3.8 Patch Notes


If you are going to call me names tag me properly so I see it. I’m in Botswana this week for work and I don’t have time to read every thread.

For the record I’m not calling for them to nerf Fulgore. I never have and I never will. I’m calling for you to stop complaining about the nerfs they’ve already given Fulgore. You are the one claiming the character is now useless. And you’re wrong. He has DPs and lasers and teleports and essentially I don’t really understand wtf you are talking about complaining the way you are.


@bigbadandy Then play him tomorrow and find out. Seriously.

Yes he has those things, but the DPs and lasers do roughly zero damage, and the teleport destroys his spin speed with no reliable way to increase it. Do those facts not matter?


I thought I had the most exotic travel for work in these forums.


We will figure something out. I’ll try him out too, and see what’s changed. I’ve actually never sat down and played Fulgore, so it will be interesting to play him for the first time. :smiley:

All these Fulgore posts and such has really peaked my interest in the character.


Now you’re just plain wrong.


Not a legit 10-0, it’d mean that Shin Hisako can literally do whatever she wants and RAAM have no answer at all. Not saying RAAM wins it, but definitely not a 10-0.


If I manage to chip you with one fireball, what can you do to catch me?

And landing a fireball is really easy, like, almost guaranteed


matter of patience and your ability to keep away. Can bear run but that’s unsafe, you have only one soul at a time and it has to move away far enough for me to not catch you. If I get meter shadow running grab can close a lot of distance. RAAM can be intimidating just simply walking to you, if you teleport away he can chase. It isn’t easy, and not a punish 100% but his comeback factor and one touch death opportunity is huge. Depending upon the fireball you use (button to create the fireball) I can emergence it to deflect it and possibly hit you as well adding damage over time. You can teleport away but the soul has to always be behind me and then also at a safe distance away from me getting to you for it.


Nah. Pretty sure Andy takes the cake on that one, with maybe Wanda or something taking second. I’m moving to Singapore soon as well though and will be supporting our Asia offices, so I’m trying to catch up :persevere::thumbsup:

The purpose of the teleport is to open your opponent up. Teleport->overhead->blade dash (blocked)->backdash would give you a decent-ish boost, and if you did hit the opponent your reactor would pretty much be humming. If you want meter Paramisery, you can get it. That super basic Gore I was playing would pretty much have the exact same meter build in 3.8 as it did in 3.7. Blade dash (blocked)->DP would give less spin speed, but that’s about it as far as I can tell.

Again, I don’t think my basic version of Fulgore is ideal at all, but if meter gain is what you want then I think it’s a good way to approach the character. Play like that for a bit to get 4-6 pips, and then switch to a more vortex heavy/energy system based playstyle. As I’ve said a few times I support you switching off the bot if he isn’t fun and you just genuinely don’t want to play him (and that’s perfectly fine!), but I think your particular hang-ups with him are very overcomable, in both this and tomorrow’s patch.


Well her backdash actually outruns regular bear grab, and how are you going to build meter for shadow bear grab if all she’s looking for is a pixel life lead to start running? Also she can activate the orb from pretty far away allowing her to stay safe from any emergence deflects. Or heck she might not even activate the orb and just chip you with the safe rekka that leaves her too far for even Raam’s grab to reach.


not saying she can’t get away from running grab, its just not a 10-0 MU. I gave options to how she can be handled. Not saying RAAM wins either, nor is it an easy fight, but definitely not a 10-0.


@SonicDolphin117 wrong about which part? Fulgore’s fireballs are the #1 weakest in the game in terms of damage, that’s a fact. His heavy laser took a 37% damage reduction, that too is a fact. His teleport drops his reactor speed 3 levels, I.e. The same as using 3 other energy moves, fact. And light dp is now the only real one and it nets 30 damage with no possibility for a follow up, also fact. What did I say that’s incorrect?


Eh, maybe, I can see him taking it by managing to make a good read and take the initial lead since he can do a pretty good job of staying on top of her afterward, but without that initial success it’s definitely close to a 10-0. It’d be interesting to see a set between good Raam and Shisako players, see if they can actually take it 10-0.


Honestly, if you REALLY want to play a nerfed character try maining Sadira.

Fulgore is nowhere near as difficult. Yes you have to play smarter, but that’s the reality of this game.


-I’m pretty sure Shago’s fireballs are less damaging. Same with Shin Hisako. Maybe even Glacius. Either way, you can’t say they do NO damage just because their damage got lowered. Lower than before =/= zero. His zoning is plenty annoying to deal with.
-Light DP is only 6 points of damage lower than the heavy version. That’s like 1-2% less. That’s barely anything.
-Like others have said, Fulgore gets decent spin speed increases for very simple blockstrings. It’s very easy to get in and do so if your read is right.


I have to agree with you @SonicDolphin117. Honestly, Fulgore’s fireballs were never about raw damage but holding their opponent in place while they zone them to death.


I think you might not know about this really dominant strategy with Shin Hisako.

Consider this: At the start of the round, I will chip you with a fireball (or a rekka, or maybe I will fight “honestly” for about 5 seconds and see if I can get a small life lead).

Then, I will put an orb in the middle of the screen and start backdashing. I have already completely and fully won the match by this point, because I will win by time out unless you can find a way to hit me.

Raam’s only option to catch Shinsako is to cross this orb. Once you are suitably close to me (or do anything at all, like jump or bear grab or whatever), I will simply do either forward dash or heavy slash to teleport to the orb. I will then put another orb in the same place (middle of the screen) and mash backdash the other direction.

I think it is literally impossible to catch me. You can never bait my teleport by standing near the orb (because you are not in a threatening range to me). You can’t get close enough to me to bait the teleport and then jump back and hit me (too far away, teleport is too fast).

If I happen to mess up the strategy at any point, all I have to do is fight the “legit” 5-5 matchup until I get my life lead back, then repeat the process.

I also don’t have to be good with Shinsako to execute this strategy. All I have to do is know the command for orb, know the proper command for teleporting to it, and 1 minute of practice in training mode so I don’t mess them up in a real match. And maybe a couple good normals/specials in case I have to try and get my life lead back.

This is a 10-0 matchup.


:eyes: I’m over hear traveling around Midwest labs fixing stuff. #Thermofisher Jeez I need to level up.


And in case @ZeroSyndicate is curious to how hard this is for RAAM, you can’t get meter as RAAM, because there is no meter gain on whiffing normals or walking forward.

Also, the amount of execution required for the Shin Hisako player is super simple. They, also, have to mess up really bad seeing as you don’t have the meter to KSC a RBG.

I’ve spent literal hours labbing this. You have to counter pick this match-up in order for a legit chance to win.

Edit: Does Shin Hisako have a losing match-up? I’m looking to pick up another character after dealing with this.


Then why not just make them zero? Since the damage is irrelevant I suppose making his fireballs only cause hit stun and do no damage would go unnoticed right? Maybe that should be in 3.9 since you’re in agreement that it’s not about the damage. Hell, I can see all the people defending that change already.

I’ve got news for you - when it comes to damage in fighting games, every little bit counts.