3.8 Patch Notes


3 hits builds his spin speed by 3 levels. He can get a meaty after and land another 4 hits and be at a safe distance. I would guess the intent is for him to get slightly less meter for waking up with something.

Do keep in mind, the move is still 3 frames. It will still punish -3 moves and it will still blow through any sequence with a large enough gap. You’ll probably still get away with using medium/heavy DPs on defense quite a bit–just not when you’re waking up into a meaty.


Original Gore’s meter worked differently as well, so having a 3-hit versus single-hit DP wouldn’t have mattered back then. The three hits may have let him blow up Thunder’s shadow counter (not sure on that though), so maybe that was the rationale.

Failing that, I think the only option is really just to say that it was an aesthetic thing. Most of the S1 cast had DP’s (or almost-DP’s), so maybe Fulgore’s was just multi-hit to be different. As the game evolved though, it became a more functional than aesthetic difference.


It’s also easier to block confirm and cancel a multihit DP.

Edit: and it changes the damage of the DP: a raw multihit DP will receive less benefit from the first hit bonus, as it is only applied to part of the damage.


I guess I should respond to this.

It’s like you completely forgot that I was one of IG’s most fervent defenders on these forums through season 2 and early season 3. You won’t find any record of me bemoaning “degenerate strategies” a year or more ago, because there isn’t any such record. I defended the status quo of a potent special-driven midscreen game, high-power frame trap pressure and potent mixups at a character-length away, and IG’s balance of the breaker system, in the face of the wider FGC’s less-than-enthusiastic response to the game, because that’s the game I found deep and rewarding and enjoyable. You’ll find posts on strategy and game-theoretic explorations of combo breaking if you look at my contributions a year back, because I passionately believed that the KI of back then wasn’t hopelessly degenerate or YOLO or whatever, and wanted people to accept it on its own terms. Hell you’ll find me fretting about whether some of the 3.0 Wulf nerfs were warranted – and I wasn’t a Wulf player – because I worried that those nerfs were a sign of what was to come.

I think I’ve earnt the benefit of the doubt here when I step out of line here and say that I’m no longer happy with the direction the game’s balance is going in. I’ve even done it relatively civilly: I make sure to state that I respect IG’s decision-making, I suspect it’s headed for a coherent and well-rounded place (Infil’s ball analogies aside) even if it’s not the place I want it to be, and I don’t think any dev shop that’s as clearly hard-working and open as IG should have to go through the toxicity that the competitive community put them through last year. The worst you could accuse me of is going on like a broken record about medium wind kick I guess, but I really liked that move.

With those things in mind, surely 1) my support of IG over an extended duration lends credibility to my defection now; 2) my defection now validates my support of IG’s work and decision-making back in the day, as clearly I can’t be a blind fanboy if there are things which can cause me to defect; and 3) by lashing out at a long-time supporter of IG as soon as he defects, you yourself are behaving a lot like a mindless attack dog for IG, which doesn’t help your cause.

I can understand why you might be cynical of PaulB, but you’re showing your naivete by directing your rhetoric at me.


Sorry, I should have been more considerate when typing that post. Probably shouldn’t have typed it in the first place tbh


Fair, that’s big of you to say.


Unlisted change, you guys removed the hard knockdown on Shisakos exchange ender!! I get maybe forgetting to list a minor change but that’s a pretty big nerf to not list.


Oh hey, it’s patch day. I haven’t been on the forums in a bit (PC died, mobile is annoying to type at length, and life is busy busy these days), but thought​ it worthwhile to chime in.

Thunder changes are HALLELUJAH a long time coming. As others have noted, it shouldn’t really change how Thunder plays, it should just let his opponent apply offense w/o fretting about HIS mixup. YAY!

The rest of the distribution of thwacks from the nerf bat (Fulgore, Gargos, etc)… not so keen on. I do not like this “nerf it super hard, buff for QoL” pattern that has emerged over the last few patches, and fear the sort of homogenization that could be borne of its continuity. At least the characters are all vastly different enough that we’ll never experience a Capcomification. That’s something.

It would do the playerbase well to have a serious textual overhaul of the entire casts movelists before the Steam release to account for all these little nuances that have been patched in but go unmentioned in game (like all the little rules about no-pip cancel xyz).

Yeah, I guess that’s my 2 cents. :heartbeat:


Uff, that’s huge. Like, I loved that ender, and Shinsako is a much worse character without it


Has her actual hard knockdown ender been buffed to compensate?


@infilament I’m not trying to be disrespectful – my point is that 8 months ago, the discussions we’re having NOW would be considered pretty extreme. Its a never ending cycle of chipping away at the character, and they DON’T seem to let the dust settle from previous patches before nerfing him further.

So now that he’s taken the 3.8 nerfs, if people seem to be still complaining about his toolset, and who knows? Perhaps all of a sudden this suggestion stops sounding crazy. Case in point: would a single patch change making his medium laser go from +2 to -3 be extreme? Sure, but over the course of patching it eventually happened! So why not further reduce the damage of projectiles, after all “they’re not there for the damage.”

Also, @SonicDolphin117 you are incorrect - shin hisako, glacius, and shadow jago ALL do more damage with their projectiles.

Fulgore does 12
Glacius 16
Shago 16
Shinsako 20
Omen 14
Jago 24


I have checked the command list, and(at least in spanish), her exchange ender is listed as exchange and launcher ender, while air shin on ryo zan is listed as HKD ender

So… it seems to be intended, and the previous HKD properties in the exchange ender were a bug


Good Naga, Eagle is nuts.


Yeah fair points. I was just thinking about how Gores DP now differs from the other characters with DPs and his is the only multi-hitting one so it begged the question why? I suppose it’s irrelevant at this point since the biggest perk to it being multi-hitting has been removed, just didn’t know if anyone knew of another reason for it.


Omen does more damage? Wow.


If the hard knockdown was a bug i find it odd no one mentioned that it was for three months. Granted even if it wasn’t a bug i fully expected it to get changed since there was no reason to use any other ender 90% of the time.


In game frame data remains the same as when it was a HKD. It lists exchange ender as +143 at lvl 4, while the other HKD ender is listed as +61, any level

It was probably a bug, but yeah, weird that nobody mentioned


@ZeroSyndicate I haven’t been able to play KI yet to check out the patch. I won’t be able to until I get home on Friday.

Did you have a chance to see if Jago’s crouching LK and MK frame data was applied to Shago and Omen?


That’s what I’ve been trying to say…


I’m not really a Fulgore player so I didn’t know.

I still don’t think its a big deal. He also has lasers and more control over his projectiles than Omen.

I never see prominent players use it to zone. I just see them using it for a teleport mix up.