3.8 Patch Notes

St.HP + S. Dragon Kick + L or H Dragon Kick being unbreakable is gone now i suppose.

I’ll have to digest the rest of it later.

And the Aganos Ultimate? Top class, lol.

Hmmm strokes beard Jago lives for another day. Yet, I don’t see why Aria’s shadow grenade linker have yet to have a stronger cue for their respected strength.

Though I must say, Aganos Ultimate was brilliant! Lol it’s was actually pure carnage.

Pretty interesting changes, can’t say I was expecting them.

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Kan-Ra’s cr.HK got fixed FINALLY.

Shin Hisako running away all day vs some characters wasn’t changed…

More Jago and Fulgore nerfs?

Mira and Hisako untouched?

Aganos’ Ultimate looks great!

Yes, more Jago nerfs will come next patch too lol. That’s what happens to shotos, just ask Ryu in SFV :weary:

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Lol. Someone asked me the other day if I was worried about Hisako getting nerfed and I was like “eh? Why would she get nerfed?”

What would you even like to see changed on the character? She’s already negative on almost everything :-p

I know it’s off topic but I want that Spinal T-Shirt!!!:skull_and_crossbones:

Now for the topic at hand hurray for the small Shadow Jago buff. :skull:

Her wrath makes the term negative invalid… that said, I don’t think she deserves a nerf just because you found a way to read people like books.


Man, nerfing my boy, Jago patch by patch. It makes me think I should move on to someone else.
All the nerfs present are a bummer but I can’t really say anything about them since I’m not competitive.

Sweet shirt by the way.

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Is wanting a decent damage ender really asking so much? :sob:

The range of her shadow sword/spear/whatever move. I hate it. Especially when she can instinct cancel.


No Kryll Rush change for RAAM. :disappointed:

That being said, I like a lot of the changes. There doesn’t seem to be many questionable decisions. My only gripe is Shin Hisako gets a free win against RAAM if they want to lame it out after getting a life lead. With her crazy mixups, it’s not hard to do either. I don’t throw this out there very often, but this is an almost completely unwinnable match-up.

Also, now waiting for @Infilament’s stream.

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My characters only get buffs and bug fixes? Thunder gets nerfed? Thank you IG!

But yeah I think they took it a bit too far with Fulgore nerfs.

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No… no stop… don’t you know? It’s sacrilege to condemn nerfs on Jago. You can’t, you mustn’t!

By God, you don’t know what you’re starting by bringing forth the band of “Jago is too good, has no bad matchups and gets away with everything.”

I just wanted to know if in almost a year anyone thought to fix Kim’s ultra rhythm.

Here we go again

Seeing them at the wc I can say they’re all pretty solid. With glacius being the best outside aganos to me


When it comes to Fulgore…I don’t think the dp and frame data changes(outside medium laser) were needed. But the teleport change was something needed for sure. Though I’m not complaining. Fulgore has no wake up vs aganos now lol

This is probably the best patch I’ve ever seen well done!

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Don’t think that way. That’s how Sako gets away with murder. Make her make the read on high/low counter, and don’t be afraid to push buttons when it’s your turn.

Really, that’s the change you want? Shadow rekka’s like the least grimy thing she’s got… :joy:

I will say that the one change to Fulgore that I think is good is the slight nerf to his invisibility on teleport. It’s going to royally eff up my teleport punishes for a bit, but should make his vortex a little more reasonable to deal with.

You’re just happy you can’t get DP punished for axe kick anymore Zero :joy:


Thunder, Fulgore, RAAM, Tusk have some PHENOMENAL changes. I’ve been working to rid myself of hop kick, BUT that is a plus! The small fixes are great, Jago got hit in quite an interesting way, little less safety from him. But overall I think this is the most balanced patch we’ve seen in a while!