3.8 Tier List by Infil

S: Aria, Mira, Omen, Rash

S-: Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Orchid, Fulgore, Maya, Riptor, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder, Kim-Wu, Tusk, Eyedol, Kilgore

A: Spinal, TJ, Raam, Arbiter, Gargos

A-: Sadira, Shago, Kan-Ra

??: Shin Hisako, Eagle

His reasonings for their alphabetical grade,

SS: Ridiculously OP, invalidates all other characters with easy strategy.

S: Very strong, likely few or no losing matchups but doesn’t destroy the game.

A: Able to win a tournament, only a few losing matchups which can generally be handled okay.

B: Can make top 8 (or win with world class dedicated specialist), has 1 or 2 important winning matchups vs A/S tiers, does okay for the most part.

C: Hard pressed to make top 8’s, usually a better character in the game with the same archetype.

D/F: Loses most matchups, never a threat, don’t pick.


@Infilament, let me know if I need to correct anything.


Sounds about right. Tier lists are subjective but this is my current opinion (subject to change of course). I’m open to discussing as well, although I don’t think the list is too controversial.

Notably, I think you could probably put Spinal and TJ (maybe even Raam tbh) in S- and not blink an eye. It’s really the S tiers which I feel are a cut above, then Sadira/Shago/Kan at the bottom (but not really that bad), and then “everyone else” somewhere around S-/A+.


As someone who is very ignorant when it comes to tier listing, I have one question… Why list it like this?

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The letters themselves have meaning (which the OP posted below the tier list). Saying someone is in A tier is different than saying they’re in C tier, even if they are in the same relative spot.


Yes but why the S- and A- etc, instead of just A, B, C etc?

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Because I think the characters in A- tier are very close to A tier, and aren’t C tier. That is to say, I think they are much closer to “able to win a tournament with manageable bad matchups” than they are “not going to make top 8 and there are much better characters with the same archetype, just pick them instead.” That’s why I say the letters have meaning.


Ah, so it’s more along the lines of someone S- isn’t exactly OP, but still stronger and better than those ranked on A… got it. ^^

Yeah, it’s a bit finicky (and heavily subjective of course), but that’s the reasoning. You could probably rename the tiers to S, A, A-, and B and I’d be okay with that (although I think some chars I put in S- are really really strong). But definitely that’s different than just saying A, B, C and D. When I see someone in a D tier, I think “completely and totally worthless, likely loses to half the roster 7-3 or worse” and I don’t believe that’s true of any KI character.


(Regarding to Rash being labeled as top 5)

To continue the discussion of before about Rash, I wanted to pick your brain a bit about why you would consider him to be amongst the top 5 in the game.

We have to considering things like no wakeup option outside of meter, average damage and relatively good but not great buttons.

IMO he has top 5 buttons in the game (st.HK is maybe THE best non-Overpower button in the game, he has a long range fast medium, and he now has a +2 on block normal). His air normals are impossible to contend with for many characters.

I think his damage is way above average, especially considering he can start a large part of his offense with st.HK and boot (which hurt a lot). His air combos are very difficult to break and any lockout leads to immediate recapture for meterless cashout - most of them will end up 35-40%, which is very strong for a hard to break meterless juggle. If he doesn’t want to recapture or spend meter to cashout, he can reset with flipout at any time and he has a fast, damaging overhead which stacks on the damage. He only does bad damage when you start your combo with tongue (which does happen a decent amount), but that’s because tongue mixups are pretty much impossible to stop, so they have to be low damage.

His only real weakness is no meterless wakeup, but to compensate he has probably the best shadow reversal in the game. And Rash is the king of winning scrambles, which I think factors into his defense not being as bad as it might seem.

He is a rushdown character who can’t be zoned and handles both the ground and air game exceptionally well.


I like this list

It basically says that 20/27 characters are within two ranges(S- and A), and very few characters are outliners, both as top and bottom tier, and even then, they are not broken or extremelly weak.

I feel Shin falls more in the A/A- category. Too soon to speak about Eagle, but he is a pretty extreme char: Either he has A LOT of initiative, or he has to be super patient to get momentum back.

Out of the characters that could move one placement into this tier list, I feel that(personal opinion in all this):
-Aria, Mira, Omen and Rash are top 4, in that order IMO
-Eyedol is the strongest among the S- tier
-Orchid is the weakest among the S- Tier
-Sadira is the strongest among A- tier
-I have doubts between Spinal and TJ as the strongest character for A tier
-I have doubts between Arbiter and Gargos as the weakest character of A- tier
-Kan-Ra is probably the weakest character(someone has to be)

Personally I’d put arbiter at the bottom too. His bad mus are just exceedingly brutal

Now that you mentioned it, I had forgotten that the characters aren’t in order within their tiers. I suppose that’s mainly because that is where it starts to get cloudy by perspective and player judgement.



I’d put Shisako in B/A. Speaking of Shisako, did she have any effect on Raams placement or are we ignoring that match up?

I’ll be here all week… :smirk:


Funny, if you notice, all tiers but S are listed in character release order. But S tier is different. I believe Infil agrees: Aria, Mira, Omen and Rash are the top 4, in that order

But I’m just guessing :stuck_out_tongue:

When I actually get good with rash I’m going to show how much of a nightmare He is lol

Bruh, you bodied me with Rash the other day.

Letalis, you are working on a Rash? That sounds deadly lol