3.8 Patch Notes

Check out the full article here: https://www.ultra-combo.com/3-8-patch-notes/


First! But no link :sob:

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You dashed my hopes… Bravo sir.


Second but no link

Dammit. We need the link! swiftrage

It’s always that way with the notes Storm.


“Stay Tuned”, brought to another level :sob:


Lol. I dunno, I’m never looking for the news stuff like that. Wasn’t doing it this time either - just happened to get off the phone with my mom and the page updated :joy:

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Hmm…Well, im sitting here costing out menu items for a client while this is up as my means of distraction. I foresee that work getting pushed back fairly soon.

LOL you just clickbaited the whole community for a minute

this was interesting

Aganos’s Ultimate is brutal! I love it. :slight_smile:


I am wondering if the Omen Dossier drop in Shadow Lords has been fixed?
because dossiers for Omen are refusing to appear.

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I hope the rest of the ultimates are on the same level as Aganos cuz that shet was :fire:

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rip tusk air skull splitter explosion juggles

Wow, this was a pretty meaty update. I have to say the Thunder changes had me like

The changes to the priority of Sammamish follow-ups is something I have really wanted to see for quite a while. I also think the changes to throw/low invulnerability on ankle slicer and Sammamish are good. Thunder will still be absolutely disgusting on offense, but he isn’t forcing you into 50/50’s on his own knockdown anymore. So I think he’ll be more along the “strong on offense, weaker on defense” that he’s always been supposed to be. Will have to get a real feel for how the crow dash mechanics work now before passing judgment, but it seems like in general he’ll feel a bit less nutty once he’s got those going, which isn’t a bad thing.

With that out of the way, I don’t know that I necessarily think most of the rest of the changes were warranted. Fulgore’s nerfs felt unnecessary in particular - the character is still good, but I don’t think he had anything that was too dumb, and much as I complain about some of his stuff -coughcr+MKcough-, I would have preferred to let the character breathe. Just in general, it feels like a lot of the changes are about weakening some of the up-close normal pressure that characters can apply. While I think that’s good in some instances (Gargos cr+MP, some of Rash’s heavy buttons), I don’t think it was really necessary for others (Jago’s crouch buttons). We’ll see how it shakes out though I guess.

Interesting patch though - should be interesting to see how this changes things.

Thunder’s Sammamish follow-ups are finally AA’able! :persevere::thumbsup:


Good changes for the most part, the one that stuck out to me the most was Fulgore not being able to blow up shadow counters with pips anymore. @STLemonHunter I think our sets will be a lot more fun now :grinning:

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-Oh, you guys finally found the fix to the ranged normal cancelling? I’m glad.
-You didn’t touch Glacius or Kim. You guys know what’s up.
-Sadira and Kan-Ra players, hand me your salty tears.
-Those Thunder changes had a long time coming. Especially the priority on the followups.
-Fulgore’s changes are perfect. I got no complaints now.
-The Shago overhead change is good.
-The Rash changes make a lot of sense to me.
-Thank you for buffing Arbiter’s cr.HP and cr.MK. Not my ideal changes, but they’ll be helpful nonetheless.
-Gargos’ changes are really good. But people will still complain.
-That Aganos ultimate. Holy ■■■■. That is easily my favorite one so far.

Great patch, thanks guys.


I’m so happy about the fulgore changes.

What a BS character, especially online. Now it will at least feel fair.

The ability to blow up Shadow Counters was GARBAGE. All salt intended.

Lol. I think that change is one of the less good ones to be honest. I think having that power was one of the things that made Gore more interesting, and with the changes that laser had already seen (to say nothing of the latest nerf), I don’t think it was something that you saw super often anyway.

But what do I know? My character could already SC Gore… :sweat_smile: