3.9 changes!

So after taking a much needed break from playing with any semblance of competitiveness, I decided to play a few games today and finally found out how terribly vulnerable heavy dp is now. I may actually hate this change more than the instinct mode change. Despite getting blown up by meaties when I used it, I still won my match. So, in addition to really frustrating me and putting me in a terrible mood again, it got me thinking - I won, so obviously Fulgore is STILL too good. With nothing better to do tonight, and seriously not wanting to PLAY any more ki at this point, I figured I’d ask: what do you guys think the next round of nerfs will bring?

I’d put money on making heavy blade dash more negative.

Here’s an idea, use the version that is actually meant to be used in that scenario.


Your obsession with patches to this degree is…unhealthy. I feel like you’d be having a lot more fun if you just played the game and made the very small adjustments.


Heavy DP is now low vulnerable, which means it can’t be used as a reversal (but is still good as an anti-air). Use light DP instead, which is still fully invulnerable.

What will you do if Fulgore gets buffs instead?


well, obviously they will take the F out of Fulgore…ya know, f as in fun. :wink:


I should’ve known you’d be the first to criticize me.

But you’re right. I should’ve used light dp. I do acknowledge that. It was a mistake I made out of muscle memory from 3+ years of playing the character. I know that to try to enjoy this game I need to completely re-learn what I can no longer do.

Though I must admit, it makes me wonder…clearly Doom, Vergil, Morrigan, and a few other characters are too good in UMVC3. Would it help or hurt that game to pull the rug out from what was established and nerf them all? How fun would EVO have been for that game had those characters been nerfed a few months prior?

I used to tell people that I loved KI over SFV because KI made me think about what I CAN do and SFV made me think about what I CAN’T do, but I no longer see a difference.

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I’m really just trying to help you. I can’t control the game, but I can try to encourage a more positive mindset.


I’m confused by this. The marvel community spent years begging for Capcom to patch the game, everyone wanted the game changed whether through minor adjustments or major nerfs.


Then seriously advocate for more nerfs. Get fulgore to the point where I don’t even want to think about playing him anymore. At this point I wish I never would’ve fallen in love with the character.

and sithlord, yes, you’re right at first, but after years and years of it being established and tournament play on the decline - why change it? After years of ST being established, how many people were excited about HDR’s rebalancing?

The bottom line is that there’s literally nothing fun about this character anymore. He was balanced around KEEPING his vortex and every single other facet of his game suffered to preserve his stupid guessing game. I can definitely win by getting a few pips and guessing well with my vortex, but I seriously can’t do anything else with this character now. So forget playing “solid” just get a few pips and guess guess guess!


Man… I disagree with these quite a bit.


Lemon, PLEASE tell me something positive, because I feel like no part of me enjoys the game anymore.

Your character is still at the top. I would feel bad, but now you get to see what it is like with most of the cast.

I like the DP change. It forces people to think about what one they should use. Before it was use heavy because it works on everything.

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Oh and @Infilament, he won’t. Why on Earth would a character that everyone says is still good (including yourself according to your tier list) get buffed? Part of me held off hope that he might get a buff after his instinct mode was changed, but instead there was another 12 nerfs. They clearly want this character where he is.

@SadisticRage76 exactly right! It doesn’t matter how much he’s nerfed, he will ALWAYS be the best! But you didn’t answer my question - what’s going to be nerfed next?

I feel that the change to dp feels very minimal on wakeup. On anti-airs M and H are still the same speed and upper body invul, so no need to really change your muscle memory for AAs

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@STlemonhunter so you’re perfectly happy with the character as he currently is?

No, but i only have a couple of complaints. I really dislike his instinct as it doesn’t let me do anything really impacful or creative. And light dp could use a bit more damage in my particular opinion.

Pressure now is more about using fulgore’s normals that have better frame advantage (which is fine imo). And lasers now kinda have a new dynamic of setting up for pip-cancel blade dash, keeping the oponent guessing on when is it his turn

Are you OK?

I can agree with this. It’s very situational.


Here is what I would do for Fulgore. When Fulgore is in instinct, give him all of his mobility buffs even if he has no meter.


That might be too strong. But I love it :sweat_smile: