3.9 changes!


It’s just instinct and I don’t think it will make him too crazy. It was one of those things I always thought that would make sense with Fulgore especially after his new instinct. His original instinct gave him meter. His new one imo should make it so he has full meter in a way without actually giving him meter.


@sonicdolphin117 I’m not ok after playing a few games anymore…my posts are generally better if I make them on days that I don’t play the game. I just fully admitted I’m mad after a game that I won. Its frustrating as hell having your options chipped away one patch at a time, let alone having your character redesigned twice. My love for KI in general is the only reason I’m still playing, because I haven’t had fun with the current state of this game in quite a while, and it sucks.

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Two thing I’d selfishly want for Fulgore would be…

  • Increased damage off his Devastation Beam. The reward for hitting it feels too far off now (especially with a no free pips instinct) with the potential of it being blocked and utilizing all his resources.

  • Return out of instinct pip charging. This could be really dangerous and recreate zoning preferred Fulgore…which is already fun to deal with. But I like bots with the option of “do I get a pip or do I setup this pressure?”


I think they should probably slightly buff many of the characters in the S- tier of my tier list, just small quality of life things. I’ve said more than once that I think they (slightly) overnerfed Fulgore when you combine the last few patches. I have no control over the game, and I don’t even know if there will be another patch (although I imagine there will be one for the Steam release, whenever that is), but maybe they’ll end up agreeing, who knows. Or maybe they won’t and he won’t be changed. But like… both of them seem reasonable to me.

This is a very complicated discussion with a lot more factors coming into play than simply rebalancing a classic game. Lots of things come into play here, including the person who did the rebalancing, his attitude towards the rebalance and people who disagreed with his changes, and the actual changes themselves often not solving anything (or making some problems worse).

I think it’s hard to rebalance “classic” (ie, before SF4) games just because the people who learned them are from an era of tough love before patches. However, Marvel 3 doesn’t fit that description and I think most players would have loved Capcom to patch it.

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valid option, I had this thought a while ago as well.


That’s a misguided question, even in a person’s favorite fighting game there’s going to be things they wish were different. Nobody is ever going to be “perfectly happy” with a game while understanding it on a deep level. I love 14, but I wish max activate on long-range normals wasn’t as strong. I wish benimaru didn’t have his silly iaigeri corner juggle. I wish ash was in the game. These are all ways I wish the game was different, but none of them change the fact that it’s one of my favorite fighters.


I admit I’m kind of wondering what you want at this point. You won your match and can adjust to using light DP on wake up (it was always a better choice because your opponent might not have the composure for an optimal punishment so quickly when he blocks it) - so Fulgore is not the useless porcelain pansy you have been claiming he is. But you no longer like the way he plays. So what you’re complaining about is - as you describe it - that the character is no longer fun for you.

That’s too bad man. Seriously, I’m sorry that feels bad. I wish you still liked it. But we can’t all expect them to build and balance the game around what we like for our characters. That’s pretty narcissistic. I wanted a simple Cinder that I could pick up and play. Instead, Cinder is one of the 2-3 most complicated and difficult to use characters in the game. I can’t play him for ■■■■. That’s too bad for me, but I can respect that he’s still a good character. People won tournaments with him. But he’s just not for me. C’est la vie.

Look man I don’t know what you want at this point. You have to either accept that Fulgore isn’t what you wish and find a way to have fun with it. Or don’t and move on to another character or another game. Man, you’re making yourself miserable. You shouldn’t. Life’s too short.


Wishing cinder would’ve been created differently is not the same comparison here. It’s not as if cinder was simple upon release and you invested years in him only for him to be nerfed in like 5 patches in a row, effectively changing him into something else. That’s my issue.

Regardless of where you think fulgore lies in the tier list now, there’s so much that’s been changed.

His pressure tools, his meter gain, his instinct, his DPs, his damage, his frame traps, and his zoning all were nerfed or at least changed. Playing a game and losing out because you did “old tech” (i.e. Heavy DP when you should’ve done light) is so damned frustrating, especially on a character that hasn’t received a positive change since the very start of s3.

So you ask what I want? I want the last 3 years of time investment to actually mean something, but it doesn’t. I have to keep relearning what I can no longer do every patch. I addition to that, I never get any new tools to play with, just “you cant do x now.” And it’s all to try to continue to enjoy a game that I don’t have any locals for. More and more I don’t see the point.

Also, I never thought I’d be called “narcissistic” for saying it’s stupid how much fulgore has been nerfed. Ive always ever just advocated for him keeping pre-established tools…show me where I state that I want him to be something that he never was before…

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Here’s the deal, I can empathize with you, as a Sadira main. I saw my character evolve from an S Tier killer, to gutter tier. She isn’t bad, but she struggles with more MUs than she wins. So I hear ya…

However, much of what made Fulgore good is still good. I still face top Fulgore players that still zone me to death. He’s still a nightmare to deal with, once he gets going. This so happens to be why he’s still a top character. Maybe no longer top five, but at least top 10.

