9th Bonus character?

Could there be a 9th character for the season? After all this and Eydol coming back, It sounds crazy but could there be a chance?



Who would it be though? Do MS and IG have the money? Is the budget still big? Maybe a fundraiser would help, but I seriously don’t know, there MIGHT be a chance. It’s tiny tho.

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If he’s a bonus character like shago and omen then ill pass. But if he is actually involved in the story then Yes pls

I hope it’s Eagle or the Sharkman who’s a variant of TJ.

I firmly believe we will have a 9th character just like the previous 2 seasons and it will be either Eagle or one of the others in the survey. But most likely Eagle. This will be many months down the line and maybe even into next year…but its what will keep everyone hanging on with more content down the road!

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I cant wait 5 months for another character. Kill me now


Joanna Dark. Special bonus guest.

I believe it’s gonna be one of the remix characters they had in the polls.

Shark TJ, Ent Aganos, Rushdown Glacius, or Shadow Orchid

Maybe that’s what the poll was for, to see who we want for the 9th character.

As a NPC? Maybe.

Strange that they did the survey and now Eyedol’s here this fast. Kinda makes me wonder if one of those reimagined characters are already in production as character nine. Really hope it’s pre-transformation Cinder.

As for Eagle and the full-fledged concept characters like “magical archer,” I’m thinking / hoping we’ll see those in season 4.


Think like season 1 this is an eight character season. I’m sure there will be a season 4 though - with guests in mind this will prob be the best selling season yet and the games growing.

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can be. until the definitive edition isn’t out we can’t know what it will effectively contain.

I think this Season needs a small-budget bonus character like Shago and Omen. Who though?

violent jago

I don’t see why not. The first two seasons had their bonus character, so I’m quite sure the second most voted survey character could make an appearance. Most likely Eagle, Sharkman or Shadow Orchid if I had to predict who it’ll be.

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Eagle or Scorpion plox :slight_smile:

If it’s eagle though do we want his retro costume or current costume. Because bonus characters dont get both sadly. Unless they do it in his accessories.

But also eyedol is two characters so idk if we’ll get a bonus.