3.9 changes!


i may be reinstalling this week to take fulgore to the lab and see how he is. from what ive seen, its lookin good


If he quit, it is/was for possible reasons. One is that he gets more views by playing another game. I would bet money that he would stream UNO if he thought it would bring him viewers and money. The other reason is that he can’t steam roll people anymore, and doesn’t want to actually learn how to play the character. He doesn’t like to lose on stream. You can see it when he loses more than 2 in a row.

I can’t help but to ask. Do you play KI because you like it, or because someone else plays it?

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Really, really dangerous to quit the game because someone else quit the game. Even more dangerous is to suggest that they quit the game because Fulgore sucks.

It’s fine to like previous versions of KI (hey, I do too), but if you’re gonna say the current version sucks and it was way better back in the day without giving any reasons, you’ll have to forgive us for not trusting your opinion. And if you do decide to give reasons that don’t make any sense, we’re going to let you know.

For what it’s worth, I presume Max doesn’t play KI anymore because there are lots of other fighting games on the market and the new games will get him more views (I imagine he will play some KI again when the Steam version comes out, though). I also suspect he loses too much to enjoy it, because he’s not practicing like the other players that he runs into. You can interpret this as “my character sucks and the game sucks” or as “the player base is just better than me now” as you prefer. I don’t talk to Max personally, so his real reasons may be different, but this seems like a safe bet to me.


While I’m actually happy with the 3.9 changes, I’m definitely sympathetic to anyone who quit over fulgore. It wasn’t just that “he sucked,” it was “he was redesigned AND he sucked, AND he was most likely going to be further nerfed each patch.” I do think IG did a good job addressing my complaints, but when you have a balance mentality of “let’s make everything crazy then continually dial it back” you’re inevitably going to breed frustration from people who liked and spent time learning the game as it was.

And it’s definitely not just fulgore, plenty of people have quit over various other characters who received the same treatment over the years.

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That’s why it’s dangerous to me, though. Fulgore didn’t suck at any point during S3; the worst he probably was was, like… 7th best in the game. And it’s not even like the recent changes have made him that much better. To pull random numbers out of a hat, if launch S3 Fulgore was strength 100, and the nerfed him to 99, then to 97, then to 90, then to 85 at his lowest, this recent patch has put him to like… I dunno, 87 or something. He’s still much closer to the nerfed version than he was to the version Max was playing at the start of S3.

And you mention other characters, but I am pretty adamant in suggesting that all the hate that has been directed at the game over various changes has virtually never matched with the nerfs that were given. Various people have “quit” the game over characters like Spinal and stuff when… actually, they really aren’t that bad after all. It becomes a meme to hate on a character or say they’re weak, and eventually people can’t separate the meme from reality.

I’m confident in saying the KI community as a whole has had a pretty bad track record of assessing character strength (noted examples include some strong tournament players saying Mira was completely unviable - a nerfed version of her then went on to dominate the game over the last 6 months). KI is a game with massively gross offensive and defensive options and, with only very few exceptions, if a player thinks they have to quit the game because their character sucks, really all they’re doing is quitting because they’re bored with a character (that’s fine, try a new one!) or they’re just bad and they don’t want to admit it.


Lol. You’re so scared of me that you won’t tag me, you just want to talk about me without getting my attention?

So, Fulgore - who is clearly a better zoner than Glacius, able to shoot multiple projectiles and spam a nearly full screen laser beam, then teleport away at will (while invisible no less), can’t deal with cold shoulder? If you say so…

Anyway, I don’t need to argue for or against anything. Fulgore got buffed. Glacius is unchanged. I don’t think I we will see another patch this year (if ever) for KI. So the game is what it is and you have to either play it or quit. Do whatever makes you happy.


I’ll agree. The meter change in the latest patch makes him feel better. Prior to this latest patch, it was frustrating to play with him in Ranked.


Doesn’t Fulgore have specials that can punish cold shoulder on reaction (good ol’ dp and maybe light laser/dashpunch)


I’m not a frame data or a lab guy so I can’t say off the top of my head. But certainly these tools can beat spammed cold shoulder.


DP won’t reach a properly spaced cold shoulder and light blade dash isn’t fast enough to punish.


I don’t even know how Max came up in this conversation. He loves KI. But the nature of his career path is he can’t just play the same game forever. Inustice 2 came out, tekken7, MvCI, DBZ fighter, the market is super saturated with fighters right now, in addition he dabbles into variety streaming of soulslike games, retro games and retro fighters.

Anytime I’ve ever seen him make comment on the balance of a character in a game he pretty much states he’s not a pro and that it’s only what he’s heard from other people.


You still are negative and up close to their face. hp cold sholder in punishable but mid can be made safe and lp CD is safe. Still light requires Glacius to be up close to land it and mid can be watched for and poked out/SC/shadow specialed out of.


For what it’s worth there are lots of “technically punishable but out of range” moves in the game. Something like Tusk’s st.HP comes to mind (-5 on block, doesn’t require too much effort to space it out of range of a punish). Lucky characters like Wulf (shadow Ragged Edge) can punish more often.

But if you’re negative, you can’t swing after unless you DP. Find a move that moves you forward, not with the intention to punish, but with the intention of stuffing Glacius if he tries any funny business. I promise you’ll be able to find such a move if you dig a little bit, for all characters. It’s probably a fierce button, or maybe it’s your own forward-traveling special move that’s safe on block that starts up in similar frames to Glacius, but you’ll be given a 4 or 5 frame head start.


Yeah yeah I know I’m back… No where in the 3.9 changes does it say that Fulgore got a combo ender damage buff. Specifically stated Light and Medium DP. But he’s doing more damage than he ever did off his DP ender. If they ramped it up in secret to make it less mainstream to use blender enders all day well, they certainly won my vote back. The old off a counter breaker, 2 triple kick 1 medium punch split with light linkers into ender used to maybe be lucky and net you 35%-40% depending on what you counter broke. Now he’s hitting the 50%+ range. I just hope I don’t read “Fulgore got an unintended damage ender change in 3.9” when 4 drops with the Rash fix.

I used to win a lot of matches against Fulgore’s because he doesn’t do enough damage in combo to really kill you very fast. Avoid 1 mixup and don’t fall for a counter breaker and you could deal quite a hefty blow back and cost him some spin in the process. Now if you lockout or fall for a counter breaker you could see 40-50% melt pretty quick if not more. Definitely happy with that.


Fulgore’s damage ender is unchanged, I just tested. His counter breaker combos are doing the same damage now (as listed on my guide) as they were doing several patches ago, so it’s definitely some placebo effect happening. Of course, don’t forget that the damage your counter breaker combo does is heavily dependent on when you counter broke and what came before it.


Then it has to be the projectile damage buff that is reflecting on my combo damage. Projectile, timed teleport so it’s as small a window left right as possible and counter a manual or double closely after the opener. I used to only get 35% off those. So either way, damage buff to my playstyle then.