’d be good to include those players with the Japanese agressive vengeful ghost). This post has ranted on too long but I think you guys get what I’m going for.
Also, bring back the strings in Jago’s ultra and reintroduce more layers to the themes while you’re at it, please… :smiley:


i just feel like shes too breathy…like shes whispering…and just seems monotone

I’m hoping he sounds like Darkness from Legend, considering he looked like Tim Curry back then.

I don’t know how much that would cost, but I would really love for him to lend his voice to the character (not that there’s much to say anyway). Though if they could get an announcer pack with him :open_mouth:

Agreed, not sure how well he would pull it off these days though with the stroke and everything. I hear he plans to narrate a Rocky Horror remake, so who knows?

Yes, to this as well, tweak aria give her more UMPH! and a new announcer would be nice. Just make it HYPE!

Keith David (Arbiter) FTW!

Ideally? I’d like to see what a Mike Patton announcer would be like. I loved his VO work for The Darkness (first game), and the more aggressive role seems right in his wheelhouse.