A Commentator/Competitors Opinion on the New Level 4 Enders

Too bad they removed the darkening effect from endokukens.
But now there is a really good opportunity to bring it back, that might work really well.

They should also give more attention to sound design. If they make lvl 4 enders sound meatier, they won’t even need to add anything else. I can’t overstate how important sound design is, many people don’t realize that, but good sound design can drastically improve almost any game.


Yeah I find it funny that the reason they said they took it away is because it’s “Too Distracting”.

What the heck do they think the new enders do?


Add awesomeness?

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I felt the same way when it was mentioned the reason they didn’t reuse one of Tusk’s old move set was because they felt it was a goofy animation.

I’ve thought about this a bit as well. Like, what if instead of a SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK tone associated with punches and regular body strikes, they did a heavy bass filled BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM more akin to a shotgun or a cannon?

Hey everyone,

Wow, lots of stuff to cover here!

The Ender Camera System you saw on the stream is basically the shiny, new system launching with Season 3.

Those of you who have known us for awhile also know that we listen and make adjustments to community feedback, especially stuff posted on these forums. We did a bunch of that in Season 2 and we’ll do more in Season 3. Usually we wait until a feature ships to make improvements or adjustments to it, since the impression someone gets from seeing something vs playing it can be completely different things. But in this case, we’ve decided to go ahead and announce that our first community feature will be the ability to toggle Ender Cameras On or Off in Content Update 3.1!

Hopefully this alleviates your concerns while you wait to get your hands on Season 3!




Love the devs for this game.


I am very impressed and very glad that you guys responded to the community like this, many developers wouldn’t do so. Thank you very much. KI S3 Let’s go!


Thank you God, Ganesha, Buddha, Allah, Odin, Anubis, Ra, Thor, Zeus, Shiva and Satan, all of whose I made a pact with for this to happen!
lol jk. Thank you devs, I knew you’d do the best for us.
Next one, new Shadow animation plz plz plz




You guys are awesome.

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

Will this toggle the camera as well as the screen blackout?

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Thank you based Kraig. Thank you based IG.

Thanks for taking time to listen to our concerns and set out to find a reasonable solution. This is why I can 100% recommended Killer Instinct to anybody who will listen, and can’t wait to get my hands on Season 3.


I would like to ask for clarification here:

If we have “Ender Cameras” off, does this mean that level 4 enders will act just like they do in S2? Because turning off “ender cameras” could mean a number of things, including the black screen remaining and other such things.


Someone find something to complain about here. I DARE YOU.


I like that idea of having it as kill only. Whoever came up with that idea.

That was great, i feel happy that devs still listen to us!

I’ll believe it when I see it. How’s that?

Dear Kreig (and by association the rest of the development team behind Killer Instinct Season 3),
I’d like to thank you for listening. I know there are both fans and detractors of the new ender animations, so allowing people the option to switch between them is quite thoughtful of you. My Season 3 hype is in full swing again, especially knowing that people will be able to tailor their experience to their tastes. More options is always better, I always say. Heck, while I’m currently not a fan, knowing that I have the option to use either effect has warmed me up to the idea of having these new enders a bit. :blush:
Thanks again for being great. You guys seem like just as much a part of the community as any one of us. Season 3 will remain at the top of my ‘Most Anticipated Games of the Year’ list. Love you guys.


P.S: I’d also like to thank everyone who took part in respectful discussion on this subject, on either side of the argument. Hopefully we can bury the hatchet and get our hype train under way at full speed yet again. A little conflict won’t be enough to split up this community.