3.8 suggested changes for Fulgore

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i faced inidria’s fulgore and he did amazing, that guy knows whats up. and again, its a shame he doesnt post here (as far as i know) so he could give his own 2 cents and perhaps share some of his methodology in fighting opposition.


Well since its pretty much unanimous that fulgore is still top 5 (and will most likely still be even if he continues to get nerfed), I guess I’m just a fraud who was never even decent, and I’ve been exposed due to 3.7. I honestly spend more time on here than even playing the game, and between losing there and being told how wrong I am here, its probably just time for me to bow out. I acknowledge that some have told me to play a new character, but I don’t think I have the patience for that in a game that frustrates me this much.

I’ll stop posting, and after June 18th I think I’ll be done outside of maybe messing around with shadow lords. Thanks to those who were positive and sorry again if anyone thought I was genuinely wasting their time.


Nobody likes to have their character nerfed, when it does happen, it can be jarring. As a Sadira main, I know exactly how you’re feeling. It isn’t the end of the world though. Understand this, the last thing IG wants to do is ruin a beloved character.

Much of what my character so powerful was broken tech. When that tech finally got fixed it hurt hard. Some of us, including myself, relied on that tech, but broken tech is broken tech.

From the get go IG stated that Fulgore shouldn’t have reactor spin AND pip cancels at the same time. It was going to get fixed.

Fulgore is still strong. Yes he can’t go all yolo anymore but that isn’t a bad thing. Keep your chin up. It’s not the end.

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Not trying to kick you while you’re down, but…have you considered that spending more time complaining than playing could have something to do with your performance in the game?


I think the more likely scenario is that the particular aspects of Fulgore that you used most frequently were nerfed, thus nerfing your preferred playstyle. Fulgore has strengths in other places, but those aren’t places you feel comfortable with as a player.

I know you’re not happy with Fulgore (or the game, it seems) but I hate seeing people disparage themselves like this.

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you know what you gotta do, which is change up your strats and break your old habits. instead of railing on yourself, go and do it. you’ll start your killing sprees again, everybody can. youre still a killer, you just forgot why and how you got there. when next you fight, do what you have to do…not what you want to do. i may have come off as brash and aggressive but i been on your side this whole time


One of the few?
Shadow Jago
Shin Hisako
Notable invincible’s

29 characters soon to be in the roster and I counted 12 invincible wake-up options not including Fulgore. That’s 45% of the cast that has some form of reversal that’s meterless. If you add metered to the mix you look at far higher. Some of those characters who have meter only reversals, have battery enders. So it isn’t like they are starved from that reversal by any means. They probably have more access to that than Fulgore has shadow counters.

Nicky dropped Fulgore for a reason. The amount of effort to put Fulgore’s “Paper” status into actual gameplay is just impossible now. That’s all the arguments have been, Fulgore is good on paper. Well the game is more than paper. On paper you analyze to 100% perfection, in theory any character with a DP is untouchable assuming you have 1 frame reaction time. I’m still waiting for those who have this whole hearted Fulgore is such a dominate character persona to actually just go play him and win solely based on the character being good. Yet no one ever did until Nicky, but Nicky was winning because he was Nicky, not because of Fulgore. He is just a top player period. Any character he picks he’d be destructive with. I wasn’t surprised when he swapped away from Fulgore, I almost expected it. Analyse on paper all you want. Fulgore is only as good as your opponent can’t block your blender. He has zoning and rush down, but his zoning is limited to what you can expend on pips and being unpredictable with heavy laser to negate jumps. But, he wastes his most valuable resource here while giving everyone but another Fulgore meter just for blocking. Taking chip from Fulgore is negligible because he can’t burst you down like most characters who can spend shadows consistently on a lockout. I stayed loyal to him nerf after nerf, but now his gameplan is soo reliant on his vortex to get decent damage that almost all Fulgore’s I’ve faced are predictable. They have no choice but to be offensive for that precious meter, and that’s the easiest time to take advantage. If he doesn’t get a head start, he’s doomed.

I’ve been watching all of the Fulgore specialists left and right change characters. Regardless of any arguments anyone has about him having a “dp” makes him great, or his range this pressure that, some of that might be good. But it has to stay good and keep working otherwise you’ll lose the resource battle and they’ll have options you don’t. Once you’ve played him enough, you learn how his setups work. You learn how easy they are to stop. The hardest thing to stop is his projectile covered left right high low mixup teleport. Yet you can stuff that just by jumping into the projectile and quick rising or taking the hit as an opener and breaking the overhead. It’s night and day from S2 to S3 Fulgore. He has a good kit, but everything is work, getting meter, getting damage, doing mixups, pressuring, none of it is an easy execution. So why put yourself through that pressure for arguably the best character in the game at Full pips when other characters can be ever so slightly less effective and 100 times easier to execute? It’s like breaking a brick with a pencil or breaking a brick with a hammer.

