3.8 Patch Notes


They still hit harder than Sadira’s webs. :wink:


Aganos stomps her pretty hard. It’s easily her worst match up.


@MnTLetalis, didn’t you feel Omen and Aganos handle Shin Hisako?


Aganos, Gargos, Eyedol and Omen beat her


Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I got a rock solid answer.


Is this really what you think of the discussions you’ve had with me and others? Like, I understand you’re upset at Fulgore changes you don’t agree with, but this is a pretty extreme statement that basically suggests we’re all idiots. :[


Aganos beats her. Omen tears her apart with almost no effort.


Fulgore isn’t a bad pick against her either


Wow Storm, you are going pretty far away =S You will be a lot of hours ahead XD


Lol. Yeah, 12 to be exact (from EST). Should be interesting!

And yeah @Ziarist, Shinsako actually has quite a few bad MU’s. She struggles with hardcore zoning if the projectiles are fast, and gets seriously rekted by Aganos.


Practicing Aganos now actually. Never thought I’d play the guy, to be honest. Need to figure out my neutral first then move on to frame traps and confirms.


Fortunately Singapore is a tech savvy place and we should still be able to see you streaming… just at 10 am.

@Paramisery what’s the experiment you want me to do with Fulgore? I’m a 50/50 win ratio Killer with my main. If I pick up Fulgore tomorrow and win a few games does that prove he’s okay? Or if I lose a couple of games does that show he’s not viable?

At this point we have worn out the theory crafting arguments, so I take your point. The best thing to do is actually play the game and see what happens.


Stream Title: “Breakfast with KI_Storm179”



gargos!! I don’t think so after this update.
I think i should try it first.


Well ain’t Shin Hisako a nuisance, eh? Nobody likes her and she threw a big wrench in KI’s overall decent balance.


If I went by what some list said I would stick with the common characters as opposed to what I want to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

People follow tierlists and look what I see in tournaments for most games: lack of variety and interesting characters. They basically say: you wanna win?: pick a character that will be gud, not the one you want, especially if it’s low tier. KI is wonderful because its cas tis balanced enough for much of the player base that we can see all of em, as opposed to melee’s Falco/Fox vs Marth games.

So Paul in your case you’re a tournament kind of guy so that’s good that you have your own thoughts and beleifs. If a tierlist is what you wanna go by, fine. I have my own mentality to approach with fighting games. People can win with their favorites which makes the game more fun even if the challenges and tribulations come with it. ya need to get serious beatings before you can get anywhere with the character.

If I’m gonna win it’s with characters I love, not what’s fashionable :> even if by some list the top tiers is easiest option.

Exactly and if a top tier doesn’t garunetee a win anyway why bother? even then I’m stick by what character interests me. If one of my favorites ends up being favorite by tier ist followers, great on them.

@Dayv0 ell honestly I just simply see if it means you have a good DP or not, Fulgore does but it looks like with the incomin vulnerabilities that remains to be seen at this point. Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds anyone who can do a good anti-air DP they all technically have meterless DP: Glacius, Arbiter, etc. Or is there more to it than that?

RAAM simple doesn’t have one, that is basically whart you’re saying.

@Paramisery Abandonded your post if you wish (joking aside,lol it’s find man you choose how you wanna play

You play alot of importance meter? In that case you need to focus on your strategies to build it. I have some questions to ask:

When you do a combo what are some linkers you use? do you use Auto-triples? etc, etc. Those are some things tha thelp you build meter, and even if your opponent is blocking so long as you touch them you’ll get meter.

My fulgore fighting style is used to build up meter though against some characters this is no easy task and you’re better off using one or two pips from time to time but once the engine gets started and you got em open, ham on.


Fulgore has the same uses for his DP if he uses them for anti airing, that’s not going to change. What changes is that, while knocked down, only l. Version will be fully invulnerable. This means he will do less damage(l.dp=30 damage, h.dp=36 damage) with it, and it’s a direct buff to Aganos, TJ, Riptor and Glacius, characters that can meaty with an armored move, and now Fulgore’s invul dp doesn’t multi hit, so he has to respect these characters.

To adapt yourself into this change you only have to do 2 things:
-If you want to do a fully invul dp, use only light version
-If an armored character uses a meaty against you, use shadow version or block

For the rest, Fulgore’s DP has basically the same uses . M version is upper body invul until frame 5, and H version until frame 3


Thinking about the DP’s. I wonder why if not to break armor why gores DP is multi-hitting. Like why not just scale the damage like the other characters with DPs based on type of attack and take out the multiple hits? They nerfed it because it’s strong against armor… But wasn’t that the design of it? I don’t know it doesn’t make sense to me really.

At the end of the day he’s still got an invincible reversal which is nice to have in your pocket.

I mentioned this to infil before but it’s things like this where I find there are finite aspects to the game that are really not going to be obvious to new players. What’s invincible, what’s throw invincible, what does an instinct do (some are far more obvious than others)? I hope they do a good job of updating the move properties in the movelist because I know the people who read patch notes are only a small segment of the playerbase.


The only armored move during s1 was Thunder’s shadow triplax. Aganos, biggest example of armor mechanic, didn’t exist, so it wasn’t part of the desing


So it’s just for the aesthetic? Like Ken’s DP?