A KI survey for funsies

So here are some totally random KI related questions just for the heck of it.

How many more characters would you like to see added to KI in Season 4?

  • Three or less
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight or more

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Should MS/IG add stages for Mira and Eyedol in season 4?

  • YES: And for Rash and Raam as well.
  • YES: Make these two part of the S4 Ultra pack.
  • NO: Make them separate, paid DLC.
  • NO: We enough arenas, let’s move on already.

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Hey, remember the trainer from KI Gold? Would you like to see the master / sage get reimagined by MS/IG for Season 4?

  • YES: I remember him but NO: I don’t want to see him return in any reimagined form.
  • YES: I remember him and YES: I’d like to see what MS/ IG could do with a master / sage archetype.
  • NO: I don’t remember him but YES: I’d like to see what MS/IG could do with a master / sage archetype.
  • NO: I don’t remember him and NO: I don’t want to see him return in any reimagined form.

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Would you like to see MS / IG add another gameplay mechanic to the game for Season 4 ala recapture (season 2) and flipouts and staggers (season 3)?

  • YES: Why not? They’ve been fun so far.
  • NO: The game has enough mechanics.
  • I DON’T KNOW: I suppose it would depend on the mechanic.
  • I DON’T CARE: I trust them to make the right decision.

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A whole season in the can, what do you think of that purple shadow move now?

  • LOVE IT: Looks way better than the old, black shadow moves.
  • LIKE IT: It’s fine, I’m happy with it.
  • NEUTRAL: Can’t we maybe get a toggle?
  • DISLIKE IT: The old one was better, but I’m okay with it.
  • LOATHE IT: Please change this back, it looks terrible.

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Should KI continue in it’s current iteration after season 4?

  • YES: Continue with more traditional seasons please.
  • YES: But with DLC packs only, no more seasons.
  • NO: Start working on a full fledged sequel please.
  • NO: Let’s hold off on KI until the next console generation.

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Is the KI scene really dying?

  • YES: Less people are playing now and that trend will continue.
  • YES: People might come back for S4, but it won’t be enough.
  • NO: People will come back for S4 and the game will keep growing.
  • NO: Everything is fine now, and it’ll get even better when S4 arrives.

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Shark TJ… Good idea or bad idea?

  • GOOD IDEA: Good? Try GREAT idea!
  • GOOD IDEA: We need a sea creature and I guess this will do.
  • BAD IDEA: We need a sea creature, but not this.
  • BAD IDEA: Please no. I prefer other bonus ideas to this by far.

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Should KI get a playable hidden character?

  • YES: Sure! I love unlocking cool stuff like that.
  • YES: Maybe, just don’t make them too hard to find.
  • NO: Maybe not. I prefer all of the characters unlocked.
  • NO: No way. Always hate stuff like this in other games.

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Would you like to see MS/IG add a brand new mode to KI for season 4?

  • YES: Their modes have been fun and unique so far, bring on more!
  • YES: I guess, so long as it doesn’t draw too many resources from other stuff.
  • NO: Probably not, I’d rather they focus more on adding to what’s there already.
  • NO: Definitely not. We have enough modes as it is.

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Do you think that there are any characters from seasons 1 through 3 that need an overhaul?

  • YES: Most definitely. (please list who in the comments below and also why)
  • YES: Possibly. (please list who in the comments below and also why)
  • NO: Some minor adjustments needed, plus bug fixes, but nothing major.
  • NO: Hardly any adjustments needed beyond bug fixes.

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Where do you see the overall balance of the game right now?

  • GREAT: I think it’s more balanced than it’s ever been.
  • GOOD: Very solid balance right now with only minimal improvements needed.
  • OKAY: It’s alright, but I hope they’ll keep trying to improve it.
  • MEDIOCRE: There are some balance issues, no question.
  • BAD: The game is in serious need of some balancing.

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What kind of stuff would you like to see in a season 4 ultra pack? (Select up to three)

  • A classic stages.
  • Mira stage.
  • Eyedol stage.
  • Rash or Raam stage.
  • KI Gold.
  • Ultra pack unique character skins.
  • Ultra pack unique character colors.
  • Ultra pack unique character accessories.
  • Ultra pack unique Shadow Lords content.
  • Gold/Platinum Gargos.
  • Battletoads from Rare Replay.
  • Shago and Omen colors/accessories.
  • Other (please list in the comments below).

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What other options besides what was listed in the survey sound good for a bonus character?

