3.8 Patch Notes


You fix something which is broken or doesn’t work properly

Everything you say works as intended

If teabagging affects you, you are the only guilty.

You not wanting to be teabagged is a self imposing rule, as ridiculous as it would be if I ask to eliminate all overheads because they mess up my crouch blocking


Yeah, that’s not going to happen. This discussion has been going on for years. Disabling movement entirely would eliminate positioning between rounds, which is part of the game. While it would be easy to stop risk-free teabagging by just disabling crouching between rounds a small but vocal minority of players and programmers get their rocks off by virtually humping the fallen and have no other outlet. You’ll just have to block them, and maybe say a prayer for their souls.


If teabagging effects you to that point then I would cut back on video games. Alot.


I think teabagging effecting anyone is natural. It’s a tool used in gaming because it’s an efficient use of how powerful mind games can be. I used to lose it when I got teabagged but now I usually don’t let it phase me and remain focused.

Though if it excels to the point where someone takes real-life damage or uses the idea of teabagging as justification for “fixing” or changing the game so it cannot happen than it becomes silly. In which case, I agree with you.


That’s exactly what I meant. If it affects someone to that point I’d hate to see how they react when something serious actually happens.


I have simply never cared one iota if someone teabagged me, simply because it says nothing about me, but a lot about them (petty behavior).

If I were to let it get to me and impact my play I would be giving them what they want and it would be my own fault, not theirs. I dont let people intimidate me in real life, why should I let them in a game?


So Shisako hands have randomly been disappearing. They go away between rounds, if they go off screen, if Shisako gets hit, if projectiles explode over them. Etc. But it happens at random. Is there another unlisted change or are they just buggy?


is it happening every time she gets hit or just randomly?


Is there a video?