3.8 suggested changes for Fulgore

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What do you mean exactly with that? I’m on the lab right now and shadow countering light laser works normally. Laser comes out fairly fast, so it’s not easy to react and SC, but it still works


no. l lazer breaks SC’s once they start up from any other pokes or specials


It’s more of me not having enough time to play the game and post instead of me being tough and not posting. I wouldn’t consider myself that tough anymore.


youve faced my hisako a few times months back on ranked. my GT is same as my forum name. you never fought my fulgore because i absolutely hate mirror matches as much as pineapple in pizza. you were a great fight

edit: hisako is my main, mira 2nd, fulgore 3rd

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Now I see what you mean. Still, testing it out you would have to try to SC really early into the first move’s blockstun


ya. like right when the crazy colors start animating. or even before. let me know if it works


What do you mean? Light laser coming out AFTER the SC?


yup. u know how fulgores DP can break some shadow counters? well I heard L lazer in the same Windows breaks them all.


in other words. if I light kick into light lazer over and over again the second counterable hit (light lazer) will break their shadow counter start up :blush:. clear?


Ok, But that’s not true, for that to happen the opponent has to try to SC really early into the blockstun of LK. Early enough for it to not be a thing you should count on happening


and if not a second light lazer after the SC should do the trick. so that’s L kick, L lazer, L lazer.

I should add I’ve stuffed even hisako’s SC’s. and that says something. I’ve done it to just about every character by accident as I piano my block strings.


Light laser has no utility that I’m aware of for breaking shadow counters. Medium laser is pretty well known for blowing up SC’s, but that’s more because it’s two quick hits and usually works against the defender if they’re trying to SC a normal. It can also be successfully SC’d though if the defender’s timing is correct.

Lol. Much obliged, but I think I should be ok. Not looking to play Gore at high level, more just want to sit down with him and show how a basic gameplan can work out. Specifically, I want to test out some stuff for piling on damage, building meter, and showing some defensive basics. I’ve got some ideas on how I want to approach the character and how I can make him work; as always, getting the muscle memory down will likely be the biggest issue.

EDIT: I’d love to see a video of the interaction you’re describing @ShellShock520. Light laser procs shadow counters just like any other hit, and since you can’t pip cancel laser into laser, if you get caught on that your only viable option is DP or cancel into shadow teleport. What you’re describing shouldn’t stuff anything as far as I can tell, so I’d like to see what I’m missing here.


i get my light lazer SCd alot, i think also the defending opponent could be off with his timing. ppl on ranked these days are getting sharp with them, they SC on the first hit quite often now. ive been employing empty jump neutrals more as a result


I want to test this when i get home, but it doesn’t sound real for L laser to interrupt shadow counters. I think the startup of L and M laser is like 10f or so. L kick, L laser, L kick and so on is all plus, true, but i don’t feel like it’s possible. Off the top of my head i wanna say most of the cast’s assigned moves for shadow counters are active in less than 10f, but maybe there’s something to it. It’ll make for interesting lab time.


ya. I stated above that i wasn’t sure. the lab is offline and online is quite different when it
comes to frame data. hmmmm. Alls I can say is ask Reeeek. he’s an aganos main. from what I’ve seen it could have plausibility. who knows. I never did bolts into heavy lazer cancels or cheap vortex games. so I couldn’t say. I just thought if there were something to it, you guys would lab it online ranked.


I nvr thought i could have more respect for you. . .but you raise the bar Everytime :innocent:


You’re saying you hit this string on an Aganos?

That you went L kick, L laser, or something of the like, he attempted and hit on a shadow counter off of L laser, and you retailiated and interruped with another L laser?


thank you, youre a good man @ItzTymeToDul. dont ever let ■■■■■■■■ change that, yeah? respect brother




This isn’t true. Online play has slight input delay, but the actual frame properties of moves are intrinsic, and hold true for the given move and situation regardless of whether you’re playing online or off. If a move is -3 in practice mode, then it’s -3 online as well.

Also, light laser is -2 if I’m not mistaken. LK->light laser->LK isn’t real, ever. It’s not your turn anymore after that laser.