3.9 changes!


Agreed… I’ve been maining Sadira since S1 and I’m ALWAYS learning new tech. Some of which even changes how I use her. I don’t think I’ll ever completely master her. :slight_smile:

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I absolutely love your ridiculous logic, and seeing responses like these is what makes me enjoy posting here. First off, having no desire to do something DOES NOT equal mastery. I have no desire to go skydiving, that doesn’t mean I know all there is to know about it. Not having desire stems from lack of fun.

Secondly, this WAS the purpose of the post. Some people apparently can’t help themselves but to attack me the moment I post anything. I’m sorry I don’t enjoy what the game has become, but if you don’t want me to go off topic, don’t come here and change the subject!

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You literally said “there’s nothing new” in reference to finding ■■■■ with fulgore in the lab lol


I’m almost at a loss here as far as how to respond…if a character only loses options, you’re somehow trying to say he has new tech? It’s not “new” it’s “what’s left.”

You’re so ridiculously optimistic it’s almost as if you’d be excited about losing your job because you’d have all kinds of new ways to learn to be frugal with your spending!

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Anything you find in the lab that you didn’t know about before is new, doesn’t matter what they gained or lost in the last patch


That’s a matter of semantics. Either way the desire isn’t there (and that doesn’t mean I know everything).

So, since the character is still good, what do you think he’s losing in 3.9?


Alright so when you said “there’s nothing new” before you were just talking out of your ■■■, got it

Fulgore is in a good place right now and will probably not lose anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a very minor buff like getting fireball damage back or something

I wish I had the patience to be nicer but I’m really sick of this


Here is what I would do to Fulgore.

  1. Make Devestation Beam do 5% percent more damage. This means 35% actual damage but he still has the 10% potential damage.
  2. Fulgore gains all of his mobility buffs while in Instinct.
  3. Make light dp do a little bit more damage. Just one or two percent more.

Mobility buffs in instinct sounds like a dangerous buff and something that doesn’t really need to happen because, as I said, he’s in a good spot


Don’t be an idiot, there IS nothing new for the character. There could be things that I don’t know about him, but that doesn’t mean the character (again, not the player) gained anything! How is this so hard to comprehend? If a knight in chess lost the ability to jump pieces, there’d technically be new stuff to learn, but the piece ITSELF didn’t gain anything!

And @Sasuke99I I hope you’re right.


I can agree with this. A moment of absolute chaos, where he can perform at full strength, but then, unlike his old instinct, it doesn’t give him a permanent momentum boost. He’s back to basically where he would’ve been without instinct, plus or minus a few manual charges.

As an added just for fun bonus, I’d add that if he gets a hype beam off while on instinct mode it has increased power (like S1 in terms of raw damage). It’s not like it’s a super practical use of meter most of the time anyway, could be fun to give it a situational buff. It that comes off as too strong, could make it like Annihilation where using the upgraded beam would drain the rest of his instinct. Add on a pitch increase like the Ultimate Hype Beam and it’d be freakin sick!


Love this idea, and the pitch increase makes it even cooler.


Are you saying that when you watch other Fulgores play that you don’t find cool new mixups or tricks they’re doing that you didn’t think about before?

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To be perfectly honest I have a really hard time finding recent footage of other fulgore players. I saw Nicky vs devil on bass’s channel, and I definitely paid attention to lemon in online tournaments, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot more out there. If I’m missing something big please let me know.


Here’s some super strong play from DeadlyKansas to check out, he does mixups and applies corner pressure in a way I haven’t seen other Fulgore players do before, most of it looks almost unstoppable (in particular during the vs Jago match):


When a character is powerful they don’t always get every option of theirs fully explored. Since his nerfs nate has found multiple things with jago. A character who people thought was largely figured out. There’s things with pretty much every character that can still be found. Only one whos probably close to being truly figured out is sabrewulf since he’s probably the game’s most simplistic character.


Also I have found recently some setups using the usual pip cancel fireball to teleport in a specific timing to beat out reversals and/or to force the oponent to block switch after the fireball. There’s still quite a bit to find.

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I still think Fulgore’s instinct is underexplored purely as a pip-building exercise. If you want to stay full screen and throw M -> L pip canceled fireballs (or H -> M -> L), how many free pip charges can you get there? Probably at least one, maybe two? Against characters without teleports, how are they gonna get close to you if you keep this up?

Plus, at will, you can randomly teleport to create a mixup if you want to go in and build pip speed, then finish with launcher ender into st.HK and get 3 free pips on the hard knockdown, and then you’re back to zoning for more pips. Climax says there’s a way to mix up when you do the st.HK so you aren’t always broken here.

I would love to see Fulgore players try to implement this more and see how it works out for them. Because of the fact that you can teleport at any point during your staggered zoning, they can’t just disrespect it by holding up-forward (plus throwing different staggered speeds will make sure that doesn’t work anyway). You can, I think, easily squeak in 5 or 6 free pips per instinct if you value pips super strongly without sacrificing the threat of scary pressure.


I was just gonna say deadly kansas and im sure there are fulgore players from ST or FX teams that are pretty good. Here’s a few other fulgore players that are pretty solid - pilantraptor206, ll skyster ll, xrec blitz3r, eotsjunior, hw daachronicle, gorito … dont know if all these guys are on yt or twitch, but u might b able to peep there xbox profiles for clips, vids, etc. or just holler at 'em.

Sry u seem frustrated, but there are plenty of fulgore players who adapt and still whoop @ss with the bot.

Quick side note - Games do impact emotions. And we r all KI family, but man, there are some really nice folks on the forums helping you out by responding. Sometimes, i personally can’t empathize with people who seem unnecessarily negative in general, and especially in the context of having to be more thoughtful when playing a video game. I’m sure there are others on the forums who wont even try to respond to unnecessary negativity. Yes, I’m a relatively unknown decent but still learning aganos player who loves the game and tries to help it grow. Nobody’s perfect, we all get frustrated from time to time and go on rants, but man, i come in peace, … but that attitude tho …

lol I hope all these responses help and I hope u dont take them for granted.

Anyways, to answer your op, i don’t think he’ll get anymore nerfs. I could easily be wrong, but I think they will let the fulgore players get better at the latest version (which along with most of the cast now requires more thought) and let those fighting fulgore get used to exploiting these new weaknesses. Just about every character now has to think about some element of the combat or at least consider his/her actions and non-actions in most matchups now.


Light laser (or a medium normal cancelled into it) will always pop them up high enough to end in st.HK, so he does have a legitimate mixup after launcher ender.