What is gone? Fulgore being safe no matter what he does. In the past I faced a lot of bad players that got wins simply because Fulgore was nigh untouchable. Most Fulgore players now have to work to zone, where he didn’t really have to before, especially once his Instinct kicked in. It was a magic button to brokeness.

Now Fulgore has to… you know, I think this violin has been played enough.

Fulgore did not get Sadiraed. He’s still quite good. Yes you have to work harder and think more, but that is the way it should be.

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“Fulgore needs to play how I want him to play.”

Okay dude. If you want to be filled with impotent rage that’s your call.


I’ll fully admit, and have stated before, that he deserved a few nerfs, but almost 30 nerfs spread out over 5 or so patches is not “some.” The fact that it wasn’t delivered at the same time is a big part of the aggravation too.

I’ll also agree that Sadira got it worse, and though it’s not a real consolation and doesn’t fix her big problems, it’s at least nice that she got a few minor things to play with like flip out. I literally just get to look at things I can’t do, with no desire to go to the lab anymore because there’s nothing new, regardless of how minor it might be.

I mean hell, when his instinct was changed, iron galaxy apparently didn’t have the foresight to realize that it would create unbreakable combos, so he had to lose laser into fireball as a result. So instead of gaining some new tech with his instinct, it became a straight nerf. What’s fun about never having anything to look forward to except less options, damage, and meter?

I’d also genuinely like to see how your Sadira/fulgore matches go. My training partner is a Sadira player so it’s the match up I’ve played more than any other. In fact I’d be up for playing a few games to get your insight.

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@BigBadAndy who are you quoting because I have never once said that. I want him to resemble what he was. I’m not coming up with a list of things I’ve just pulled out of thin air.

Would you appreciate it if I made up quotes and passed it off as if you said them?

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It’s a summary of your request. It doesn’t matter which particular time point you want them to set Fulgore to. The point is you want him to play the way YOU WANT. Not the way the developers think is best. The way you PARAMISERY the only the person in the world whose opinion matters, wants him to play. Other points of view? ■■■■ that. Is Fulgore still good? Who gives a ■■■■? You want it your way and you just keep posting the same dumb, miserable posts over and over. You don’t want to have to adjust anything. Boo hoo. People try to be sympathetic and you argue with them. They aren’t just going to say “oops” and move Fulgore back to patch 2.8. So I repeat - what is it that you want? Specifically, what do you want from us?


Lol what I want was stated at the start and already repeated once: I want to know what people think he’ll lose in 3.9. Maybe you should actually read instead of immediately attacking me as part of S3’s defense force.

And you say I’M the one with “impotent rage…”

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I honestly don’t think Fulgore will lose anything.

I DO hope that Sadira receives some sort of buff to help her against MUs that brutalize her (Raam, Gargos, ect ect). I don’t want IG to nerf these characters, but help Sadira be able to get in and out without dying.

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Any reply i make here is going to feel in my own mind like i’m picking on you @Paramisery, so here’s my long and short and i think i’m done.

Same with any other character specialist that is envious of any other character’s tools and abilities. As has been suggested multiple times, learning or even just playing around with other characters and feeling out their strengths and weaknesses compared to your main(s) can evolve your game. Or, at the very least give you an insight you might not have had about your main(s).

Delivered at the same time is way too aggressive of a tactic.

Over the course of however many posts i’ve read through literally multiple threads where you have voiced your total distaste of Fulgore’s direction, this is the core issue. I can say to you i get it, but i also feel like it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to you if i do.

Every last player that has taken KI serious to some level has invested time here. Even me as someone that has watched this game since launch and played since S3, i have learned that players (in general) do not like changes. Because it seems like it invalidates all that lab time, training, discussion only for patch 3.xx to change the game. It’s plain to see in KI’s history when you look at some of it’s more outspoken players or even within the community, too.

Bottom line, though? The game, characters, systems and rules are fluid and prone to change. People have given multiple examples as to the what, why and how Fulgore still is relevant and good, but your issue, it seems, is your time spent learning him. I have nothing i wish to say to that issue.

Once again, i hope you find some fun in the game/in your character. Peace.


I certainly don’t mind being picked on, but I don’t feel at all like that’s what you did with your response. In either case I agree with everything you said except about implementing all the changes at once. Just call it a redesign and be done with it. At least I could feel like I could just learn where he is rather than to know that every few months something else is changing for the worse.

I know I’ve been very vocal, but in all seriousness I never once said anything prior to 3.7. Enough is enough.

Still though - everyone is ignoring the purpose of the post!

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I didn’t… I said I don’t think anything will be changed for Fulgore in 3.9. :wink:


Haha oh I guess I need to read better too lol


Will be adding responses as I skim this thread

Pretty impressive that you’ve mastered the character so completely there’s absolutely nothing left for you to discover in the lab

Implying the purpose of the thread is actually to discuss what might be in store for the character in the future is beyond disingenuous

This was probably always going to change regardless of his instinct, it was really really strong for both zoning and offense, kind of felt like too much