3.9 changes!


Yeah, I think there’s elements of the death not that people don’t take enough advantage of. Because people are always busy trying to focus on immediate mix ups, I haven’t seen a lot of tech around the manual meter charge. I’d be interested to see more, or maybe work up the motivation to do it myself

Unrelated: This sounds like the name of a fun game. Like, have a lobby, have a lobby leader do something like “Climax says play your least favorite character” or “Climax says DP/Throw only”. If someone loses the match or screws up the criteria, take a shot. Find an order to rotate in so everyone has to risk dignity/blood alcohol levels.
Only a matter of time before someone uses the alcohol as an excuse for their poor play… or plays poorly as an excuse to consume more alcohol

Man it’s a shame I ■■■■■■■ hate people, I have killer party ideas.


Thanks for the videos and advice, I’ll definitely check them out after work tonight. I appreciate the advice too everyone.

And @Fwufikins I’d definitely play that game, I could use a drink this weekend!


D3eadlykansas is incredibly impressive. He runs into some of the same problems I hate in the neutral, but his corner game and vortex are completely ridiculous. Very fun watch. Thanks for the share @Infilament


Take a look at how he eventually escapes the situations that you keep running into and dying in, see if you can learn anything new. Even if you “know” all the options, take a look at how he uses them and with what frequency and in what situations, and compare them to your success rate. Also take a look at how he tries to avoid being put in those situations in the first place (equally as important).

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I learned a lot of things with Fulgore today during the stream session I had. I just realized that Fulgore had a lot more things going for him than people give credit for. For example, what can you do after heavy linkers? Light, medium, and heavy manuals right? What about an overhead reset? I just learned about that reset today. So simple but it works almost everytime I went for it. I didn’t even realize that was an option until a viewer pointed it out.


Only time that doesn’t seem to work is when someone is mashing a guess-break and you get stuffed by a light punch!


When are you streaming again @Sasuke99I ?


I’m streaming right now. My Fulgore isn’t the best but if you want to check, feel free to come by. twitch.tv/stormsasuke180

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Had fun watching that Fulgore on Fulgore action you had going on ,good stuff.

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@Paramisery They won’t be happy until the bot sinks. I mean he’s basically already there. He’s had everything in his arsenal nerfed. Even his normals which Jago needed not Fulgore. Just play Glacius. More combo options, meter, dp, unblockable, good instinct, 1 frame crossup ambiguous meaties and an actually good instinct. I mean, you might as well play the character that everyone fights you to adapt to rather than nerf. Fulgore just got nerfed, people could have tried adapting but well… The whiners won. No one still has mentioned a way to beat cold shoulder reliably other than well… Just sit there. Travel speed is too fast and knockback is too far. Nothing -5 should be safe let alone a yolo spam stagnate the match and kill the flow. It’s too powerful but BigBad will argue against it. IG themselves nerfed Fulgores damage because he had a DP and lots of tools. Well, Glay has lots of tools, and a DP. His damage should be gutted by 35% like Fulgore’s was. I’d love to see the day Fulgore can do 50% on just a lockout not even a counter breaker, but it’ll never happen. Glay can do that whenever he wants.


Uhhhh Fulgore got buffed.


How you can think Fulgore and Glacius are even remotely similar in play styles to recommend someone switch is beyond me.

And I think I’d take Fulgore’s instinct over Glacius’s now.


Fulgore got buffed.
He’s still top 5.
Glacius can’t do what he wants.
You’re just bad.
Good day.



Sorry…I just…Bwahahahahahahaha!!!:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Yep, people whined about him constantly getting nerfed and so they buffed him in several different areas last patch.


He’s obviously not as good as he was at the start of s3, but this patch actually did a lot for him. Honestly, the biggest buff in my opinion is how his minimum reactor speed is faster. I actually have meter during matches now, and having extra meter to spare means you can spend it to make combos hurt more, or ACTUALLY shadow counter. While I haven’t been playing like I used to, I don’t hate the character anymore.

Though, that being said, I keep running into situations where my ultra doesn’t work – is that a bug? Had it twice yesterday vs. a spinal player, both times I just got DP ender which I can’t for the life of me figure out. It wasn’t just regular DP, it was ender, they were in danger, and when I turned on inputs I definitely hit all 3 punches simultaneously. Anyone else have this issue?


That’s an issue not exclusive to Fulgore. Some characters can’t ultra at a certain distance.


Interesting, any idea what causes it? Like, what distance I should be watching for? Next time I’d rather pile on more damage rather than just go for an ultra that doesn’t work when my opponent is locked out :frowning:

Should I take it that being closer is better?


Dp does more damage projectiles do more damage, yeah his reversal and zoning got a little better. His combo damage is still low, getting pip cancels back on lasers isn’t a buff, they just half undid a nerf. The thing that never needed to happen was the copy cat normal nerf from Jago. Fulgore doesn’t have + frame specials to cancel into anymore that are block strings and he doesn’t have frame advantage in instinct to compensate for the nerf and make his neutral better. These buffs are miniscule in comparison to the changes that Glacius got. A zoner, with high damage, good instinct and a super annoying special was given a meterless dp.
(i keep comparing glacius because everyone always screams adapt and learn how to face it rather than call for nerfs, no one ever said that for Fulgore or even tried to, they just called for nerfs. I offered many workarounds to Fulgore that people were having issues with but no one listened so I’m gonna remain dead set that cold shoulder is a bs special that needs to be nerfed on a character with far too many tools to justify the damage he does).
That’s a huge buff, what Fulgore got doesn’t do much of anything in a long match other than maybe 1 or 2 less projectile direct hits and 1 or 2 less dp anti airs to close out a round. His spin speed being slightly higher is the only notable change. One small buff after straight nerfs isn’t an end all be all. His damage is still low and his setups/pressure are now straight linear due to the frame nerfs he recently got. One patch isn’t the whole picture, the oh he finally got buffed this patch isn’t a counter argument. I’ll wait and watch him dominate the tournaments he’s absent in. No one will play the high skill ceiling he requires when yolo characters fair much better. Simple as that.


There are some rare cases, as Letalis said, where you can’t ultra if you are too far away, but I don’t think Fulgore has this problem too often. If you are doing a normal combo (autos/linkers etc) then ultra should work 100% of the time. I’d have to see video of the problem to talk more about it.