I’ll give props to anyone still playing Fulgore, I really only know of one left and I hope he does well. But I don’t buy the Fulgore has a DP he is good argument. 1/3 of the cast has meterless dp’s. His isn’t special. His eye laser cancel isn’t special either. Lots of characters have DP safety measures and some are even free. I always get criticized for comparing other characters to Fulgore but when the topics are universal, like meter, or dp, or shadow cancel, comparisons have to be made otherwise changes are not justified to one character. If Fulgore could pip cancel his dp for 1 pip, I’d buy it that his DP is best in game. But it requires 4 pips to cancel it. Anyone with a DP or wakeup option can do that except Gargos without instinct. Just watch the tourney scene unfold for the rest of the year. Unless Fulgore gets a few quality of life changes, he won’t make much if any appearances other than counter picks.


So basically you’re arguing that tiers don’t exist because of the human factor? That’s what I’m getting from this.


A 3 frame DP actually is pretty special.

Nicky dropped Fulgore because he has more fun with Mira, and stated that Fulgore is still top 5.

As you have done with meterless reversals (ps: you forgot Eyedol) please list the lots of characters who have DP safety measures, also noting which of these are free.


Because. He. Found. The. Character. Getting. Boring.

I don’t keep saying this because I’m guessing or going on hearsay. He and I had an actual conversation at KIWC where we talked about him picking up and shifting to Mira in the future. It wasn’t because Fulgore got nerfed, or because Fulgore fell precipitously out of contention (see Top 5 tweet above). He’s been playing the same character for 3 years. When I dropped Sadira for Hisako it wasn’t because Sadira wasn’t good anymore - at that point she was still Top 5. I dropped Sadira because after almost two years, I finally just got tired of doing the exact same things over and over and over again. Tiers had ■■■■-all to do with it.

If you can tell me you’ve had a conversation with Nicky where he says he made the shift because Fulgore got changed too much or you can show me something where he actually thinks the character isn’t Top 5 (not even bad, just find me somewhere where he says Fulgore isn’t Top 5 anymore), then I’ll concede your point. Until then, you’re just guessing into the wind; moreover, you’re guessing in the opposite direction of what Nicky has actually said, both in private and on public forums. Stop it.

That’s the same reasoning people liked to use to insist Mira wasn’t viable. Those people were wrong too. No is talking about some unreasonable standard of frame perfect DP’s to render yourself untouchable. That’s a straw man argument. A character is the sum of their tools, nothing more and nothing less. Guess what - Fulgore still has really good tools. Nearly impossible to zone, meterless reversal (people cite it because it’s good man), solid mobility and backdash, potent vortex…

You can’t get damage with Gore? Try using a reset with your overhead or your plus on block low that frame traps into itself. Have a hard time with building meter? Maybe stop thinking you have to do something every time you get a knockdown, and instead just let your reactor spin a bit.

I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but I’m just really tired of having this conversation. I feel like so many Fulgore players would rather sit around and complain than try to think of how else they might utilize these tools that people keep saying are really really good. When was the last time you hit someone with an overhead reset? When was the last time you blew through their feeble shadow counter attempt because Fulgore just doesn’t give a ■■■■ about 90% of the cast’s SC’s? When was the last time you hit someone with a normal->normal->throw tick grab, or baited someone with a smartly applied frame trap that wasn’t blade dash->DP?

Players not being creative enough to utilize a character’s tools does not mean the character doesn’t have those tools.


And you know what, I actually will try out Fulgore. I have zero interest in him as a character, but I’ll do it just because the go-to response to anyone saying Fulgore is good seems to be “well why don’t you play him then?” So once I get back to the States I’ll take a few hours to get the basics with the character, and then I invite anyone here who wants to play me to do so.

In truth, I’ll probably mostly get mauled. But I would like to use the process of me getting mauled to really examine the root causes of why I’m getting blown up. I actually think it could instructive for everyone.


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played fulgore the other day, yep hes still a ■■■■■■■ that causes opponents to get demoralized to where they put the controller down. i am also still held back by execution, but whatever it is what it is. my cross to bear for not playing as much as i used to due to T.I.M.E.exe patch fail to download


welp this started as a pretty rude post that I decided not to post and then accidentally hit post on so I guess I’m gonna edit it and let it sit here

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shhh. don’t tell anyone but fulgore blows up 100% of the rosters shadow counter with light lazer. swear to god dude. I’m sure it’ll eventually get out and they’ll be forced to nerf his light lazer. and because IG would rather nerf his lazer than Fix they’re crappy Frankenstein and stitched together game. they’ll just further run him into the ground and fulgore will pay the price for their widening of shadow counter Windows.

I personally think IG don’t have the guts to work around his issues and I assume they’ll take the easiest route possible. which is screwing over fulgore.


lol. I got demoralized by Amenty’s jago. lol. who’s fulgore demoralized you?


i did the demoralizing (when my execution didnt fail, a miracle in itself). its hard for me to get demoralized because my other hobby is far more punishing when things go wrong lol. in KI when i get absolutely totaled, i just drink my water, cuss, then move on to the next bout.

i also ran into amenty’s mira once. at least my ISP didnt call me to ask if i was ok after that encounter haha


hmmm. wonder if I’ve ever ran into online? GT? who’s your main?


Not true, 8 characters in the game can shadow counter Fulgore’s lasers[quote=“STORM179, post:91, topic:20786”]
And you know what, I actually will try out Fulgore

Want some help with that? :wink:


you sure? I mean, not fulgores DPing out of shadow counters. I mean light lazer disrupting start ups of all shadow counters. please clarify.