3.8 Patch Notes


While I hoped for some more fun balance changes (like when Sadira got a bunch of new tools in 3.4) I really did like the additional battery effect of Kilgore’s Exhaust ender. That said, the patch notes mention it doesn’t give you quite as much meter as his “usual” battery ender.

I am a little confused, what IS is his usual battery ender? Kilgore’s movelist makes no mention of one. The only one that seems to give you any meter at all - at least without hot guns - is the missile barrage ender which certainly does not seem to give you more meter than the new one.

Does anyone know what ender the patch notes is referring to?


It’s refering to battery enders in general, not one that kilgore has.


I thought maybe it was a hot guns feature that I missed.
Well if what you’re saying is true, then the patch notes make a lot more sense!

Thanks for the input!


Nothing in the patch notes about Shadow Lords?
I hear the Mask of the Ancients dossier bug is finally fixed though.
I really hope they put out more Crimson packs/the Lion guardian soon.


Why was Shinsako’s QCB+HP enders hard knockdown(HKD) removed? That was literally the only thing that let her do decent setups with the now useless Orb. The setups with the HKD wasn’t even that good since you can shadow counter, dash, shadow move, or just straight up block it, it’s not a true 50/50, so I don’t see why it was removed. She was the only character I played religiously other than Riptor, so now I feel like I’m left with only one character.

Her true HKD only gives enough time to call the Orb then gets punished if you strike to use it. For future add-ons can there at least be a way we can call in Orb during a combo similar to Eagle that can be implemented? I legitimately see no other reason to keep on using Shin unless her true HKD(QCB+K) gets increased to what her exchange ender had.


That’s actually not true, you can get setups from the HKD ender but they are harder to do with the timing, whereas exchange ender timing on setups was ridiculously easy in comparison. Losing the HKD on the exchange sucks but it probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


A note for anyone playing the Eagle/Kim Wu matchup as Kim (or i guess notes for Eagle players too)

Most any move into Screech is not real. Screech is not a block string so she can interrupt with parry, blowing up Eagle looking for most high/low or crossover mixups i’ve encountered off of it. In fact, it can be parry/dragon canceled through from even the outermost ranges of it. And striking Eagle will interrupt Screech. That DOES put her at risk for mash jab punish but no Kim player should hold Screech unless they want to.

That, and Dragon Kick punish any Shadow arrow retrieval. The move, if within it’s range, is fast enough to punish him before the effect kicks in and is a nearly guaranteed counter-hit (with dragons) juggle starter.


She did have true 50/50 mix up that was safe to shadow counter, couldn’t be dashed or shadow moved out of, and left Shisako plus enough to go for a second mix up safely. She still gets ok orb mix ups off her sweep, throw, medium dp, raw slash, and ground bounce so i wouldn’t call orb useless. It’s just her hkd ender where it’s harder to use.


If people could do all of that on your Shinsako orb setups, then you weren’t doing them right. She had some pretty gnarly setups off her exchange ender previously. As Sith says, she’s still got setup options off a goodly amount of her toolset.

Nice find @SneerfulWater57! I’m sure @TheNinjaOstrich will be happy to hear that :slight_smile:


This inst a bug but I still cant see Fulgore when he multi teleports. It seems to be even worse. If someone does 3 teleports in a row he is basically totally invisible until you get DPd

The change to his teleport really seems unnoticeable to me.

So any advise what to do with a happy Teleporting Fulgore? Just jab it out or risk a early throw hoping he teleports behind you?


If you see him teleport far away just keep pressing a light button. If he appears next to you you’ll hit him


Even if he does 3 in a row in multiple locations and end with a DP? Crouching light against DP or standing light against throw? Or does it matter? Its all so fast I cant react to DP or throw out of the Multi tele


If he teleports close to you without the cover of a fireball, he won’t be able to DP before your jab hits him (remember, he can’t pip cancel teleports, they always have recovery).

Basically, every time he teleports, just hit jab. If he teleports far away nothing bad happens. If he teleports close you hit him.


Cool, thanks…I guess my last question is does it matter if its a standing jab or crouching jab? Wouldn’t a throw basically low crush the crouching jab?


No it doesn’t matter whether it’s a high or a low move, you just want a fast move that doesn’t have a lot of recovery.

I don’t know what you mean by “throw low crushing a jab”.


I’d suspect he’s referring to when throws and jabs collide during active frames, in which case the throw always wins.

That isn’t a “low crush,” for the record, it’s just the throw’s priority taking effect. @FallofSeraphs76


Repeated teleports won’t actually see any major change after this patch as the window was just moved and not changed. If he is repeatedly teleporting as soon as possible then he’ll still be invisible for the same amount of time, as although he becomes visible sooner, he turns invisible again the next time sooner too so for this particular interaction he’s effectively invisible just as long.

What it does change it how soon you can see what he is doing next, whether it is another teleport or something else, and act accordingly.


Right, what @JagoBlake said.
@Infilament Low crush isnt the right term but was the best way for me to describe what Ive seen happen. I do a low move and the grab wins. I dont know why it wins, but I know it reaches over my attack and throws me out of it.
Thanks for the tips everyone!


I would like to add things to your patchlist: Things we still need. = In the Emporion, in shadow lords mode where you buy the items, please change it so you can highlight how MANY Numbers of the items you want so we dont have to press x a thousand times, and why is the AI still teabagging? And cheating? I cant play the game normal without whoopin the ai’s ■■■ because of their ego “im better” no ai will obey me. Anyway… How about an item that gives you the shadow lords moveset with gargos? I feel bored with gargos cause he isnt that combo guy (linkers are the most same), and can he receive an double ultra again? Cause other characters dont and him as a shadow lord that is sad.


I would also like to say, you have to fix the game the way, when a player is down for a round, that the other player automaticly goes away, prevent teabagging, so the people can play ranked again (i always flip out, when i play good and the other player is raging = teabagging) I mean you know, when a round ends, that no player can move until the next round starts. Hopefully you do this.