  • Human Mad Scientist (alt Sabrewulf)
  • Human Pirate (alt Spinal)
  • Red Eyes of Rylai Assassin (alt Sadira)
  • Human sorcerer (alt Kan Ra)
  • Human warrior (alt Hisako)
  • Other (please list below in the comments)

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Which would you like to see added to Season 4 the most:

  • Ultimates
  • No Mercies
  • Humiliations
  • More stage ultras
  • Second Ultra for each character
  • Completely new match ender invented by MS/IG

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What type of “stage relighting” level project would you like to see MS/IG undertake for season 4?

  • Go back and smooth out all character animations
  • Fix characters faces and hair
  • Fix any and all retro outfits that need it
  • Streamline entire menu system and all fonts in the game
  • Other (please list in the comments below)

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How would you like to see Season 4’s story presented?

  • Like season 1: Three “what if” endings depending on your actions.
  • Like season 2: A few lines of text pre match, beginning, middle, end cut scene.
  • Like season 3: Add a season 4 content pack to shadow lords.
  • Something completely new.

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To be honestly, I really want to see Shark man join KI Season 4 than another guest character… I’m pretty sure Shark man will be grappler.

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Fix Leaderboards:

  • a lot of stats broken and don’t show at all (win percentages, etc.)
  • accessible from Xbox App (or dedicated Killer instinct App)
  • maybe new stats like, stats per city, or stats per character

Playing for personal stats adds a lot to the game, and sucks when the leaderboards are broken.

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I want an adventure-platformer mini-game called Cinder’s Bad Fire Day. Ultra Edition bonus.

Man… Not many fans of the master / sage type of character for KI. That’s kinda surprising to me, as I’ve always enjoyed those types in other fighters. Characters like Shun Di in Virtua Fighter, Wang Jinrei in Tekken, Gen Fu in DOA, Shang Tsung in the original MK, Gen in Street Fighter, etc. Whether their evil, or an enlightened guide type, I always tend to enjoy them, especially the ones that bring unique gameplay elements with them.

Guess I’m in the minority though, at least for now. :pensive:


Only reason I don’t want him in is because I’m pretty sure he is now the dragon spirit in kims nunchucks if I’m not mistaken.

I would like to see gameplay bugs fixed, there are too many at the moment and some make competitive play impossible, hence the dropping numbers of players. KI cannot be taken seriously in it’s current state with all the game breaking and balance disrupting bugs it has.

I would also like to see basic online features that most fighting games have, for example: Connection strength, frame delay marker, region filters, actual matchmaking filters (not by rank only) etc.

Aside from these 2 things I don’t really care about the other cosmetic stuff, I care about competitive play.

Really? Where did they say that?

In the novella Kim’s chapter.

I’m not fond of human characters. I’m more in the monsters trope.

Aganos, Gargos, Eyedol, Fulgore, Spinal, Kan-Ra…

The only “human” characters I like to play are Kim, Tusk and Thunder. And I’m sure I would be using Mira if she would be a horrendous monster.

I simply prefer any monster over humans.
Lovecraftian, Djin, Wendigo, aquaric creature, another alien or cyborg, zombie, an bestial monster, minotaur, demons… any of these (and more) over any human

Just my preference tho


“for funsies”


nice try bill gates

s4 confirmed

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Cyber Gorilla. The size of Aganos. Does 100% damage using both stocks of meter and all of instinct in one exaggerated command grab.

I call it… Harambe’s Revenge.


Hmm… Interesting. I see why you’d think that was him. Does it have to be him though? I mean, we never got the character’s name in KI Gold, did we? I mean, if IG said “that’s the guy” then I definitely stand corrected. I think you’re probably right actually, though after reading it, I still wonder if there’s enough leeway to create this character as his own separate thing regardless of whether he’s the dragon spirit or not.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? I don’t know what you’re talking about, but could I interest you in a Windows?

When it comes to what I want most in season 4, I don’t really want any of the stuff listed. I just like game modes and characters, I don’t care about ultimates or stages.

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I would have figured those types of characters would be one of the more popular choices given how they’ve been around a long time in fighters.

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I want online practice mode…

I would like Maya to get ajusted…liked her before the change, not so much after…

Also, I want a Jafar costume for Kan-Ra :sunglasses:


You get a like for this.


Yeah that was just a random smattering of questions that all came off the top of my head. I was trying to think of a way to ask what type of game modes people wanted to see added in season 4, but couldn’t really find a way to fit it in to a survey question without screwing up the results.

I’m not really big on ultimates either, though I hope the people that want them get what they want. :slight_smile:



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Kelvin would be sick. And Ultimates are extremely welcome.

I like the shark-man + the other ideas listed , but it’d be a shame to make a character like that as an alt for an existing character - as you’re not really using the idea to it’s potential (e.g. TJ Shark-man won’t really be much of a shark-man.)

The main thing I want is for KI to continue whether as season 4 or a sequel - I’m happy either way.
Ultimates for all characters is probably my most wanted feature.