3.9 changes!


There’s a lot I could directly quote and reply to from your post, but this kinda just sums it up I think. You really believe this, huh?

Uhhh Fulgore has won considerably more tournaments than Glacius in S3. In fact, I don’t recall a Glacius getting like top 4 in any S3 tournament, whereas Fulgore has won multiple and gotten 2nd or 3rd in several others. What do you want from this character?


Oh nothing much just to dominate every tournament and become an unstoppable character and one up glacius in every category possible.


Necro post, yay.

I really just don’t care about this anymore. Some people will never stop being petty.

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You lost the argument there. Glacius has never been a real zoner. He’s more of a trap/rushdown hybrid. Fulgore shago kilgore etc are all far superior zoners with superior mobility to Glacius.

His damage is good. But there’s multiple other characters who are equal or higher than him in damage.

It’s not all its cracked up to be. His instinct is good. But there are ways to deal with it. His cross up dp is easy to tell apart. If he sparkles he’s going behind you. If he’s not sparking he’ll go in front of you. And if he tries to use hails to cover them just take the hail. Or use a projectile invincible move to beat it. Or in some cases you can jump out.

His dp is the easiest to bait and safe jump in game.

Glacius is powerful. But he still has exploitable weaknesses. Characters with superior keep away can be problematic for him such as shago kilgore and eagle. As are characters that easily bypass his setplay such as aganos or Mira.

Fulgore doesn’t have these same weaknesses. Fulgore is a jack of all trades. He’s just not a master at them anymore. He has the strongest corner vortex on the game. His teleport is unreactable.

Btw. It’s not that people couldn’t deal with Fulgore. He was just stupid. Much like Mira and aria and omen were too stupid. But I’ve fought and beat all the best with those characters. So I adapted to Fulgore. Id fight Nicky and give him a hard time in a losing matchup. And guess what. I use to have issues with Glacius too. So I figured him out.

You’re gripes with Glacius are your own inability to adapt. Because again you’re bad.

Also when it comes to tournaments there was only one consistent top 8 Glacius. And that was waterhorses.


I’ve been wondering about something. Is this ‘mentality’ of Fulgore being ‘bad’ going in the same direction as people’s thoughts of characters like Orchid and Kim Wu? People and/or groups that slam these characters at every turn which leads the general player to believe that they have to be terrible, when they’re not. Or that a character has to be featured on a top streamer’s channel or make a top 8 to be really good. I really, really see that as becoming the case with Fulgore.

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I just don’t know anyone who thinks Fulgore is truly bad, like the Orchid/Kim debacle that happened a year ago. Most people agree Fulgore is exceptionally good. Unfortunately, one of the people who may think Fulgore is bad is Maximilian, which is a bummer because he has a big influence on what people think about fighting games. I know he’s said some things about Fulgore being pretty weak over the last few patches.


sparkles?.. interesting … I’ll have to look into that. I look at the puddle itself and if it has spikes, he goes behind, no spikes, stays in front. I wonder if we’re thinking the same thing or not? Either way, I’ll look into the sparkles.


Fulgore doesn’t need this. His neutral is good too.


Never change letalis :heart:


cold shoulder spamming glacius? just block. if they keep doing it, keep blocking. ive had glacius do several of those consecutively and in frustration or impatience they will do something stupid. always happens

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I know that there are 2 types of players in all games. The ones who like a challenge, and the ones who just want to steamroll the game/opponent.

I don’t think that Fulgore is bad, he just can’t steamroll opponents anymore. That is what people are upset about. Some players just want to pick a character that they know they will win with vs actually needing to learn the match and when not to do things.


so basically flow chart the opponent, auto pilot ranked, turn in a 5 to 1 win/loss ratio erryday and call it done?

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IG could just save time and make a “I win” button. You just hit the button and your Wins go up by one.


used to be fulgore was just that for me alot of the time while i was at my peak and ambitious. then my hobby took over and that dwindled fast lol


idk I think he’s still pretty good at this lol


thats what i say, he has stupid amounts of options off plasma bolt ender. start the blender of torture

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Mvc3 was overcentralised by those guys in the meta

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I agree with everything you said man this game sucks now not enjoying it either Max also quit the game because it sucks what you guys need to understand is some people like the game how it was better than what it’s become and there’s nothing wrong with that


Wait, what? Who?


Believe me, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but 3.9 actually addressed my complaints. Sure, he’s not as crazy as he was, but I actually get meter now and fireball and dp actually do damage again.